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#amy santiago x jake peralta

                                                                      AMY SANTIAGO


“…Dont trip? Have you ever met me before Jake?” Amy asked the man already taking a thermostat out of her purse. “Open your mouth please.” She asked trying to get the thing in his mouth to see if he had a fever.


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hanging by a moment here with you

hello guess who’s a failure and wrote some fluffy “johnny and dora” canon-divergence instead of working on her damn thesis today? THAT’S ME.

it’s a very cliché trope, just so know know!

He makes her laugh.

She’s not so sure how he does it, but even under the worst circumstances, Jake still manages to make Amy laugh.

She should be freaking out right now – they’re locked up in a freezing room, two of her least favorite things in the world – and yet here she is, unable to retain the small chuckle that escapes her mouth at her friend’s current shenanigans. Instead of the upcoming panic attack that threatened to unload after Augustine broke their cover and pushed them inside the kitchen freezer of the restaurant they’d all been eating at, it’s a warm feeling that’s now taking over her whole body.

She laughs, the sound of which resonates through the thick walls while a small puff of cold air forms in front of her.

Jake’s arms are wrapped around her shoulders, stroking them and holding her close to his chest. The intimacy is new as they’re literally sitting on the floor and cuddling but none of them seems to complain about it – if anything, Amy is grateful for it as it helps her stay relaxed and keeps her from getting hypothermia. Her entire being is heating up at the simple touch of her partner on her, heart pounding in her chest and cheeks burning in a blush.

“I like your laugh,” Jake slips out as he watches her with a soft beam covering his face.

It takes her off guard, said laughter quickly dying down and leaving space for some deafening silence to take over the small room.

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So Charles and I really got into it on the plane, and around sundae number five, I realized we should move in together. You and Charles? No, you and me. Oh! Yes, that makes so much more sense. Absolutely, immediately, let’s do that.

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If you’re new here: welcome! And if you’re returning for second chapter: bless you :’)

Here’s to some Peraltiago banter and pining !!

Read it on AO3 or simply enjoy it here! I appreciate comments more than you know <3

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CHAPTER 2: I say we don’t know what comes ‘cause that’s on the way

“I’m home,” Jake called out as per routine as soon as he set a foot inside the walls of his home as the clock stroke 8 PM. The winter darkness had swallowed New York whole multiple hours ago, and the dwelling feeling of this specific day being that longest in a while was stuck in Jake’s tired, cold bones. Yes, today had felt torturously long, but it wasn’t because of the dark season (a national depression and whatnot) or the fact that he’d been out the door for 12 hours by now. No, all day long it’d felt like his phone and hands were constantly burning in what was clearly a move with the intention of provoking him. His body wanted to text Amy so bad; the faster he did that, the sooner he’d (hopefully) get to see her again. Yet he managed to refrain from doing so, figuring that Amy Santiago wouldn’t give anyone or anything but her job the time of day during official work hours.

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The Secret Notebook

Thanks so much to @397bartonstreet for your help with this fic!

Jake hadn’t meant to come across it. He’d simply been searching for some sneakers in the back of their closet. It had looked like just another notebook, one of the probably thousands that his wife had in a precious collection. But it was hidden. That meant that whatever was within the flowery binding and wrinkled pages was private.

So, wanting to be a good husband and human and not violate Amy’s privacy by reading what he assumed was some kind of secret diary, so he’d moved to put it away. But in doing that he’d dropped it. And when he had, a page had landed, right where he could see it. There were short lines of something and before he could look away, he found himself reading.

A Quiet World

The world rushes past, chaotic and wild, ink stains spilling into dark unknown corners

Waves of sound crashing against endless shores

We dodge through shadows, light footed, day by day

Sometimes it brushes our skin and burns, sometimes we jump just out of its’ reach

But there’s always light,

glowing softly, when I’m here

with you

Now, he sits, stopped in shock at the talent he didn’t know Amy had. Suddenly, with a million questions brewing, he can’t stop reading and he quickly turns to the next page.

The Light

The light comes every day, in your smile, in your eyes

Whenever you make me laugh, long and loud

Sometimes small, soft and gentle, sometimes enough to brighten the world

But it’s always there

It’s laughter and friendship, it’s warmth.

It’s home. It’s love.

It’s you.

His heart glows at the words she’s written. She’s told him she loves him a million times of course, but something about this private, intimate expression of feelings, clearly intended only for Amy to read, stirs something deep within him.

He looks over more of her elegant scrawls and sees that she’s written endless amounts of poetry, about anything and everything in her life – but it’s the love poems he finds himself going back to. By the time Amy comes home from her late shift, he’s been sat next to their closet for half an hour and tears are pricking in his eyes.

When she sees what he’s reading, her eyes grow wide and she dashes forward to take the book from him.

“Ames, I’m so sorry,” he says, apologising profusely. “It just fell out of the closet and…”

“It’s ok babe”, she says softly, handing the book back to him. Now she blushes, tucking her hair behind both ears.

“I just never wrote them to be read by anyone” she says sheepishly

“They’re just like…an emotional outlet I guess… but do you like them?”

“Ames, of course I do!”, he says and he can feel the light she described in her poem shining in his eyes. “They’re beautiful”

As he puts an arm around her shoulder and kisses the top of her head, he feels the exact warmth Amy described.

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