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#amy x jake

Taking angst prompts and turning them into something happy

(from this great angst prompt list)

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Amy held her hand to her forehead, shaking it like she was just giving up. She didn’t understand why he didn’t just say something, and was completely overwhelmed by the disaster in front of her.

“I- I didn’t think it was a big problem at first,” Jake explained, looking utterly heartbroken about all of this, what had happened, and her reaction. It was always the worst- when somebody wasn’t mad, just disappointed. And now Amy looked so defeated, and he felt so, so guilty, and all he wanted to do was fix it, but that was half the problem here. “I thought I could take care of it myself…” he trailed off, his voice still apologetic in that little kid who broke something on accident and felt horrible about it sort of way.

Suddenly, Amy started laughing. Not light laughing, or chuckling, or even the hysterical laughter that some victims at a crime scene have when they’re in shock- which would’ve been completely fair since this place looked like a crime scene right now. 

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in which there is more sleeplessness, worrying, and newborn babies (because who can get too much of that in fic anyway? not me).

title from everything changes from waitress the musical.

(dedicated to siân because she FINISHED HER EXAMS AND I’M SO PROUD OF HER!!) (also for everyone else who finished exams i am proud of you too) (but i motivated siân with this so i’m saying her first)

read on ao3 if you fancy

It’s been five days and Amy’s never slept less in her life.

She wasn’t exactly sleeping amazing the last weeks of growing a human, and she’s sleeping even less now. It’s to be expected with a five-day-old baby, she knows, but so far Amy thinks the sleeplessness is mostly her own fault. Instead of sleeping when she can she’s hopelessly staring at her daughter, observing with exact shares enchantment and worry the way she breathes in and out, out and in while her tiny chest rises and falls.

“You’ll notice if she stops breathing,” had been the response of their doctor as well as Camila Santiago when Amy’d asked them both over the phone yesterday. “Don’t worry,” both had ended their words of comfort, and she had made a feeble attempt to believe them.

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part i of my 1k fic celebration (see what i did with the title there? 😉): cliché prompt #21 - a blind date set up by friends (this is probably not what you expected but i hope you like it nonetheless)

As undercover missions go, they’re nailing this one. Their friends are only two tables away and they haven’t been spotted yet.

Of course, they are disguised as two young goths in love; long, dark wigs covering most of their faces. Their names are Raven and Blaze and they have been dating for a year and a half. Jake came up with a complicated meet-cute at a heavy metal concert, but Amy is so concentrated on the subjects of their surveillance, she’s totally forgotten it. It’s not like anyone’s going to ask anyway. The waiter’s are just taking their orders, giving them weird looks when Jake asks if they have any bat on the menu, and departing for the kitchen with hurried steps. Everyone is too scared to look at them for longer than, like, two seconds. It’s perfect.

They’re here on Mission: Find Rosa Her Soulmate and, to be honest, it seems to be going well.

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Colby, pointing to Elton: Fuck you!

Colby, pointing to Corey: Fuck you!

Colby, pointing to Sam: Fuck you!

Colby, pointing to Jake: Fuck me!

Colby, pointing to Aaron: Fuck you!

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Jake: Do you guys know where I could get one of the necklaces with the ‘T’ on it?

Corey: That’s a cross.

Jake: Across from where?

Colby: Like Jesus and God.

Jake: Is that the dude from the All-State commercial. Cause i’m pretty sure i already have insurance.

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Amy: You don’t think I can fight because I’m a girl!
Jake: I don’t think you can fight because you’re wearing a wedding dress. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Charles could fight in that dress either.
Charles: Perhaps not. But I would make a radiant bride.
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Jake: Oh doctor? For my turn, is there any way to get, like, extra radiation?

Doctor: There is no radiation in an MRI, but why do you ask?

Jake: Uh… nothing.

Amy: Jake. What do got in your hand there?

Jake: Nothing.

Amy: is it a spider?

Jake: Yes..

Amy: Do you think taking a spider in an MRI machine will give you super powers?

Jake: Hey, it might work. He already bit me a bunch of times and gave me the power to swell up my hand.

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This season has been incredible! Thank you so much to @nbcbrooklyn99 the cast and everyone behind the scenes for making Brooklyn 99 a reality! I am so excited for season 7 and hopefully more to come!

Here’s the 99 family in celebration of a great season! Hope you all like it!!! 😊

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i. charli xcx — boom clap // ii. oasis — wonderwall // iii. allie x — that’s so us // iv. scouting for girls — heartbeat // v. taylor swift — you belong with me // vi. sum 41 — with me // vii. taylor swift — red // viii. stay up late — teenage dream

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ok guys i agree that it is weird that jake didn’t want kids in casecation vs the previous episodes like captain latvia, but i do think it makes sense that his reaction was so different in the halloween episode even though it wasn’t too far after and that he’s ready for a child now.

the reason why i think so is simply because there’s a big difference between a hypothetical and an actual child. he only reason jake was unsure about having children was his fear. the first thing that had to happen was him accepting the fear and wanting children anyway. but there was no baby. they were just hypothetically talking about it.

but now that amy told him she’s “pregnant“ his fear didn’t even matter because this time it was an actual baby (from his point of view). his immediate reaction was to express his love for amy and the “child“ and the life they have ahead of themselves because that’s what he felt.

and the reason why there’s such a big difference is because love is stronger than fear. it sounds so cliché but jake had no emotional connection to the baby they may have in the future, all he felt was his fear. however, when he heard his wife is pregnant with his baby right now he felt love and it outweighed the fear.

so, i think now that jake has experienced this feeling of love he’s ready to start trying. i’m convinced that as soon as they left the bar and got a quiet moment alone they talked about this and now a peraltiago baby will soon be on its way :)

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