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#amy x jake

Okay I absolutely love Brooklyn Nine Nine, but there’s this idea that Amy and Jake were not planned from the beginning and that’s just ridiculous. Like the first ep puts their relationship into a sexual context with the bet being Jake wins a date w Amy. And so it baffles me when people find it a revolutionary (I can’t think of a better word) that the writers knew from the beginning that they would be together.

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top 5 jake/amy scenes
  1. The proposal. So cute and adorable and totally them. “I love your butt too!” “Gross.” And then Charles coming in and being the living embodiment of the entire fandom by just collapses in sheer joy. So good!
  2. The entire bet in The Fugitive Pt 1 “Stop saying ‘perp’ and ‘cell’ and ‘three’” and Jake’s realisation that he just wants to make Amy happy, bet be damned.
  3. The first time they say “I love you” to each other “Noice. Smort …… I love you too.” So sweet!
  4. Amy ordering Jake the Nakatomi Plaza wedding cake “Welcome to the wedding, pal!” 
  5. Jake buying a new mattress for Amy and the commitment it represents.
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In Canada we have the show called “Love It or List It” where the premis is an interior decorator and real estate agent compete against one another each episode to have a family either fall in love with their current home again post-renovations, or list it and buy the “perfect” house the real estate found them. Anyways, today I watched a couple re-runs of the Vancouver version from one of the earlier seasons and the real estate agent kept on meeting up with the designer via a kid’s train, and from a boat. All I could think about is Jake and Amy in that situation, where they’re constantly competing and bickering, and Jake is being his classic ridiculous self all while pinning for each other, aND OF COURSE ANYONE WHO WATCHES THE SHOW WOULD TOTALLY SHIP THEM!!!!!

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