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#an autobiography

nothing feels more animalistic than jamming your hand into the pringles can. truly primal

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Mastblr 21/2

A list of things that happened today during my volunteer shift

  • A little white boy greeted me in Chinese. When I replied back in Chinese he freaked out in a good way. (I only know greetings and thanks)
  • When I told this same boy I spoke fluent French he ran to his mom and began bragging about it.
  • I wore an inflatable air tank for an hour
  • The news crew from Chanel 8 came
  • I was not on TV
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“I can’t do Emotion Algebra, [redacted name]!” said by [redacted name] in my RODBT group.

Everyone then agreed that Emotion Algebra needed to be a thing and someone should write a PhD dissertation on it. 

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