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Angst faces drawing practice

Yeah, I’ve disappeared for 3-ish days because life is busy or am I lazy idk lol. Anyway I’m practicing new stuff with my ocs using this template! Thank you so much it looks awesome so I have to draw them to take a break from inktober because I can’t thinking of the prompt at the moment…. 

From top left to bottom right: Dariah Rangel, Aiden Anaville, Sylvester Woodley, Sariel Sinclair, Vivien Moreau, Mezure Mart Mournblight, Rurik Pynch, Walby Veronica Warbeck, Espei Raboras, Kyril Vasiley

Bonus: I do love the anime-lineup like this tho

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Hey, I wanted to ask how Thomas would react if their s/o would cry/be insecure because of smth Hoyt said...(Oof- this is my first time asking smth)

Hello!! I’m so sorry but I don’t write for Thomas :(( I only write for bubba-


Leatherface (bubba):

  • S/O: //is sad//
  • Bubba:
  • Bubba doesn’t understand, why would you be insecure? It saddens him to know this but this man will try his hardest to make you see how beautiful you are!
  • If you ever want to vent to someone, Bubba will sit down with you somewhere and listen. While you rant, he will be holding your hands in his own.
  • Feeling self conscious about the outfit you’re wearing? Bubba and chop-top will NO T accept this! Get ready to have compliments thrown at ya! These two are not playing- YOU👏ARE👏BEAUTIFUL👏 Because of how loud they are, Drayton will become annoyed quickly and yell at them to shut up- s a d l y.
  • If someone is ever being rude to you then let👏them👏know👏

Originally posted by vampire-sharpshooter

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The Last Conversation

“Okay,” Sirius says. “And what do you do if someone breaks in?”

Across from him, in the chair adjacent to the table, Peter gives him a watery smile. He’s fidgeting, like he always did back when they were younger, twisting a small wire into various shapes between his hands. “I…uh. I use the fireplace. Floo Powder. I go to Andromdea’s - she grabs everyone and changes the sign. Dumbledore sends a portkey over and we all go to Hogwarts.”

“Yeah.” Sirius nods his head. “And what happens if Andromeda is…” He forced himself to spit the words out. “Compromised or dead?”

Peter blinks. “Escape hatch. Left bedroom. Third floor. There’s a deactivated portkey there - I reactivate it, it takes me to Godric’s Hollow. Brooms are underneath the third tomb, marked Laetitia Wen, I fly to the Prewett’s.”

“Good.” Sirius leans back in his chair. The skies had gone dark around them, shades of blue and gold, like the silk blanket that him and Remus had on top of their bed. “If you get killed?”

Peter points to him. “You’re next keeper.”

“If you get taken?”

“I…” Peter trails off. “Pill.”


Peter looks down. The wire was wound around tight around his finger now, the lines smooth from being worn down so many times. Looking at him now, Sirius felt a strange urge to protect him, to shield him like he used to shield Regulus.

He thinks that’s why he befriended Peter, on the train so long ago. He needed a brother, another Regulus, someone who he could look after without getting hurt. Sirius has always needed people - people to take the edge off, people who could be there for him, and Peter with his big eyes and blond hair seemed perfect for that.

Sirius looks at his watch; it’s almost 6 now, the skies rapidly darkening behind him. “Well,” he says, and Peter gives a little jump. “I better go. Moony’s expecting me, and I need to be over at James’ at 7.”

Peter looks up at him, and Sirius wonders if he’s okay; his skin has gone an awful grey colour, his eyes dull and flat. “Why are you going there?”

Sirius shrugs. “Moony gets pissed if no one is home to eat.”

“Not there. James and Lily’s. Why are you going over?”

Sirius cocks his head. “It’s Harry’s second Halloween. I promised I would come and trick or treat with him, since they…can’t.”

Peter looks worried. He’s gnawing at his thumbnail now, his cheeks flushed.

“Don’t worry,” Sirius says. “We’re not even leaving the house. I’ll just enchant some of his stuffies to walk around, and we’ll go from room to room and hide candy. We’ll be fine.”

“Okay,” Peter whispers. He coughs, clears his throat, then gives Sirius a sheepish smile. “Sorry. I know I’m overreacting.”

Sirius lets his chair fall forward, all four legs landing on the ground with a hard crunch. “Hey,” he says, his voice soft. “Look. I know…I know it’s hard to be Keeper. God, I’d be terrified out of my wits. But don’t worry. You’re a marauder, Peter. I’d die before I’d let anyone hurt you. I promise. They would have to kill me before I’d let you get hurt. Same as Remus. You’ll be fine, okay? Just don’t draw attention to yourself.”

Peter gives him a wan smile. If anything, he looks worse now, sickly and pale and drawn. His fingers tap away at the edge of the table, a maddening beat in time with Sirius’ heart. “Thanks,” he says suddenly. “For everything.”

Sirius laughs, standing up and shoving his chair underneath the table in one swift motion. “Of course. There’s a reason why I’m friends with you. You’re brave, Pete. I know you don’t think it but you are. You’re one of the bravest people I know.”

“Yeah,” Peter breathes. He looks down, then pushes himself up against the table. “I better go now. Get comfortable and all.”

“See you later Pete,” Sirius calls, and Peter gives him a small wave. “Oh! I forgot. I’ll tell Re that you’re coming round for dinner on Friday, right? We’re cooking - we’ll bring food round to theirs.”

“Yeah,” Peter mumbles. “I’ll be there.”

“Great,” Sirius says. He reaches over, pats Peter on the back. “And it’s my birthday tomorrow, so we’ll have a beer or something, yeah?”

“Sounds good.”

Sirius nods. He gives Peter a quick hug; he can feel the other man stiffen slightly before relaxing into it. “Thanks for being Keeper.”

Peter draws back. Something flashes in his eyes, so fast that Sirius can’t see it. “No problem,” he says. “It’s my pleasure.”

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Y’all know those characters that are generally really serious and lack most emotions, but when the character they really care for gets hurt/in trouble they start freaking out?

I’m all for those characters, but have you guys considered: Person A is a very chill person, cracks jokes a lot and everyone’s pretty fond of them. One day Person B, someone they care about a lot, gets in a major accident.

How does Person A react? Do they start becoming emotionless? Do they start having a breakdown? Do they promise they’ll kill the person who caused Person B’s pain, if there is one?

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The Guardian
by uwukechi

She never expected to become the Guardian. She never expected for things to turn out this way, to watch as the boy she loved slipped through her fingers. And to keep herself from trying to hold on to him. When all was said and done, she was alone. Surrounded, on all sides, by loved ones, yet alone entirely.

When she closes her eyes, she sees a familiar pair of green eyes, staring back at her… No, past her. A face, framed by golden locks, and a smile to set her heart aflutter, though it is never for her.

And when she opens them, eyes of a sky blue shade. A face of someone who sees her, whose lips curve for no one but her.

Words: 932, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Read Here:

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“Lo! Wake up! WAKE UP! Please....” Logan accidentally gets hit by a spell or something in the imagination and the others are trying to figure out how to wake him up. The spell made him pass out and his hair turn bright blue.

Hahahah….. have fun :)

Pairing : Healthy!Logicality

Warnings : Character Death; Sympathetic Logan, Remus, and Patton; Body horror(I think? I’d count it as such but that’s just me-); please tell me if I need to add anything!



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Y/N is hiding something from Sweet Pea and after over hearing a phone call he thinks he knows what it is.

Warnings: Just angst, swearing


Originally posted by stelenna

You sat at the kitchen table of Sweet Pea’s trailer, on the phone with Toni. He was out running a job with Fangs and Jughead so you took the opportunity to talk to her.

“How long ago did it happen Y/N?”

“About a week ago, you’re the first person I’ve told,” You quietly spoke into the phone resting on your shoulder.

“Well, when are you going to tell him?”

“I…I don’t know…I’m terrified of what he’ll say, or even what he’ll do…” You imagined how that conversation would go down.

“I promise you it won’t be as bad as you think, he loves you, he’ll stay with you no matter what.”

“What do I even say? Hey sweets, guess what, our relationship is forever going to change because I’m an idiot!”

“Well you could word it better than that. Look I gotta go, If you haven’t told him tonight then we’ll figure it out tomorrow.”

You said your goodbyes and hung up the phone before letting out a long sigh and resting your head on the table. You didn’t hear Sweet Pea come home, the buzz of the TV covered his steps as he stood in the door way listening to your phone call with Toni, he cleared his throat to get your attention, “So what’s his name?”

You jumped at the sound of his voice and turned around, “Pea, I’m so sorry I was going to tell you I just… I didn’t…” He crossed his arms and scoffed, “Well it sure seemed easy for you to tell Toni, how long were you gonna keep it from me?” You didn’t know what to say, “I’m sorry I was just so scared…” He shook his head, “What’s his name Y/N, I’m going to fucking kill him.”

Something wasn’t right, “Pea…What the fuck are you talking about?” He scowled, “Don’t play dumb with me now, the secrets out! You fucked some other guy!” You gasped, “No I didn’t! Are you an idiot? Why would I cheat on you?”

He laughed, “Really? You didn’t cheat on me? Then why were you telling Toni that our relationship is ruined now?” You sighed, “Pea come sit down, I need to tell you something important and I want you to listen.” He moved over to the table and sat down, “Alright, talk.”

You reached for his hand which was tightened into a fist and placed yours on top of his, “Pea… I didn’t cheat on you, what you heard was a badly worded conversation about something completely different.” You reached into your hoodie pocket and pulled out a white stick before opening his hand and placing it down, “I’m pregnant.”

He looked at the pregnancy test in his hand, it was positive, before looking at you, “Are you saying I’m going to be a dad?” You nodded softly, “You’re going to be a dad.” He jumped up in excitement, “I’m going to be a dad!” You smiled, “You’re not mad?” He pulled you out of the chair and into his arms, “Of course I’m not mad princess, I can’t believe this is happening! We have to tell everyone, I’m gonna be a dad.”

You looked up at him, seeing the stars dance in his eyes, “I’m so glad your happy about this.” He smiled and kissed you gently, “I’m more than happy about this, I can’t wait to have a family with you Y/N.”

After a much needed shower (together) you and Sweet Pea headed off to the Wyrm to tell everyone about it. You were scared at first but you knew that with him by your side, everything was going to be okay.


Plot twist bitches!

This is my first story after my hiatus so sorry if it sucks but yay I’m back and I’m gonna try to write more! Also I’m way to tired to edit it so if you see any errors just ignore them 👀

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A Stranger to My Eyes
by Ohiknowlotsofthings10

Todorki Shouto is one of the most renowned up-scale jazz pianists in his city and a member of an even more renowned jazz band. Life seems to be consistent and generous to him until their band’s singer bails out on them without warning (which may or may not have been his fault). With a high-stakes jazz competition in two months and nightly shows to perform, he has to find a replacement singer as soon as possible. And he does find one, in the most unexpected place and person…

Basically: Todoroki fucks up™, needs a jazz singer asap, finds Midoriya who’s a busboy but can drop notes like a fucking god, shenanigans ensue

Words: 7438, Chapters: 1/11, Language: English

Read Here:

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ii apologize inn advannce forr all the anngstt i will be cauusing tonigght -midnum

You are valid but I’m going to fight you every step of the way :p

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Guess who did it again? Thats right. This year I am doing both Febuwhump 2.0 and the new one Febufluff! I have made a side blog for this called @febufluff (soon to be @febufluff-whump )

This is a multifandom/writers/artists event!

Febufluff is for platonic and OTP ships (though some are implied to be platonic!). The rules are simple!

  • You can chose to make every one of them platonic by changing the prompt a little
  • You may not participate if it is incest or statutory rape (Minor x Adult) SHIP.
  • This does not have to be specifically for any fandom, it can be your OC’s
  • Your stories can contain Whump and Angst, as long as it has a form of fluff in it. Please be sure to tag that because some readers do not want whump or angst.
  • You can do Febuwhump and Febufluff at the same time
  • You can alternate between the two prompts!
  • You do not have to write every prompt!

Rules for Febuwhump

  • TAG YOUR UNHAPPY ENDINGS!!!- some dont have the mentality for unhappy endings
  • Please, PLEASE tag stuff that can be harmfull to some readers like self harm, suicide, implied rape ect.
  • If you have a plotinic father son ship that is fine! But dont be having any gross old man kissing a TEENAGER

If you have a question, Directly ask @spidersonangst or @febufluff-whump

Do not start posting untill February

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