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A/N: Thank you to Mia (moon of my life, my sun and stars) for being a constant source of support and comfort, and to the rest of the Avengers for playing along with my crazy idea. I love you guys. I love our family. I love everything about what this turned into. We did a thing! Isn’t it lovely?

Summary: They do okay when it comes to keeping their relationship a secret. Mostly because they invent an Emoji code. It’s Brooke’s idea, but it’s inspired by Vanjie, who texts primarily in Emojis and swear words. But that was before.

Word Count: 1,887

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Author: writer_zo

Words: 9K

Rating: Teen


Everyone seems to believe that Crowley and Aziraphale are in love. Everyone, however, has to be wrong, because (as Crowley knows) an angel could never love a demon and (as Aziraphale knows) a demon could never love an angel.

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by yowatupitsdatcog

It had been a pretty average day for Takenaka’s standards, fairly good actually. The voices weren’t as loud as they normally were, and crowded areas were almost bearable. So, there he was, walking home from school later than usual as tennis practice had run long, and humming along to the newest song on his playlist.

It was a pretty average day, that is until now.

Words: 935, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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“I really wish I had friends like that.”
“Now I can go back to acting like the bitter single I am.”
“I just want someone to cuddle.”
“Friends lie that? What about us? Don’t we count?”
“I stayed up until six in the morning for you… but oh, no… no one’s gives you attention.”
“Glad to know you still don’t appreciate your friends.”
“We didn’t have to, but we stayed up that night to video chat with you because we were worried and wanted to try to help.”
“Oh, so she’s exploiting her depression by saying she’s sad… but you’re doing nothing wrong by lying about a mental disorder you don’t even have?”
“You asked me not to leave you alone… yet you’ve had next to nothing to do with me anyways.”
“We’ve literally been spoon feeding you the answers here, but you’ve just been acting like a bratty little baby and spitting them out in our faces and refusing them!”
“I’m done babysitting. Come find me when you’re out of your diapers.”
“It hurts bad enough to be lied to, but what’s worse is knowing other person actually thinks you’re dumb enough to believe them.”
“What I don’t get is why they talk all this about me behind my back, but they never say anything about you.”
“I’ve been your friend for years… my family hates you and I always defended you when they would try to talk shit on you, but I guess that doesn’t matter.”
“She makes it out like she’s the only one allowed to have problems or be upset over something.”
“It’s sad that a twelve year old has more common sense than a/an __ year old.”
“I will forgive, but I will never forget.”
“Please, I can read you like a book. You’re such a horrible liar and faker.”

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pairing: jeon jungkook x reader

warnings: mentions of sex, cursing, idk if it counts but jungkook is an asshole I’m sorry

word count: 2,131

summary: you’ve been friends with benefits with jungkook for a while now and things were great in the beginning, but then you became just another girl to him. now you developed feelings for him and now you’ve gotta get out while you still can.

author note: there will be a second part to this titled “if only you understood” that will be written in jungkook’s point of view so keep your eye out for it! also super huge thanks to @officiallynuts - my editor who puts in hard work every time I write anything! check out her stuff she’s amazing 

12:03. You stared at the clock, desperately willing yourself to fall asleep so you wouldn’t think about what you did. Once again, you had slept with Jungkook, though the previous time you told yourself it would be the last. That you couldn’t keep doing this to yourself anymore, just being another girl to warm his bed when he needed to feel something. You weren’t together, never had been. It was a rollercoaster of emotions with the two of you, one minute you were having sex and the other you were listening to him talk about the newest girl he was chasing. Your heart sank a little every time, knowing that you would never be enough for him, knowing that you were just another girl on his list.

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the question is not if i love you

or if i don’t,

but rather it is, do i love myself?

because i give you everything without so much as a plea needing to fall from your lips to do so.

and i never ask for anything in return.

and that’s where i went wrong.

because i give you so much of anything i can that in return you leave me cold and untouched.

i can only wonder what it is about you to love.

-there is nothing. it was only the idea of you.

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Hi 😊 is it alright if you could write an imagine where Thor gets dusted in the snap instead of the reader? I don’t mind if it’s set in Infinity War or End Game. It’s really heartbreaking to think of but the anGST AGSHSJKSNF 😩

Chaos ascended across the congested fields of Wakanda. The devastation around was an unbelievable, incomprehensible sight to witness. This dreadful occurrence happened at the hand of one man. Thanos.

He had previously snapped his fingers at the despair of those around him. Thor stood, his axe embedded in Thanos’ chest. A confused yet fallen expression hung on his features.

The chaos all started with one simple name.

“Steve?” A voice could be heard from the side of the clearing. Turning your head, your glossy eyes adjusted to the sight of Bucky Barnes. Without another words spoken, he stepped forward. Falling into an evaporating cloud of ash.

Your lip quivered at the sight. What the hell was going on. Glancing around, more and more people began to vanish before your very eyes. Your heart sank in your chest at the sight.

With Thanos gone, through a portal, Thor was left alone with you and Steve in the clearing. He faced towards the battlefield, witnessing the devastation he couldn’t prevent. His broad shoulders sank with defeat and hopelessness.

Slowly, effortlessly, you made your way across to him. However, something didn’t seem right. The god seemed different, his skin darker. Your pace increased explanatory as soon as you realised the cause of this. The skin on Thor’s back began to flake off to dust, floating upwards in the wind.

“Thor!” You shouted, tears leaking from your wide eyes. Thor turned, a defeated expression on his face. You reached him, gripping his cheek in one hand and his left arm in the other. “Thor you’re turning to-to…” you weren’t even able to finish your sentence. Thor only looked down at you with calamity.

“It’s okay,” he whispered, brushing a piece of your hair behind your ear.

“No, no!” You shouted, shaking your head dismissively. “You can’t leave me, Thor. Please don’t!”

“It’s what I deserve, Y/N. I couldn’t protect them. I couldn’t protect you,” he breathed.

“I am protected! This isn’t your fault, Thor. You don’t deserve-”

Before you could finish your sentence, his whole body reverted to dust. He crumbled in your hands. You crumbled to the ground with a soul-stomping sob. He was gone. Your love. Your life. Your Thor.

A/n: I’m so sorry this legit took me months to write and it’s really short but I hope you enjoyed it

Tag list: @xmarveled @thorfanficwriter

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It felt strange after all these years to be naked in private. It felt stranger still to know that he didn’t have to hurry or hide for fear that someone would come. It had been so long since he had been inside a bathing chamber. A part of him was afraid of the vat of water sitting in front of him. He could not shake off the feeling that he had no right to the water. He felt like an imposter, a liar.

And in his mind, he was a liar. The people he had interacted with so far pretended that nothing was wrong, that they could just pick up from where they had left off 25 years ago, and that everything would go back to how it used to be.

But they all knew it wouldn’t, especially not for him. He was not one of them. He accepted Katappa’s kindness and tolerated Mukundaraju’s ministrations. But he also understood that thanks to his non-human status, he wasn’t entitled to any of it even after being released from his cage.

He was uncomfortable around his wife too. Of course, to know that she was alive and well had filled him with immense relief and joy. He had seen the same sentiment reflected clearly in her eyes as well. But while she had embraced him so readily, he felt unworthy of her.

She was a princess.

He was nothing.

She had borne him a son and raised him all by herself.

He had spent the last two and a half decades rotting away like a living corpse.

She was still beautiful, brave, and alive.

He was old, exhausted, and dead inside.

He also knew he would break her heart if he told her how he really felt. If he could have it his way, he would probably take leave of everyone and go somewhere far away to live out the remainder of his days anonymously. But he knew he wouldn’t be allowed to do that.

He could only take each moment as it came. With his lips sealed against any sound of discomfort, he braced himself against the wall as he peeled off the dressings from his numerous wounds. It took him several agonizing minutes to rid himself of all the bandages. It would have been easier to have an attendant help him but despite his difficulties, he was glad that he was all by himself for his first bath.

Some of the older injuries reopened in this process but he paid no mind to them. Instead, he steeled his nerves and forced himself to look in the mirror.

His eyes widened in shock as he took in his own appearance. For a moment, he couldn’t recognize himself.

This dirty, ragged body. This thin, sallow face. Those hollow cheeks. Those lifeless eyes. That matted hair. That bushy, unkempt beard. These chapped, discolored lips. This scarred, misshapen torso. This swollen, bruised neck.

It was him.

And yet it wasn’t.

It was a nothing, a nobody.

Once again, the overwhelming realization of how far he had fallen, threatened to drag him under.

But with a merciless courage he hadn’t known he possessed, he turned away from the mirror and experimentally, dipped his left foot into the vat of water.

An involuntary sigh of pleasure escaped from his lips. He swallowed roughly and reached for the washcloth.

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“It’s lonely being in a Kpop group, where dating is banned. Kim Taehyung feels this more painfully than the other members, because he has a specific person in mind that he’d love to date.”

A Taekook fic I tried to make canon-compliant (but now it’s less so because Taekook shippers who try and relate their real-life interactions to analyses are creepy). Please read the tags before deciding to read~

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Make it right
by mashiroars

Three months. It had been three months since the sports festival.
Shinsou huffed and stood up from the training floor. Aizawa had been training him for three weeks now. Apparently, he saw potential in Shinsou and decided to take him under his wing in the form of physical training. They were currently sparring, most students already gone.
“Let’s take a break, I need to talk to you” Aizawa said. Shinsou looked at him sceptically but complied anyways and grabbed his water bottle on the bench next to the punching bags. Shinsou had just taken a sip of water when Aizawa started to speak: “It’s been three months since the sports festival. You’ve apologized to everyone but Ojiro, why’s that?”

aka Shinsou absolutely hates Ojiro’s guts but has to figure out how to deal with that when he needs to train with him.

Words: 1086, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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i’m sick.

i’m sick of hearing you talk about her.

you talk about her like she’s the best thing in the world even after she has broken your fragile heart so many damn times.

you talk about her as though i’m not even there.

Originally posted by vaporwaveaesthetician

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Originally posted by smutygifs

Your eyes were red with anger. Your heart was racing in your chest as sweat dripped down your forehead and the back of your neck. Pinning him firmly on the wall with one arm, while the other holding a knife so close to his milky skin, it could cut him if he dared to move. However, he didn’t even fight you. 

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