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“Hmmm there is now crown for the type of King you are? Then.. I crown you King of my Heart, how does that sound?”

Fiona made a one week trip to get those everlasting roses for Lance to. She always wondered why Lance never wore a crown and was even wondering if he had one. Although they shared many sweet moments with each-other, no one ever confessed to the other. Fiona is really getting along with anyone, so Lance didn’t felt like she is being special to him. He didn’t wanted to bother her with his feelings and just wanted her to be happy, admiring her from afar was enough for him. But neither did he know he fell for him the day she realized what a kindhearted man he was.

Those roses were magical Roses, when you hand it over to someone you care about, by touching it, the one will recall your true feelings towards them. Of course, Fiona didn’t know that and only wanted to have those roses to make a crown for Lance, being passionate about gardening and flowers this idea of Edgar was just perfect and she couldn’t stop herself on finding them. And well, Lance knew about the everlasting Roses, and was confused, did she really love him? There is no other reason people would go out of their way to find them. In Wonderland, those are the symbol of true love, you don’t just give them to anyone.

When she put the flowercrown on his head, her memories flashed through his mind,.

“MC, I know you are here for Ray, but please take care of Lancelot for me.”
“Don’t you dare dying!”
“I want to protect him, not because he’s the king, it’s because he’s Lancelot”
“If I can take some of his burden, I will, if I can make it easier for him, I will.”
“ makes you do crazy things you yourself thought you aren’t capable of.”“He’s constantly pushing me away, but that doesn’t stop me.”

…And Fiona not knowing the effect of the roses, just noticed later that a tear was rolling down his cheek.

 Btw. in Fionas story Lance and Ray are fighting together against Amon. And Fiona and MC are friends ;u;I will post her Info with Ref later! ^^ 

Plese do not copy, claim, steal, use, repost or edit my work in any way without written permission. Thank you ♥
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Terribly colored but ehekhfsdja

Inspired by the “Dream” MC head in the Dramatic Route, I mean when she time traveled to Kenshins past. When I make a OC for Otome Games, I always decide for myself If I want my OC to take the role of the MC or not, in this case, I really wanted to have this part in her story because I want my OC to be Isehime friend..WAYY BACK IN HER CHILDHOOD….. I wanted to make speech bubbles for what they are thinking too, but it would get too complicated so everything written in this comic is what they are saying aloud.

So, I changed so it suits Natsumes story.  ; U ;  
This part happens at when Sasuke saved Kenshin four years before the game took place. It was a near death experience because he had a wound and the assassins let him die from bloodlost. When they left Sasuke arrived through the wormhole and saved him by making first aid and then Natsume arrived with other men, they were suspicious about Sasuke, but it was obvious he just saved Kenshins live so they let him do what had to be done to help Kenshin. After everything was done and they went out to the main Camp, Natsume stood the whole night next to Kenshin with keeping an eye on the newbie Sasuke too. The Storm with the Wormhole came to that camp too and made her fall asleep and time travel : D OK anyways……….

I am not so proud about this but It took me really long to finish this, and the other part is almost done lining…

Plese do not copy, claim, steal, use, repost or edit my work in any way without written permission. Thank you ♥
Reblog is ok!

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