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I don’t intend to repeat everything that everyone says every time someone names Hardin or After. I just want to explain my point of view of why I think this movie was so bad and not even the after fandom liked it. We know that the writer of the books in which this movie is based decided to change Hardin’ s character, and she did it, drastically. Since the beggining, this book series was shit because of this character and all his toxic traits. This topic was the main point of why to hate this books. So it’s not a surprise that Anna decided to change it for the movie adaptation. The thing here is that it wasn’t Hardin’s character the problem, it was the romanticism of the relationship. The fact that after reading this book, every teenage girl would see Hardin Scott as their crush, their perfect boyfriend. A lot of movies, such as A Clockwork Orange, have despicable protagonists, and not because of that these are bad movies. On the contrary, The Clockwork Orange is a classic. That’s why I think that the main problem of the After Movie was that they didn’t handle it well. They transformed their character, into a flat character, making Tessa sink with him as well because every development we see on Tessa’s character in the books is all because of Hardin, and everything that she learns from him. Something important: I READ THE BOOKS, so no one can tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about. However, they took a lot of things and scenes that somehow were the essence of the story, making it more flat and boring than it already is. They should have, instead of changing Hardin, taken away the romantic connotation and instead of making a romantic movie, they could have made a different type of movie, maybe could have taken the risk of making a thriller, adding to Hardin’ character more creepy stuff. Or maybe they could have started a relationship with a Hardin that had his problems, his issues, maybe a creepy boyfriend like Edward Cullen who came to Bella’s room to watch her sleep, but little by little, and with the help of a therapist(yeah, because TESSA IS NOT A THERAPIST), he could start being a better boyfriend and maybe a cute one, but with development. Because we are in front of a character that has his issues, a very difficult childhood and very aggresive and toxic manners of fighting his past and the consecuences that it left, so we have the material that could make it able to do a project like the ones that I already said. AND I KNOW that the romantic stuff is actually the whole point of the story, but if they did a movie that has almost nothing to do with its book, they can change the genre of the movie. Or maybe they could have done it in a more subtle way, but making the audience don’t feel the same desire of having a relationship like hessa, and making them question all the relationship that the afternators(idk if they are called like this) have been loving for such a long time. I will admit, some of the hessa scenes, the ones in which they aren’t shouting at each other, and they are happy are kinda cute, could have been good material(YES, BECAUSE IN THE MOVIE THEY ALSO CHANGED THE DIALOGUES THAT WERE “OKAY”). Something that I also hated was that THEY CHANGED THE FUCKIN BET and made it lame and childish. Don’t get me wrong, what Hardin movie version did was horrible to, but it wasn’t such as dramatic as they made it seem to be, with all that wierd music behind. It was more interesting the original bet, and more despicable, and again THIS CHANGES WERE MADE SO THEY COULD CHANGE HARDIN’ S CHARACTER TO A “CUTE” AND “ROMANTIC” one, which they didn’t achieve anyway, because Hardin was still very toxic and with a lot of redflags. They could have made, not a good movie, but a more memorable one, and one that somehow could have not been so cliche. There are a lot of other issues that this movie has, but you can find them in any other After Movie review and I don’t care about them. I’m sorry, I didn’t expected to make it this long but I wanted to explain everything well SOOOOO thanks for coming to my ted talk.


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(I will watch after we collided because the second book was really funny and people have told me that this is going to be a more faithful movie)

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