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Guess who's thinks you're amazing? The person who sent this!!! ♥️ send this to some more people you think are AWESOME!!

thank you so much!

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omg djndsjjsjs PLS tell me there will be a part two to the jinkook au I am HOLLERING EJDHDJJ it was so good I can’t even!!! I miss wolfy mate aus thank u sm you’re doing gods work 🥺 fingers crossed for some fluff if u get around to writing it 👉👈
  • Anonymous said:I’m not saying you should make a part two of that jinkook au but 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 You should make a part two👁👄👁 (only if you want to ofc and only if you have time💕)
  • Anonymous said: im figuratively frothing at the mouth from the jinkook wolf excerpt!! thank you for blessing us this fine day!! im so excited to see where youre gonna take this in the future. also i 10/10 agree with oc beer is gross
  • Anonymous said: Please continue the wolf au omg its so good!!!!!!!!!!

Hey !!! I’m so glad you liked it!!!!! the idea n urge rlly just suddenly appeared and hit me out of nowhere!!!! i wrote it like a woman possessed lmfao

I’d really really like to do it this year!!!! but god i have so many goals this year, including doing the namjoon wolf au,,, and other things,,,, a year really isnt that much time is it!! but rest assured i’ll get to it eventually, once i sort out my schedule and what i want to work on and finish this year!!!! i’m excited :D

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I am watching greys since the beginning and there good seasons and bad seasons, but it really frightens me how lazy the writing has become. Fucked up timeline, absolute no back story for Nico and don‘t get me started on love triangles involving Owen...

Dude same. I started watching Grey’s around season 5 and the difference to now is just really disappointing. You still have your occasional bomb-ass scenes, but it’s sad that those have become so rare that you can count them on like one hand now.

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I hope you feel better soon, Taylor!

Thank you me feel bad bad not better soon realy upset medicine make tay feel bad bad my dad say have take it and not going to him say no sleep until take medicine but sleepy and cry lot lot just not feel better want to

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Hachirou? Do you need a hug?


He punched the floor, taking a deep, shaky breath.

“I… I don’t need anything. Go away, okay?”

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I noticed that Angel Dust and Vaggie get tons of redesigns while Sir Pentious gets a few.

I think part of that is they have the most blatantly terrible designs tbh. Honestly? I think Sir Pentious isn’t exactly TERRIBLE if u get rid of the excessive amount if eyes which is why I think he gets less redesigns. Mod Magenta did redesign him a while back tho!

-Mod Red

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I'm fucking serious. I was given no proof, just an irl conversation. they dropped it, but I'm still pissed at you. people must always know that I'm almost always honest. I'm not allowed to threaten anyone anymore, but they're empty anyways. I do want to force people to believe me in any way that I can, though


and. god. ok. try your hardest, kiddo. i literally do not give a shit. i also, will never believe you.

External image

like the graphic i made? its to prove my point. see, you dont GET to manipulate me. you dont get to prance around doing whatever you want because i wont let that shit happen. you can sit there and suffer, knowing theres nothing you can do to manipulate me. and you better get used to this, get used to not being able to get people to do or say or believe what you want. because thats the real world, allistair. 

smell the roses. 

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Now all I can is just imagine Anti on the ground screeching at some random dog on the street as Henrik crosses the street or something

Local Crazed Man Takes His “Demon” For A Walk

Henrik whispering to himself: “Ignore him Henrik ignore him he is not there Henrik he is nOT THERE”

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i will give him my hand to chew i don't need it anymore

honestly he’s very gentle about it and he knows his own strength and not to bite down so you’ll be okay

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Every time my boss makes me cry, I steal a dollar from his tips, I have $257 now


im sorry your boss makes you cry, that’s not cool of them to do

but good job on collecting that much

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Favorite show at the beginning of 2019 vs favorite show at the beginning of 2020

I think my favorite show in 2019 was Kim’s convenience or ds9 now its tied between kingdom and the untamed but only cuz I really recently watched them and I have a bad memory so things get put on a back burner for me a lot

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23. strange habits?

Despite growing up in the midwest my whole life, my vernacular is a very strange mix:

  • midwestern: duh
  • gen z: also duh
  • southern: both parents are
  • sophisticated or “big words”: from being in advanced classes when I was young
  • british: I watch a lot of British comedies
  • mom: I’m the band mom
  • dad jokes: my dad still says at least 3 a day, so I in turn have gotten good at saying them to others
  • extra sass: idk man I grew up sassy

Link here

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Hey Kdin, just wanted to send positive vibes your way and also thank you for being such a positive force in the RT community and also an amazing role model. As a trans person your visibility really means a lot to me and I'm so thankful that you use your voice to empower others and promote a better and kinder world. Thank you.

Gosh, thank you so much. I truly appreciate that, and I really do hope I’m able to more for you all in the future.

The only thing I reall wish I could have done was be this positive force earlier in life, but better late than never, right?

I love you all, I do, and I hope you all know it. 💙

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