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that person you reblogged from who said they are homeless and freezing is likely one of those scam accounts who begs for money and aren't actually in danger. i know you did it out of kindness but i would encourage not relogging posts like that if you dont know the person yourself, or check the blog out beforehand. you could very well be helping a scammer.

man like. yeah? so? every person considering donating can look at the blogs themselves and like this is the only one I’ve even reblogged probably…ever…if I see its signal boosted from a mutual of mine like. I don’t know what to tell you but I don’t see a difference between this ask and telling people not to give a couple dollars to someone on the street bc ‘’’’’you don’t know how they’ll spend it’’’’’ 

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do you have any books you read when you're feeling depressed and/or hopeless that help?? not necessarily books that help those emotions but books that you personally feel better after reading if this at all makes sense sorry my brain is broken and idk how else to word this. but i'm depressed and need things to read that may or may not help me feel better. thank you for your time n response if you do! love xx

hello my love! i’m so sorry you’re not feeling good :-( i really hope the pain eases a bit & that you can come out of this soon. all my love 💛 here are a few of my “chicken noodle soup” books aka the books i read when i need a little pick me up. obviously all very personal choices but i hope you enjoy some of them too 

woman hollering creek, sandra cisneros 

the particular sadness of lemon cake, aimee bender

the dream of a common language, adrienne rich

devotions, mary oliver

bliss, katherine mansfield

stag’s leap, sharon olds

when my brother was an aztec, natalie diaz

how we became human, joy harjo

death is not an option, suzanne rivecca 

a field guide to getting lost, rebecca solnit


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Do you watch Manifest? I got hooked on it when it was on Channel 9 last year at this point I'm more excited for a new episode of that then I am for Riverdale but that could change once it starts back up again.

Ooohh! You know what, I actually hadn’t heard of that until today but it does look interesting! I’ll have to check it out!

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Can that anon come back and explain how they know harry is preparing for that role?and when exactly will he film that movie?

He’s not in Dune. Timothée Chalamet is. It’s coming out later this year

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I wish I had the courage to post my own little Cats drabbles, but I'm too anxious and terrified to show them to anyone. QnQ

Maybe make an account specifically for that, which isn’t obviously connected with your main? The low-risk option - so it’s ‘not really you’. :) Alternately, go the other route and try showing some privately to friends you trust.

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i recently retextured your lotto shorts by merging them with your love shot pants so they would be maxis match bc i loved the mesh so much (i did this for personal use, its not uploaded anywhere it was my first time and its super sloppy) and i just wanted to say a very big thank you for all the hard work you do!! your meshes are always the best

That’s an awesome first step!! ^^ Congrats! And thank you so much for the lovely words, I’m so grateful!! Have a lovely day, Nonner! :))

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Hello! I hope I may ask this, but do you have a rules page?

i’m so sorry that it’s taken me several days to respond: i’ve been around but was unable to reply because the site was nonfunctional for me.

i do have a rules page, which can be found here and will soon be linked in my description, sorry that i keep forgetting!

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Hello! I hope you don't mind me asking but i wanted to draw your fe3h insert with Dimitri, if you are okay w it, could please show me your f.3h insert? if you aren't okay please ignore this uwu [@ILoveMyFos]

@ilovemyfos Hello, and thank you so much offering to draw one of my self-ships, aaah–

Here’s Stella! She’s technically a multi-fandom self-insert OC, but I primarily ship her with Dimitri. This is her War Phase appearance as I haven’t drawn her Academy Phase (yet?), but her Academy Phase appearance is basically this outfit but without the hat lol


Feel free to take creative liberties with her if you do end up drawing her, and thank you again!!

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It’s kind of sad that just by dating you, even though neither of you did nothing wrong, your friend is getting her reputation trashed. Which seems unfair. Her only crime was helping you and for that she’s been used as a weapon your entire friendship. Not to imply anything bad about you, just the opposite, you must be one hell of a best friend for her to tolerate this.

Why do you think I stopped talking about her? Publicly talking about her, even positively, has resulted in her being thoroughly dehumanized.

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Ho capito che io farei di tutto per le persone Ma le persone non farebbero niente per me. Ho capito che sono troppo buona nei confronti di queste persone che infondo non meritano niente da me. Io prenderei una bastonata per loro e invece loro niente..

Cara anonima, le persone buone ci rimettono sempre.

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your #oh love tag makes my heart hurt in the best way possible

i absolutely love love!!!! most of the posts in that tag represent different stages of love in my own life (past and present) so i totally feel you

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I'm glad you like it, Laurel should have been at least the co-protagonist, it's what comic Ollie would have wanted. And I hope you feel better soon

she does deserve the world, it’s true, anon :) thank you again anon. and yes, I feel better today. I randomly woke up at 5.20am feeling full of energy and I’ve already done some Stuff, so I count that as a win :D 

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is Tomoe an oni and what are her kinks?

In FGO, yes. And she has a lot, but not all, of the same kinks Nobunaga has. Especially where bondage is concerned. She loves being bound and gagged and having her body toyed with and teased. And of course she enjoys being made into a kinky bondage slave~

I would probably have to make a list sometime.

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