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i hate comics i was reading an ant-man comic and some beekeepers’ bees were acting weird so they called up ant-man to see if he could help because it’s all bugs right? but then one of the beekeepers was like “hey why don’t we call bee man instead, wouldn’t that be a better idea?” to which ant-man said there’s no bee man, so they were stuck with him duh

to which I went “oh ho! but there is a bee man! there’s that one nazi scientist guy who’s whole body is just made up of a swarm of bees because he did some crazy experiment, but he’s a supervillain and probably wouldn’t help here anyway so whatever”

guess who showed up 3 pages later as the culprit behind the bees acting funky

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Primer vistazo a Darth Vader



En el clímax devastador de The Empire Strikes Back, Darth Vader revela infamemente su verdadera relación con Luke Skywalker e invita a su hijo a gobernar la galaxia a su lado. Pero Luke se niega: sumergirse en el abismo debajo de Cloud City en lugar de volverse hacia el Lado Oscuro. Todos recordamos el horror absoluto de Luke en este momento que altera la vida. ¿Pero qué hay de Vader? En este nuevo capítulo épico de la saga Darth Vader, el señor oscuro se enfrenta al impensable rechazo de Luke y se embarca en una sangrienta misión de venganza llena de ira contra todo y todos los que intervinieron para ocultar y corromper a su único hijo. Pero incluso mientras descubre los secretos de los orígenes de Luke, Vader debe enfrentar nuevos e impactantes desafíos de su propio pasado oscuro.
¡El escritor Greg Pak y el artista Raffaele Ienco desatan a Darth Vader en su oscura búsqueda de venganza y descubrimiento en febrero! Con portadas de InHyuk Lee!


Primer vistazo a Ant-Man

¡Dos de los héroes más pequeños de Marvel deben unir fuerzas y superar un gran elefante en la habitación! Eric O'Grady una vez le robó el traje Ant-Man a Hank Pym. Pero ahora, Eric es el único que sabe sobre un secreto A.I.M. ¡trama para robar el mayor invento de Pym! ¿Pueden estos dos poderosos ácaros llevarse bien el tiempo suficiente para salvar el alma del ex Goliat Bill Foster? ¡Tim Seeley, creador de Hack / Slash, te trae la gran historia de los dos Vengadores más pequeños! Además: ¡la primera acción de Marvel Age con Ant-Man and Wasp original! Recolectando ANT-MAN & WASP # 1-3 y material de TALES TO ASTONISH # 44-48.

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I understand that the discussions surrounding the Birds of Prey box office are most likely being overblown, but it is still so exhausting to hear the way people are talking about the film and the future of these characters.

Even after the phenomenal success of films like Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel, every woman-led comic book film has to justify not only its own existence, but the existence of every woman-led comic book film for years to come, no matter how creatively distinct they are.

No one would look at the box office for Ant-Man and say that they should never make another Spider-Man movie. 

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Tales to Astonish #27

  • Writers - Stan Lee & Larry Lieber
  • Penciller & Cover - Jack Kirby

Henry Pym has created serums to reduce and enlarge anything.  But when he tries the shrinking serum on himself, he ends up in an unexpected situation!

The first appearance of Henry Pym, who will someday become Ant-Man, is kind of lack-luster.  It’s the lead story in this anthology comic and really amounts to little more than the typical science experiment gone wrong story.  Pym is arrogant and almost comes across as a typical “mad scientist” early on in the story and could easily have taken a turn toward villain status.  But his accident mellows him and he actually destroys many of his serums at the end of the story.

This story is little more than a curiosity now - a glimpse into the early days of the Marvel Universe. I’m interested to see how Pym will change in his next appearance and what is the impetus to become Ant-Man.

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Hey guys! For Valentine’s Day I made a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe cards. Unfortunately, the company I used for printing failed me and I’m out $120. But I’m super proud of these cards, so I’m uploading a Google Drive folder with all the .TIF print files (19 character cards, 21 files in total) for you to print these cards out to send to your friends and loved ones.

If you like them, let me know! I mostly work with 3D art, but I love using Photoshop for other projects like this.

Check them all out here:

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I decided to pick up this one because I dearly missed Cassie and she was really fun here. I’m normally not an Ant-Man person, but this was a good read. As long as Cassie is a main character, I think I might keep picking this up. Though, she does look kind of young. She looked more like 16 or 17 during her time as a Young Avenger, though I don’t remember if they ever stated her age. I haven’t read that series in forever. But yeah. This was a good read. I also really enjoyed that preview for Strange Academy. I was thinking about picking up that series since I’m a big fan of teenage superheroes. Also, Nico will be a guest teacher and I am all about that!!


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