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I’ve been excited for TFATWS to finally do right by Sam and Bucky but tbh, I’m here mostly for Sam Wilson and his story first. And the mcu better not fuck that up. I like Bucky and I love Sambucky and that relationship has so much potential but I’ve never once let myself believe the mcu will make it canon. So as much as I dont like some of the alleged leaks that I’ve seen (which honestly dampen my sambucky hope) I’m ready to ignore all that and watch this show and focus on my main man, Sam Wilson as he finally gets his much deserved spotlight.

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Sam Wilson & Bucky Barnes 
The Falcon & the Winter Soldier 

Did I ever mention that I adore these two (be it the actors or the characters they play)?
ALSO, if anyone ever wants to talk about them (or marvel, or stevetony), message me, come talk to me! 

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