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#anti jroth

You know, I’m jaded like the rest of you. But more than anything I’m tired of feeling gaslit by Jroth, so I’m just gonna have hope (just like I would if he wasn’t such a troll) even though it might come back to bite me in the ass. I’m not gonna let him dictate how I feel. I’ve been here too damn long for that. 

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One of the many things that has me rolling my eyes about the content of the "Clarke getting blamed" gifset is the Clarke antis acting like Clarke has coasted by the last six seasons without scrutiny. She's "never faced consequences" apparently. Tf do you call all this then? Everyone has laid blame at her feet, including Shaw the newbie on his high horse. Another other thing is Jason spending seasons destroying all of her relationships, then thinking band-aiding them over is enough to heal them.

Yeah, I try not to let the Clarke anti opinions get to me because honestly they’re laughable, but the in-show things grate me.

Shaw in general was just handled very stupidly. I understand they had to wrap him up somehow because Jordan was leaving the show, but they completely 180-ed his character and made him not at all consistent with his S5 character- they dumbed him down to a judgy Christian stereotype, and I hate it so much.

Beyond that, though, I absolutely abhor the fact that they band-aided, as you said, Murphy and Raven’s relationships with Clarke in Season 6. To be fair, I should mention that we can’t be POSITIVE that those relationships won’t be explored, or that Murphy and Raven won’t apologize in Season 7, but I’m not holding my breath. The way they left it in Season 6 felt like they were attempting a resolution there, without it being resolved at all.

I’m mad at both Murphy and Raven’s actions towards Clarke, but god, I don’t know that I’ve ever been so mad as when Murphy saw Clarke with a knife to her own throat and said it would be fun to shoot her. That he wanted to shoot her. AS SHE’S SUICIDAL. And what resolution do we get for that? Clarke saying she’s proud of Murphy as Murphy mourns Abby. Murphy never mourns Clarke openly, never apologizes. But Clarke, the truly too good person she is, is proud of him for doing the barest minimum of being a decent person. And then there’s the whole Raven hug where it’s almost like Raven is forgiving Clarke? Despite Raven being a mega-bitch in late S5/most of S6? These aren’t resolutions, they aren’t satisfying, and they don’t address the narrative the writers set up. It’s safe to say I’m mad about this particular aspect of the show.

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The pure fucking desperation Bob showed in that scene will never not make me cry. He willed her back to fucking life. He refused to once again live in a world without Clarke Griffin in it and she fought like hell to get back to him.

… and now it’s been 0 days since I was last mad about the fact that they might not be explicitly canon by the end because fucking jroth.

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You know. I think the worst thing Jroth could do is not make Blarke canon. Not by killing them or by making Bleggo canon. Noooo. Leaving it “opened for interpretation”. So that he’d NEVER have to acknowledge that we were right AND at the same time, so that he can keep going with his “maybe it did, maybe it didn’t!” baiting bullshit.

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it still astounds me to this day that one mr. jason rothenberg wrote s5 and thought yknow what’s new? what’s trendy? cannibalism. never before seen! gonna take our show to a whole new level! gonna shock the audience!

as if we haven’t had cannibals since the fucking reapers were introduced in season 1, episode 12. jroth is so dumb sometimes, in this essay i will-

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She almost said it: “that’s why i-“ 馃様

True but jrot hates gays so he decided it would be nicer if Lexa got a bullet in her stomach rather than the chance to tell the girl she was in love with that she loved her

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Oh ok. I still agree with the trend through and I know that it's only a matter of time before he puts his foot in his mouth again. Him and boob seem to not be getting along as of late... man I really hope once all this is over we get more then side comments said here and there

That’s what happens when two man babies with giant egos work together

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After the 100 is over I’m never going to watch any show that is created by jroth

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JRoth is just scared that his writing team is incapable of keeping audiences interested without dragging apart bellarke every three episodes… maybe you should takes some notes from Michael Schur, eat some bread, and calm down

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if you need to make an entire tv show constantly go out of its’ way to separate two character who are friends so they don’t end up fucking and calling each other babe, because that feels like the inevitable outcome of them getting one second of peace to just chill and hang out, maybe you’re really bad at writing friends.

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one of my favorite shows was ruined by a show runner giving in to rabid fans even though the relationship and arc made no narrative sense and now it seems like another may be ruined by a refusal to please one side of the fandom even though the ship has been masterfully built and framed for years


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