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#anti jroth

The pure fucking desperation Bob showed in that scene will never not make me cry. He willed her back to fucking life. He refused to once again live in a world without Clarke Griffin in it and she fought like hell to get back to him.

… and now it’s been 0 days since I was last mad about the fact that they might not be explicitly canon by the end because fucking jroth.

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You know. I think the worst thing Jroth could do is not make Blarke canon. Not by killing them or by making Bleggo canon. Noooo. Leaving it “opened for interpretation”. So that he’d NEVER have to acknowledge that we were right AND at the same time, so that he can keep going with his “maybe it did, maybe it didn’t!” baiting bullshit.

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it still astounds me to this day that one mr. jason rothenberg wrote s5 and thought yknow what’s new? what’s trendy? cannibalism. never before seen! gonna take our show to a whole new level! gonna shock the audience!

as if we haven’t had cannibals since the fucking reapers were introduced in season 1, episode 12. jroth is so dumb sometimes, in this essay i will-

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She almost said it: “that’s why i-“ 😔

True but jrot hates gays so he decided it would be nicer if Lexa got a bullet in her stomach rather than the chance to tell the girl she was in love with that she loved her

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Oh ok. I still agree with the trend through and I know that it's only a matter of time before he puts his foot in his mouth again. Him and boob seem to not be getting along as of late... man I really hope once all this is over we get more then side comments said here and there

That’s what happens when two man babies with giant egos work together

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soooo facebook sent me a “new friend suggestion” of jason rothenberg?? how even—?‬

facebook: *friend suggestions*‬

me: okay. okay. sent. okay. cool. okay be my friend. ‬

facebook: *jason rothenberg* ‬


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After the 100 is over I’m never going to watch any show that is created by jroth

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one of my favorite shows was ruined by a show runner giving in to rabid fans even though the relationship and arc made no narrative sense and now it seems like another may be ruined by a refusal to please one side of the fandom even though the ship has been masterfully built and framed for years


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bob’s tweet isn’t him genuinely saying he misunderstood the bellarke connotations of the show; there’s no way in hell he read the scripts, was directed to behave a certain way, and then suddenly realised he was wrong 6 years later. bob’s tweet is bob calling out jroth for being disingenuous & misrepresenting canon. 

it is 100% canon that bellamy’s people (minus clarke) were safe, about to work with the primes, and were going to be given their own area to live in. that’s literally why bellamy stopped choking russell. then, as soon as he realized clarke was actually alive, bellamy abandoned that path to try and save her. this was never about the safety of ‘everyone’ because everyone except clarke would’ve benefited from her being dead. that’s canon. jroth needs to either stop misrepresenting his own show or start paying attention to it, and i for one am very glad that bob seemingly agrees.

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ok im sorry but out of the whole cast, it was bob, the only one who has directed an episode this season, who called jroth out on his bullshit. that tells me that not only the cast (the vibe was so romantic that he fucking married eliza in after what they were filming), but the directors were misinterpreting. im sorry, but thats just irresponsible. you inform them of where the story is to go. and if its being directed differently than its being written, then that shows how much you really care about what is put into the final product. thats not misinterpretation. thats misinforming the people who need every detail.

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If Blorke happens... lmao. That would be so funny tho bc after all the lies from jrot that its platonic? That just goes to show esp after his lies on Lexa being alive???? Fucking lies

Never trust a word that comes out of a mans mouth

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bob didn’t just call him out as a bad writer, he also called him out as a Bad director and producer whose job it is to tell actors if their portrayal isn’t reflecting the material the way the writer intended it. just the power that that has


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Can I just say I think it’s really fucked up to make your actors feel as if they’re playing a part wrong, just for the “element of surprise”..!! The surprise isn’t the end result, it’s not the fact that Bellamy and Clarke will finally express their true feelings. It is their journey up until that point, and how it unfolds. Every episode shows us how much they love each other more than the last, and to undermine that in order to create some sort of “unforeseen” twist is not what a dedicated audience wants. We know that they’re in love JRoth!! What we want to see is their relationship ship unfold. From enemies to allies to co leaders to friends to best friends to the most important people in each other’s lives, the ones they’d do anything for, to lovers ! To deny deny deny that this is the story you’re telling, to have the actors doubt their understanding of the story when it’s clear that their views line up with the viewers’ is just plain wrong. Bob and Eliza have worked so hard and have been amazing these past 6 years, showing emotion from one look, from “I trust you” from “I need you”, they’ve played your game and kept quiet, but when it becomes a matter of keeping your plan a “secret” vs. giving the actors the validation they deserve, it should be an easy choice.

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