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#anti thorki
Another question if you don’t mind. Do you block blogs that post Thorki? Or have made Thorki graphics? Like do you block people you see in the marveledit tag?

i blacklist that tag as well, and i don’t typically follow if someone posts that. i do sometimes block if i come across that. i do find that ship truly disgusting and reprehensible. also, I don’t go into the tags.

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Are there even normal Thor blogs out there that don’t ship Thorki?! I just want to see some posts of my fave without having to see incest every second post. And blocking tze tag won’t work because apparently it’s totally fine to tag posts that don’t have anything to do with this f***ed up ship and that I would actually enjoy, but not to tag the actual incest!!!!

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reminder to starkers and thorkis: don’t fucking follow me or interact with any of my posts ever!!! especially the personal ones that i specifically say only mutuals can interact with!!!!! i literally don’t care if i lose half of my followers lmao!!!!

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aivelin outside their gomens art does almost exclusively sexual thorki art (While also referencing this as family/brothers)/ rpf / and does art of actor Tom Hiddleston as trans.

ah one of those nasty incest supporting thorki fans huh? i’m gonna delete my reblog thank you for letting me know!

as an nb person idk what to think about the drawing of Hiddleston as trans feels icky bro

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