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Fanfictress problems

Me: OK I finished one new Covinsky fic on Thursday that needs a title, I started another on Friday that I need to rewatch PSISLY bf I can finish, and the two WIPs that I’ve been writing for half a year. That’s plenty. Just work on those and nothing else.

Also me: OH! A new idea that I absolutely MUST start writing IMMEDIATELY!!


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Congrats 🎉 maybe a lokixreader celebrating loki’s or reader’s bday?

Thank you! I haven’t hit it yet but I’m assuming in the next week or so I might :) That sounds so soft but I can also work some interesting smut into it hehe thank you for the idea! I may use it, we’ll see :)

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Loyal Knight and True by rainbowninja167 @rainbowninja

Length: 51k

Harry Styles falls in love on a Tuesday afternoon, and it is everything he’d always imagined it would be. The man is perched on a low stone wall that divides the road from the river, his chin resting on his knees and his brown hair fluffing lightly in the wind. There’s a small notebook on the wall beside him, open to a page as though he’s only just put it down. A ray of sunshine hits his face, giving it a golden glow, and as Harry watches, the man closes his eyes, tips his face toward the sky, and smiles.

Oh, Harry thinks, mouth open on a silent gasp. This is how it happens.

In contemporary Oxford, Harry Styles and Niall Horan run a magical bookshop, unbowed by an entire academic establishment that insists magic doesn’t even exist. Sometimes, Harry finds, it’s much easier to have faith in magic than in himself. Louis Tomlinson is a classically trained poet who needs something to believe in, and Liam Payne longs to be a part of something magical.

But when the lines between reality and fiction - poetry and magic - start to blur, can they trust each other to keep track of what’s true?

Ao3, Chaptered, Completed

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If you’ve been to my AO3 page lately without logging in or without an account and you see the page looking “empty” or “blank”


Know that my fics were NOT deleted. They’re still there, so don’t panic.


I just had to “Lock them” (Notice the little blue Lock next to the title). So they’re  set to “Only show your work to registered users”. Meaning that now in order to read my stories you may need to get an account (I know of ALOT of artist who have Invites and codes they’re giving away to help anyone who needs an account, but doesn’t wanna go through the hassle of waiting for an Invite.)

I ended up having to take this really difficult decision after all the drama that went down yesterday with those (unofficial) Apps that started appearing out of nowhere and people everywhere were freaking out after being told these apps had not only stolen all our fics on AO3, but that they were also making profit out of them through the use of Ads,“asking for tip$” from the users of said apps and also offering “Premium Content” that sometimes allowed the users to “Unlock” stories that were set Private. (WHY would you pay a total stranger money to view content that’s already available for FREE??)

(I also heard that the apps stole logging info if people logged into their AO3 through it. So these apps are all one big SCAM.)

The second reason why I did the Lock-Up was because many of my fics contain Companion Art/Fanart, I created specifically for the story/chapters which are added through Direct Linking through here on Tumblr.

It just sucks that authors and artists, like myself, get pushed into taking these drastic measures in order to protect our work from online parasites. ‘Cause fanart or not, Fanfic or not, it is still our hardwork. Something that we’re proud of and enjoy sharing with others. But if we, as the creators, are not allowed to profit from said work without receiving a Copyright Infringement Report or worse, having it taken down from the pages we upload it to (or you know… face a lawsuit).

Why should someone else who didn’t even put their two cents into their creation?

And like many have said, it sucks because a lot of our traffic and Kudos♥ come from Guest/People without accounts. So every time we have to restrict access/hide our stuff or move to another page that offers more security, it takes a huge bite out of the Feedback we usually get.

It’s not like on Deviantart, where I did ended up having to make both my accounts Private years ago so that its only visible to Members, after it was brought up that people from Photobucket, 4chan, Danbooru, ect kept coming into DA to steal drawings, recolor them and then upload them on other sites like it was theirs. And I think several companies do this as well (*coughcoughHOTTOPICcoughcough*). But in the end it made no difference on the way I receive Views/Feedback, since you still need an account in order to give anyone Like/Fave and Comments/Feedback anyway.

But places like AO3,, Wattpad ect are different.

ALOT of people read fics from sites like these without the need from an account because the pages themselves make it easier for the readers to leave feedback/kudos/likes on the works without the need and hassle of having to get an account UNLESS you’re a writer yourself and would like to upload your own stories.

*SIGH* So yeah… I hope this all clears out and the “Lock-Up” will become a Temporary thing. TT

Until then I’ll still be updating on Ao3 when I can (also here to let everyone know if a new chap is up), and if you have a Deviantart account, I’ll be updating the fics there too (you can find me as LoKiRaseNgAn there).

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I reread the comments that readers have left on my fic! 

Readers: us writers love and appreciate every comment you leave us! They are part of what motivate us to continue to write, knowing that you all are out there, enjoying what we’ve poured our heart and soul into!

Below the cut are five of the ones that touched me the most when I began writing To Fight For Tomorrow. They were really thoughtful comments on things that I, too, am most proud of about this story and they gave me that extra motivation to keep on writing and sharing. 

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If you’re and iphone user (idk if android can do this, but probably yes) and you still want to have an icon that directs you to AO3 without involving yourself in any third party project that you don’t trust or don’t want to risk trying out I may just have a thing for you.

TLDR: you get a nice looking re-direct to AO3 on your browser.

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When Katsuki had decided to do his work study with Best Jeanist, he wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.  He’d taken advantage of the opportunity because he wanted to learn, but also because he wanted to change.  He expected to be working with the fourth best hero in the country with a reputation for being cool, calm, collected, and caring while being pushed out of his comfort zone.

He just thought being pushed out of his comfort zone would involve less hair gel.

“You see, gentlemen, even the rowdiest of youngsters can be cleaned up. Appearance is everything, after all.”

A group of sidekicks gathered around the office and applauded Katsuki’s knew hairstyle.  He glared at them.  All of them had the exact same hairstyle, gelled exactly the same way.  If he didn’t know any better, he’d say they’d been hitting the Kool-Aid a little too hard.

Actually, he did know better.  They’d all been hitting the Kool-Aid too hard.

He cringed as Jeanist ran a comb through his hair one final time.

“Perfection,” he said with what Katsuki assumed was a smile, but then again he couldn’t see the bastard’s mouth.  “Come see.”

Jeanist said this as if Katsuki had a choice, but he was quickly yanked to his feet and positioned in front of a full-length mirror.

“See?  Gone is that boisterous young man I saw at the Sports Festival.  You look like a model citizen.”

Katsuki bit his tongue to keep from laughing out loud.  He looked ridiculous.  His naturally unruly hair had been combed down in the most ridiculous way.  It wasn’t that Katsuki got his hair cut in a spiky manner intentionally.  It just grew that way, the same way his mother’s did. Styling it any other way felt like defying nature itself.  As if the hair wasn’t bad enough, Jeanist had forced him to forgo his usual cargo pants that he wore with his hero costume in favor of some light wash blue jeans. Katsuki could only imagine what his parents would say if they saw what a fashion disaster their son had been turned into, but then again he didn’t know what anybody expected from a man who thought the best shirt to match denim jeans was a denim turtleneck.

Read the rest on AO3!

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