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what's the aokaga fic you want to read DESPERATELY, but doesn't exist (or it does in small quantities) so you'd have to write it yourself but it'd be SO MUCH BETTER if someone else wrote it for you?

Wow, thats a really deep question. What fic do I want to read but no one else has written it, so I’d have to write it in order for it to exist, but it would also be better if someone else wrote it?…. 

That’s tough bc the fics I’ve already written are those fics, and most of the fics that I want to see that don’t already exist, I’d like to write myself anyway and have plans to do so. But if I’m realistic, I know I’m not gonna’ get to them all. Plus I’ve sort of lost my touch in the last year and fallen off my game, so basically all the fics I have lined up to write would prob be better off handed over to someone else. LOL.    (I’m writing a slice of life series again, until I get back in my groove)

I guess a notable example would be a rock band au I’ve been wanting to make for ages but I’m not convinced I can pull it off the way I have it laid out. The type of world and story building I want to include, it’d be so much better if Kryzanna could write it and do what she did with Royals, if you get what I’m saying. Super long, super detailed, and you build up a relationship and a fondness for the side characters. Same with a zombie apocalypse AU.

-One I hope to get to but I’m not sure where to take it is basically some shit where Aomine is an ungrateful boyfriend and when his five year anniversary with Kagami is coming up, their friends start urging Aomine to propose, but Aomine dodges, etc. He and Kagami end up having an argument on their anniversary and when Aomine goes to sleep on the couch that night he spitefully wishes something along the lines that Kagami would pamper and spoil him like he used to at the start of their relationship.     And when Aomine wakes up the next morning, Kagami has changed into the perfect boyfriend.    Aomine is happy and enjoys it for a while, but soon realizes that something’s terribly wrong: Kagami’s basketball has also changed. 
      That’s the gist of the premise without giving too much of it away.  I’ve got most of it planned but I can’t think of an ending, so I’m stuck… hmmm..

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if i made a knb discord server, would anyone join? 👀 it would include art/writing sharing in general, but also just chatting and headcanons idk everything fandom related i guess

I NEED KNB FRIENDS LOL all the ppl i knew that used to like it fell out of the fandom or aren’t interested anymore while im still here like??? Hello somebody rant about these boys with me because I would still die for them

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I’ve read somewhere that your ideal relationship or lovelife is what you ship. ummm. i ship:

sasuhina, zorobin, sesskag, ginhiji, aokaga, kidlaw, shizaya, tianshan, dekubaku, kakairu, levi x eren(i dunno the ship name)

and i don’t want to say the rest but i darefor conclude that one of us will be an asshole but deep inside just want to be loved/has a cold or dark attitude/ has emotional baggage/first time being in love… (wtf! i can see my self 😮)

or like we will hate each other first, denial is not just a river, drama genre and…. tragedy? oh fuck. i guess finding true love is never an easy thing. 🤷

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Kise: Did I hear right? Kagamicchi sat out a game? What happened?

Aomine: So we’re on a date right. 

Aomine: And all of a sudden in the booth behind us this guy starts talking shit about how many spoons he can put in his mouth.

Aomine: And I’m all, ‘haha, what dumbass would do that,’ but when I look at Kagami

Aomine: He’s got this look in his eye like ‘I’m about to end this guy’s whole career.’

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Kurobas Valentine’s Day Event 2020

Hello, everybody!

Because my friends and I are missing KnB so, so much, we decided to have Valentine’s week soon!

WHAT: A week dedicated to creating content for KnB ships! Any ship will be welcomed and celebrated!

WHEN: February 11-17, 2020

WHO: All KnB fans- artists, writers, photographers, etc.

HOW: So, there will be 2 prompts (one is a thing, the other, a dialogue prompt) for each day, it’s up to you if you want to use both or just one. Any interpretation of the prompts will be accepted, any content will do, just no hating on other ships, please, and use tags for trigger warnings. We’d love to see any shippy content for our beloved basuke dorks: full color artworks, amv, fics, drabbles, gif sets, headcanons, doll/toy/plushie/ cosplay photos, please bring them on!

When you post your content, be sure to use your ship tag and #knbvdaychallenge2020

Also, we’d only ask you to reblog this until the event week and of course, to like and reblog/retweet the content that will be posted for this event, as a way to support our fellow content creators and to keep the KnB fandom flame burning! Let’s spread KnB lovin’ all around this Heart’s day!!!🖤❤️💛💚💙💜♥️


Day 1

Chocolates / I don’t remember having these many hickeys. But I don’t mind.

Day 2

Pillow / Are you wearing my shirt?

Day 3

Flowers / You’re beautiful, you know that?

Day 4

Love Song / I wish you were here.

Day 5

Kiss / Your lips are so soft. I could kiss them all day.

Day 6

Stars / I’m flattered, you’re jealous.

Day 7

Free day


We’re on other social media too, come tag us or holler at:

Tumblr: @vanilla-daydreams , @theuglycrybaby

Twitter: @dreamsinvanilla, @theuglycrybaby1

Instagram: @formlesscopycat, @theuglycrybaby

No hate, just respect and love and enjoying KnB fan content, please!

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aokaga fic

hello, i don’t know if someone will answer but i just got into aokaga like last year. I wasn’t able to bookmark or dl a certain fic, and i really love that story and want to read it again but i can’t find it. btw the story goes like this, kagami goes back in america and like training for nba?, aomine communicate with kagami through sykpe, aomine surprise kagami that they’re in the same team in nba, they live together, teammates suspect that they’re in a relationship but aomine doesn’t give a fuck, and kagami is thinking why but in the end they live happily ever after.

And that’s it. thank you in advance! i hope there are still active in this fandom! how i wish i got into aokaga when KNB was at its peak. I really love this two so much. 🥺😘

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