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The growing popularity of FaceApp — a photo filter app that delights smartphone users with its ability to transform the features of any face, like tacking on years of wrinkles — has prompted Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer to call for a federal investigation into the Russia-based company over what he says are potential national security and privacy risks to millions of Americans.

“It would be deeply troubling if the sensitive personal information of U.S. citizens was provided to a hostile foreign power actively engaged in cyber hostilities against the United States,” Schumer said in a letter to the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission.

“I ask that the FTC consider whether there are adequate safeguards in place to prevent the privacy of Americans using this application, including government personnel and military service members, from being compromised,” the senator wrote.

Democrats Issue Warnings Against Viral Russia-Based Face-Morphing App

Photo: FaceApp

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Christina: So everything is ok now?

Me: Yes

Christina: Ok good

Me: Oh and I am Going to delete my account on meet me It’s very annoying

Christina: yeah, u should. That is like any other app.

Me: What do u mean?

Me: I am just going to delete my account on that app. Because ppl do not understand that I’m in a relationship and that all I just want is to be friend with ppl and to chat. That’s all I want.

Christina: I know it’s not that easy. Some ppl dont see it that way.

Me: Dude I got like negative comments on that website like obviously people text me and they’re like “oh you can’t read” or “ why are you on this website,” and stuff like that. I had one person who said that to me

Christina: Omg

Christina: Wait who?

Me: I honestly don’t know who but you know it’s kind of pisses me off that like people would do that to me

Christina: Yeah I will be a little pissed off about that too obviously if someone’s going to text you that until you owe you can’t read then you said told them well you can’t freaking speak English with something like that.

Me: Haha yeah I know

Me: A big deal anymore but I obviously deleted my account because technically it was just like so freaking stupid how people can they say that to someone.

Christina: Okay good and wait what was the question or what were they trying to say it to you?

Me: Well this person was saying to me like “ why did you say you were taken sadly, did you mean to say I dont to be taken?” Or something like that. And thenI texted his plus I was like wait what and I said what I meant to say I am taking Sadly I am in a relationship. and then this supposed to be placed backto me and he says oh wait now you didn’t read my question stuff like that. And then I replied back I’m like “what do you mean?” And and the person ask me again but then I was like what the f*** is going on so then I said the same answer. Then that’s when that person said “oh well I guess you can’t read”.Then I was like I didn’t reply back so I just block that person

Christina: Well I mean obviously have to think about this way I mean people probably don’t understand what you’re telling them but again did you change what you were saying on your status? But yeah I completely understand about what you are saying to me that is very rude of him to say that to you.

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Fb messenger

I think this is a smart solution that allows users to accurately reply to a specific comment in the past. This solves the problem seen commonly in chats & messengers of people not being able to easily reply to older comments.

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The lists feature hasn’t received a ton of love from Twitter over the years outside of Tweetdeck, but lists can be extremely useful for organizing accounts by interest or to quickly see the latest tweets from your closest friends. Last month, though, Twitter gave lists a bit more prominence by testing them on the Home tab of its app, and now it’s offering more options to quickly switch between tweets about your favorite show or some travel inspiration accounts.

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