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🌟Well ya wanted some doodles~🌟

Most of these are just hella old pokemon drawings ( I’m still learning how to draw them 😥) mixed with simple doodles of my OC Lorenz , whom I haven’t introduced yet because I’ve been wayyyy to lazy to finish his ref sheet~ But I’ll still post the drawings anyways because I like drawing him in his post-game design ^^ At the end , I offer you a really simple doodle of Salandit , because a) they’re pretty cute and b) I didn’t have the time to finish it!

Hope you like this😊


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So. Now that you're back home and settled... What are your opinions on those "interesting" Galarian fossils?

I’ll be frank. I am ever in support of experimentation, but something about these pokémon unsettle me. Perhaps it’s simply because I can tell, even as a human, that they aren’t quite happy…

In any case, yes, I have a few choice words for those who believe they can use science to do whatever they wish. Which I’m sure is rather shocking to some of you, but yes, I have my limits.

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And once again I find myself coming to tumblr for the last bit of help I need.

I’m three pokemon away from completing my dex.


I just need Arctovish, Arctozolt and Dracozolt. I have been playing this game for hours, trying to get the dino and bird fossils but since I’m on shield, those are very rare. I have also tried using surprise trade to get these three but of course no luck.

I’m trying to complete a live dex so I also need a Basculin with the red stripe as well as the Type: Null.

Any and all help would be appreciated. I have Shield exclusives as well as any Sword exclusive because I do have Sword as well.

If you don’t want to trade, I have another proposition which includes just getting someone to act as a middle man and helping me transfer the remaining pokemon I need, from Sword to Shield. Either way, any help is welcomed!

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    They have 600 HP and are Standard Type.

    Ancient Power allows it to summon a fossil to swap either its top or bottom half and turn into a different Pokemon. Each bottom part has 2 moves, each top part has 3 moves, and each full combination has its own unique move. The player chooses which one to start the battle with.

    Draco- is fast and strong physically.

    • Outrage is a huge powerful rekka rampage.
    • Tackle is a small ramming attack.

    Arcto- is slower but better at projectiles and defensive play.

    • Freeze Dry is a wide-ranged freezing attack.
    • Powder Snow is a small gust of snow.

    -zolt has weak but quick attacks.

    • Bolt Beak is a quick beak stab filled with electricity that increases in power if it hits the opponent as a counter hit.
    • Pluck is an overhead peck that heals the user a littlle.
    • Thundershock is a small electric bolt.

    -vish has strong but slow attacks.

    • Fishious Rend is a slow chomp filled with water that increases in power if it hits the opponent as a counter hit.
    • Bite is a biting attack that has high hitstun.
    • Water Gun is a small spurt of water.


    • Dragon Tail is a wide tail sweep that knocks opponents far backward.


    • Avalanche is a counter move that gets stronger if the opponent hits during the charge-up part.


    • Dragon Breath is a purple flamethrower.


    • Aurora Veil is a beautiful aura that buffs defense.
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