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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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and now you are sleeping in this dark room

i slept too,for couple days,like the groom

you were asleep,i opened my eyes with myopia

tried to see you,much grainy,no colours;

i wished that you’d open your eyes

coating my skin coloured pillow with blue

i know it is you,even in the dark,babycakes;

on my bed we fell,i held you,

now you left me.

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A prompt every day to keep you doodling all March! Use the tag #30DaysOfDoodles if you’d like so everyone can see your creations! (Feel free to bend the rules! If you’d rather go at your own pace, do them out of order, or only do the ones you want, that’s fine! Also, if doodling isn’t your thing, you’re welcome to use these prompts for whatever it is that you do!)

  • Day 1: doodle your oc/muse as a fictional creature
  • Day 2: doodle a familiar pattern
  • Day 3: doodle a futuristic version of your bedroom
  • Day 4: doodle your favorite cartoon character in real life
  • Day 5: doodle something you dreamt last night
  • Day 6: doodle a typically wild animal in a domestic setting
  • Day 7: doodle a face-swap of your otp
  • Day 8: doodle a place you miss
  • Day 9: doodle an alternate version of the cover of your favorite album
  • Day 10: doodle your oc/muse in a different art style
  • Day 11: doodle a tattoo you like but wouldn’t get
  • Day 12: doodle a scene from your favorite book
  • Day 13: doodle a celebrity who has the same birthday as you
  • Day 14: doodle your otp meeting each other for the first time
  • Day 15: doodle an onomatopoeia by visualizing the way it sounds
  • Day 16: doodle the skyline of your favorite city
  • Day 17: doodle an ad for a product from the past
  • Day 18: doodle your favorite superhero as a supervillain
  • Day 19: doodle a word collage of words that encourage you
  • Day 20: doodle a lyric from your favorite song
  • Day 21: doodle what life on a distant planet might look like
  • Day 22: doodle an item of clothing made from everyday objects
  • Day 23: doodle the silhouette of your otp together
  • Day 24: doodle an award you think you should win
  • Day 25: doodle what the smell of vanilla reminds you of
  • Day 26: doodle your oc/muse sleeping
  • Day 27: doodle your favorite video game character as a baby
  • Day 28: doodle something yellow
  • Day 29: doodle an item you loved when you were a child
  • Day 30: doodle something you’re very used to drawing
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