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#art commission

Hey! I’m doing some quick art commissions! They will be done in this specific style; 

$20 USD each just like the example pics above and $25 USD for Full Body! 

An Example of full body stuff I’ve done can be found here but the difference will be the style and shading to match those above.

Restrictions & Limitations include (pretty much things I WILL NOT draw):

  • NSFW [ Full nudity, sexual acts, heavy gore, etc.]
  • Robots/Omnics  [Anything mechanical really]
  • Realistic Animals/Anthros [ I can get by with some animals but it really depends on what it is ]

If you have any questions or would like to commission me my tumblr inbox is open and I will send you my discord privately so we can discuss or my email if you don’t have discord.

If you can’t commission me I would appreciate if this could be reblogged and spread around. I’m in a tough spot financially and would appreciate any help I can get. ; v ;

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[Vinny’s Commission]  PayPal only!

- Single Color
- No Background

[Flat Color]
- Rough line
- Flat Color with no Shading
- Simple/No background

[Full Color]
- Rough/Clean Line (Choose between Pencil Line or Smooth Line. Has no impact on price.)
- Full Color (With Shading)
- Simple/No Background

[General Info]

  • This Commission is for Digital art, which means there will be No Physical copy. [You can still print the copy yourself if you wish to do so.]
  • PayPal only! I will be using PayPal invoices, so please, do provide your E-mail once the commission has been confirmed. If the invoice do not work for you, I won’t be able to send you the bill(s).
  • Wait for my confirmation before you send your payment and read through the invoices thoroughly.
  • Reference pictures are needed or provide me with pictures I can work with.
  • Prices apply per Character for a single piece with a single character. Multiple Character requires multiple Commissions. (Exp, Character A gets a Sketch for 15$ and you want a second character in Flat for 25$, in total that would be 40$)
  • [Unless you commission multiple Characters in one piece of art, for example, Sketch com is 15$ for one character and you pay an extra 5$ to get another Character into the piece.]
  • I will deny any commission I feel I cannot do/complete or any commission that I don’t feel comfortable doing.
  • Can do OCs or Fan OCs of some Fandoms. Don’t be afraid to ask which or if I can or cannot do.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask anything you are unsure of!

[Contact me if you have any questions or if you’re unsure about something!]

(Prefered contact method) Discord - Vinny (Alvin)#3964
Tumblr PM (Slow response) - @vinnybox02 , @alvin-da-box-art-blog​ 
Instagram PM (Slow response) - VinnyBox02

Wanna see MORE art examples?
Check out my art blog! 

Want to donate and support me?
Drop by my Ko-Fi Page!

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Hey y’all! I’ve decided to re-open my commissions, so here’s some info!

If you’re interested, you can DM me or e-mail me at
If e-mailing, please include the following information:

Commission Type: (e.g. sketch or flat colors; bust or full body)
Number of Characters: (Max limit of 2 at the moment)
Picture Reference *
Optional: Pose / Scenario / Emotion
Optional: Brief description of character(s) personality

* I will not work off of text descriptions nor will I design/create characters.
* Be as descriptive as possible in your initial request.

Regarding traditional art commission prices and inquiries, please contact me to discuss.
Regarding Icon/Emoji Commissions: Unless otherwise requested by the buyer and discussed with me, all Icons/Emojis are simplified, flat colored, 500 pixel x 500 pixel images. Icons will show no more than a character’s bust and Emojis will show no more than a character’s head.  

By commissioning me you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the following:

  • Full Payment Up-front - I will begin work on your commission once I have received payment.
  • Payment via PayPal - I will be sending you an invoice.
  • I will not refund commissions that have already been completed.
    - If you should have to cancel your commission after I have already started sketching, I will issue a partial refund, retaining partial payment to cover the time I have spent working on your piece.
    - If I am unable to complete your commission for any reason, I will refund you for any work not completed.
  • Price is per character - an additional character will double the price, a third will triple it, so on and so forth.
  • Commissioned images are for private, non-commercial use only. You may not redistribute, sell, or claim my work as your own.
  • I reserve the right not to accept a commission.
  • I will send you WIP previews during the sketch process. Any changes requested during the sketch phase (no more than three minor alterations) are free of charge. Any significant changes during sketching, or changes requested after the sketch has been completed, however, will cost extra. Please be as detailed as possible in your initial request!


  • Animals
  • Monsters
  • Your OCs
  • Characters from popular media
  • Furry / Anthropomorphic OCs
  • IRL People
  • Mild Gore / Horror


  • Explicit NSFW Content
  • Visibly old-looking characters
  • Mecha, heavy armor, or machinery

I am not offering backgrounds at this time. All images will be sent as transparent .png files. Upon completion of your commission I will e-mail you the high-resolution file and may post a low-resolution version on my social accounts.

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A commission done for @markbarks


I actually enjoyed doing the water for this one! Not very often I get to try and explore drawing it and it was fun to do! Took a long time and its late now but I was in the ZONE! And I’m super proud with the finished product and I’m super happy markbarks likes it too! 


If you’re interested in taking a commission from me, LOOK HERE for all the info!

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