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I really just don’t enjoy my time here, friends aside, it’s just not the place i need to be in rn and yet I’m stuck here, no matter how much travelling around, it ain’t making it better.  I’m not in the mood to be suicidal again or pour my depression in a 100 oz mug each morning and drink it before 8am classes.  Really wish being with friends would solve all my problems but it ain’t doin’ too much for me. oh myyyyyyyyy….and I’mma lose my faith again like last time…the people here and I just don’t match up I guess

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Apparently everyone can apply to Art School, at least in France

So I don’t need to have art classes in Highschool (In second year you chose three subjects to specialize and in third you keep two and exams would be on those subjects + the main subjects that everyone gets)

Even tho I think they will search for people that did ? I don’t know

At least I feel better, if I can’t access to art options in second year I still have the possibility to apply.

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Pro scientiis et artibus - For science and art

Have i ever told you, how beautiful this university is? (Hopefully i’ m going to study there next year)

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WINTER Workshops will be starting at #maxthemuttTO again soon. ⬇☃⬇

We’ll be offering some favourites and a couple new ones too:

🌟WINTER Learn to Draw

🌟Introduction to Animation

🌟Traditional Animation

🌟Digital Animation

🌟Costume Design

🌟Introduction to Life Drawing

🌟Comic Books for Adults


For more information and to register visit:

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