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Alright I’m gonna introduce these two together, this is Jax and Mariah. They’re both bisexual and they’re step-siblings.

Jax has 1.5 braincells, he wants to be a history teacher and he promises himself to not teach middle schoolers, he’s a mermaid with water based powers, he knows how to do a lot of spells and he hates math.

Mariah’s a dancer. She mainly does Jazz, hip hop, and modern, and she likes to do make-up every now and then. She’s a mermaid with ice based powers so that’s pretty cool.

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Does anyone else feel like Brian got a raw deal in “The Breakfast Club?” I mean, the last 15 minutes of the film were basically a collective, “Hey Brian, do that writing assignment for all of us, while we go and make out with a person from a previously despised clique in the storage closet! Also, totally going to ignore you on Monday. ‘Kay! Thanks!”


Part 2 in a new series of Brat Pack pieces! Here’s a drawing of Ally Sheedy as Allison Reynolds from The Breakfast Club!


“Brian Johnson” (6.5" × 9" Pen on a torn-out dictionary page. (cropping and background done in Photoshop.))

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