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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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So yeah, I started a thing. Sorry I forgot to post it at the start of the month. But I’ve decided every month I will draw 1 character, 1 object and 1 background (give or take, sometimes it might be two objects) in a particular aesthetic. This is mainly to make my Instagram (cyberdragon300) look pretty, and if I do any extra drawings they’ll be put on here so the art here might be more inconsistent. I’m also doing one speed art per month hopefully.

Btw this image is a drawing of my desk set up (but more Aesthetic™). I didn’t get it finished quick enough but I want to colour it and everything at the end of the year and repost it!

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this is so rich because in one breath it’s saying “stop asking for money” but in the very next you’re blaming your problems on a very tiny minority.

stop blaming our shared class trauma on trans people and unionise, mobilise, find solidarity with other working class peoples and begin to overthrow the working class. we’re stronger together and we don’t need to fucking blame minorities for our problems. you are cowardly for doing so.

and for what it’s worth? i got £3. that is how much i raised with my hundreds of thousands of followers. people generally only donate anything more than that (like they did a few weeks back) if i mention that i need it to feed myself, and strictly speaking i don’t this month so i didn’t mention it, knowing i’d only get like a candy bar’s amount worth.

tl;dr: you’re a transphobic twat. grow up.

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Ok. So. I’m looking for a new drawing app. I draw on an old Samsung tablet which is honestly pretty nice but I’m just looking for a new experience. If any one who follows me knows of or uses a drawing app that’s free and that they super enjoy using, please recommend it to me! I’m currently using MediBang Paint and its ok but it crashes after a while of use and feels kinda meh.

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‪Dtiys prize for @/cherrysnaq (on Instagram) of Riza Hawkeye from Full Metal Alchemist! I’m sorry if it doesn’t really match the character, I’m not the best at drawing anime characters up to their original designs. ‬

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