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qualche tempo fa ho commissionato a @rob-art-o​ un’illustrazione a tema autunnale, e il risultato è questo disegno stupendo, che al più presto stamperò e appenderò nella mia camera.
(Se ancora non lo avete fatto, andate a fare un giro sul suo tumblr, è pieno di bellissime illustrazioni; e commissionategli qualcosa, perché sicuramente rimarrete soddisfatti del lavoro! ❤️)

some time ago I commissioned to my mutual @rob-art-o an autumn-themed illustration, and he made this beautiful drawing for me; I’m eager to print it and hang it to the wall of my room!
(In case you haven’t, go to his tumblr and look to all his amazing work; and give him a commission: he is really talented and you’ll be satisfied with the result!)

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Me? Drawing Fanart in 2019 and actually liking it? More likely than you think.

I’m back in the hole that is my Gravity Falls obsession, and I love these dorks, so I had to draw them. See it as platonic, or romantic, I don’t care

(And ignore the llama that was hinted at, I couldn’t bother myself to actually draw it, because it would’ve ended worse.)

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Now that I’ve finished Inktober, I can show you all this bird I drew for @avilloary on Instagram! The Lazuli Bunting is a stunning songbird from western North America. You may recall that I painted them before for the Lab of O, but wanted to do a fresh take in ink and colored pencil.

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