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Incorrect Thorquill #22
Thor: Maybe hot chocolate wants to be called beautiful chocolate for once.
Peter: Thor, I love you but please let me sleep it's three a.m. for fuck's sake.
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CEO Thor Odinson scolds his secretary Peter Quill for coming late to work. Peter gets super frustrated because his boss is also his husband who is the reason Quill is late to work. Mr Odinson just kept him awake all night.

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Thorquill Post Endgame!au

After defeating Thanos, Peter decides to stay on Earth but isolates himself from the Avengers- the only way to live normally.

It’s been 2 years since Peter stayed on Earth. As always, he goes out on Friday night but this time everything changes. After what seems like forever, he meets Thor who is pretty drunk. God of Thunder immediately approaches former Guardian and starts flirting with him. Thor felt attraction towards Peter since the first time he met him. Peter being tipsy if not drunk as well, accepts Thor’s affection and starts flirting with God as well. After more shots and quick flirts, both men go over to Thor’s apartment where he lived since Thanos’s death. Thor and Quill spend the night, full of passion and love. The next morning, Thor wakes up in the bed alone, Peter’s presence absent. Quill left as soon as he woke up after acknowledging what happened between him and Thor.

Both Thor and Peter can’t forget that night. Thor thought that maybe he had a chance with Peter but realizes that’s impossible since Peter left without leaving even a note. Still, he loves Peter and after all, Odinson just wished Peter was happy. However, Peter felt happy that night, loved you might say. He knows the reason they spent the night together was that they were drunk and nothing more. Still, Peter can’t shake off the attraction he feels towards Thor.

After a few months, Avengers detect that a big danger is coming towards New York. That’s why they need all the heroes back together. Thor gets assigned to find Peter which is a great and a horrible idea at the same time. Still, he found Quill but gets scared when he gets to his place- is Peter mad at him, will there be an awkward silence between them after what happened. He approaches Quill anyway, who is outside, working on his motorcycle. At first, Quill doesn’t want to fight, he says he is done with the superhero life but after some convincing, he agrees to help. Peter as well as Thor, wanted to talk about that night but both couldn’t find the courage to do that.

The battle is difficult, more heroes get defeated. During the fight, Peter gets hurt pretty badly and falls unconscious. After seeing Peter in such state, Thor goes berserk on everyone around him. After defeating the danger, Thor immediately runs towards still unconscious Peter. He gets scared when he sees that Quill isn’t breathing and immediately looks for Bruce who can help. After checking up Peter, Banner says Quill won’t stand a chance without serious help. Bruce proposes that he should seek help in Wakanda. After finding Shuri and explaining everything, they immediately travel to Wakanda where Peter gets help. During Quill’s recovery, Thor is by his side. The worst part of it for Thor is Peter’s unconsciousness, he thinks Quill will never wake up and Odinson will never get a chance to say he loves him. After almost 2 months, Peter finally wakes up and the first thing he sees is Thor’s smiling face. Quill realizes that Thor might be the best thing that happened to him.

“I am so sorry, love. You are here because of me, I convinced you to go into the battle. I will understand if you will not want to see me after you wake up. I am not worthy of your love but I promise you that if you give me a chance I will not let you down, love. I love you.”

“First of all… don’t say stupid things like I don’t want to see you, you idiot.”


“And secondly… love you too.”

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Thorquill College!au

You got me trippin’ on my feet
My mind starts racing
And my heart forgets to beat
When you start to walk my way
I forget where I am
Can’t find a word to say
My friends just laugh at me
There’s no cure for this disease

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Thorquill Alternate IW and Endgame!au

After Thanos snaps his fingers and disappears, half of the people get dusted. Thor, the God of Thunder got turned into dust as well. Tony, Nebula and Peter get saved and brought to Earth by Captain Marvel. Other heroes inform them that half of humanity is gone and that Thor was that half. For unknown to Peter reason, he feels as if his heart just got broken into a million pieces. He couldn’t believe Thor was gone, even though he knew the guy for a short period of time. As he was thinking about Thor, he didn’t even realise that he was crying. Even though he wasn’t close to Thor, he missed him.

It’s been 5 years since The Snap. In those years, Peter got into the dark place, he was spiralling in his self-pity. There wasn’t a single day that he didn’t think about the God of Thunder- he knew Thor’s death was his fault. One day, as Peter was sitting in some random bar, he noticed that there was a huge storm outside, even the bartender said that he has never seen such a storm before. Quill heard someone entering the bar and sitting next to him. When he heard the person’s voice, he couldn’t believe his ears. It was Thor who got snapped five years ago. He immediately turned to Odinson and started talking to him, demanding an explanation. As Thor looked at him, he hugged Peter saying he is glad he found a familiar face. After getting strange looks from a bartender, Peter brought Thor to his motel room, where he explained to him everything. As it was Thor’s turn to talk, he said that doesn’t remember anything after Thanos snapped his fingers- the only thing he does remember is waking up near that bar. After their conversation, Quill contacts Stark explaining everything to him and saying they will be at the Avengers compound the next day. It was the first night that Peter slept well. The next morning, both men got cleaned up and dressed- well, Peter had more work. He cut his hair and shaved off his beard which Thor said looked like a dead animal. Having Thor near him, Peter felt a lot better and every time Thor smiled or looked at him, Quill’s heart skipped a beat.

When Peter and Thor got to the compound, they immediately were told that Avengers have a plan on how to bring everyone back. Peter noticed that there was someone new- after a while, he was told it’s Scott Lang. After finally bringing Time Heist to life, Thor and Peter were assigned to get the Reality Stone- they had to go to Asgard. When they got to Asgard, after going through time, Thor said he should go and get the stone because Jane won’t freak out. Peter immediately got jealous that Thor might have to flirt with Jane so he could get the stone. As Peter was at the lookout, he saw past Thor going in the direction of where present Thor went. He immediately got in Thor’s way asking where is the exit- at that moment he couldn’t come up with a better lie. Past Thor smiled at him and said he will show him. As they were walking, past Thor was asking Peter who is he and what’s he is doing here. Peter came up with some lies but Thor was still talking to him and smiling. Past Thor for some reason liked Peter. Quill was about to come closer to Thor when he heard his name- it was present Thor. Quill said goodbye to the past Thor and after finding some courage he kissed his cheek. When both men got back to their time they gave stones to Stark. After Hulk snapped his fingers and brought everyone back, Thor finally asked Quill what was all that about back there between his past self and Peter. Quill didn’t answer but got closer to Thor, touching his face. As he was about to lean in, they got attacked by past Thanos.

Even though all the heroes got back, the battle with Thanos was difficult as hell. As Thor was fighting Thanos’s army, he was also keeping an eye on Peter. After their moment at the compound and the feelings that were born the first time he saw Peter, Thor couldn’t let anything bad happen to Quill. For a moment, he couldn’t see Peter but when he did, he was horrified- Quill was attacking Thanos, all alone. After an unsuccessful attempt of ambushing Thanos, Peter gets thrown by him, hitting his head on some concrete. As Quill was coming to his senses, he heard Thor’s voice. He as well felt a familiar tingling in his hands. As he opened his eyes, he saw Thor, his face very close. Before Thor could do anything, Peter got up and used his powers, he thought he lost after his father died. Thor couldn’t believe what he was seeing- he thought celestials were only legends. After killing the enemies with his powers, Peter attacked Thanos again but this time Thor was by his side. The last celestial and God of Thunder successfully killed Thanos, without sacrificing innocent lives.

After the battle, Avengers went to the Avengers Tower to celebrate. During the celebration, Steve invited Peter to join the Avengers officially. Quill declined and went outside where he found Thor. When he was close to Thor, Odinson didn’t hesitate and finally kissed Peter. After pulling away, Thor asked Peter if he would like to stay on Earth with him. Quill couldn’t believe that the literal God of Thunder asked him to stay. He didn’t say anything, he just kissed Thor. At that moment he knew, he won’t lose Thor ever again.

“Do not just stare, love. Join me.”

“Nah, I like the view I got from here.”

“Yeah, I am glad Stark gave us this house. I really like it here.”

“I was talking about you actually.”

“Oh… You know, the view is better in the water.”

“I know it is, the view doesn’t look too bad and outside the water.”

“Are we still talking about the actual view or…”

“The second one.”

“Well then, I would like your view right here, right now.”

“As you wish, your majesty.”

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Marvel CAU #?.? Asgardians of the Galaxy by LoganWaynee on @DeviantArt

Good evening fellow intergalactic protectors! Hope y’all are excited for the holiday season like I am. To celebrate, I’ve taken the liberty of importing this extra special painting from my personal colección. It’s titled “Asgardians of the Galaxy🌌” and it features everybody; including Gamora.

I personally can’t wait for GOTG Vol. 3 to come out in about 2-3 years from now. I’ll bet you guys can’t wait either. But good things come to those who wait. I can say that from personal experience. Anyway, it’s a combination of stationary and pixelated three-dimensional artistry. ‘Tis something I’ve been striving to achieve for years. The simplicity is phenomenal. I’ll be hanging this up in the Guardians main building. Hope you enjoy it.

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So…I am starting this series where I add definitions like this or other ones to some characters(yes asmoshingeki, very original). Of course I am not the best at it but I think it would be fun. I will be waiting for your requests.

Also get some inspiration here ;)

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With the way they jump from one thing to another, I hope they won’t jump from fat Thor to fit Thor as if it happened overnight in the next (As)guardians of the Galaxy movie. Even, I hope they won’t change anything about it, except that they won’t treat him like a joke. Normalize it. Normalize fat people in movies without bringing up their weight. Normalize fat people being superheros with style too, instead of the usual fit type we have. That’d be awesome.

I really hope they will do justice to this new Thor in the next movies.

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*Teaching Thor to be a Guardian 2/??*

Quill: *holding up pictures*

Quill: who’s this?

Thor: Drax

Quill: and this?

Thor: why Mantis, of course

Quill: okay… and this…?


Thor: rabbit-

Rocket: NO

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