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I’m going to a waterpark today! I’m really excited but i’m not really a fan of big intense rides. I’m kind of a chicken so you know, I usually just chill at the wave pool or lazy river. Check out my Instagram for more posts! It’s @studiomilktea as well.

Today’s outfit totally brings me back. I love the white graphic tee crop top with the wide leg jeans. Not to mention the accessories like the Louis Vuitton bag, sunglasses and watch. The outfit I think would look so cute with a pair 9f chunky white sneakers. Totally late 90s vibes right?

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I’m in Canada and it’s quite hot. It has also been kind of cloudy lately and I miss the sun. Last night I didn’t sleep so well.. but that doesn’t mean I can’t wear a nice outfit right?

This outfit is kind of out there but definitely very stylish. The look starts with a yellow long sleeved top (with black straps) under a black tight fitted top/halter. To make the look seem like a dress, a black skirt is worn to blend in with the top. For the shoes, it’s clear heel boots with white socks and can be easily switched with plain white boots. As for accessories, she is wearing a pair of sunset orange-yellow sunglasses.

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