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#asian lady beetle

Found this handsome fella while waiting for the bus in central California, any help with id’ing what type of ladybug?

Looks like an Asian lady beetle! Here’s a post where I talk about how to tell the difference between those and native ladybugs. :)

Thanks for submitting! As always, submissions don’t count towards the one (1) nice bug per day.

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a cute lil ladybug for u bug master

Very cute, but not a ladybug! It’s an Asian lady beetle. That big ol’ W shape on the pronotum (part between the shell and head) in the second photo is a dead giveaway. Regardless of species, this is a very nice bug. Thanks for submitting! As always, submissions don’t count towards the one (1) nice bug per day.

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This is Wanda she also lives in my aloe plant and I believe she’s an Asian lady beetle, an imitation of a ladybug. She hasn’t eaten Herbert(who has gone underground in the soil of the plant to hibernate since late last night I assume) so I have let her live. She doesn’t like getting her picture taken cus she keeps zooming away.

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Harmonia axyridis

Harmonia translates into musical (harmonious), while axyridis without an iris.

Family: Coccinellidae (Lady Beetles)

Fun Fact: “Considered a pest to fruit production and processing. It contaminates and causes damage to wine grapes. It inhabits wine grape orchards and damages and consumes sugar rich grapes.” (Source)

Habitat: They are endemic to western Mongolia to Japan. They are commonly found now (due to introduction) in southern Canada, the United States, and the U.K.

Ecosystem Role: They help control populations of aphids, scale insects, butterflies and moths (from consuming their eggs), and mites.

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