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There really is not a single week you don't get some form of shit for doing something you enjoy, is there? -SP

I don’t get a break and, honestly, I’ve just gotten used to it

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Pink!! 馃挆

For the personality ask meme post/1

💗Pink: Sweet and kind, would go out of their way to help others. Usually bubbly and happy and is your average magical girl complete with ribbons and bows and sparkles. Typically the leader of the group

Oh?? Really :00!!

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What are your preferred pronouns? Just want to be respectful

they/them! she/her and he/him are both okay but i usually prefer they/them

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Top three songs currently in heavy rotation in your playlist?

That’s a good one.

“Fight Back” by Neffex

“Keep Walking” by TobyMac

“Square Up” by Rob Bailey and the Hustle Standard

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Hi, I just wanted to send something pleasant your way. I've been lurking your blog since a friend of mine has shown me your artwork. I love your sketches and drawings of the egos, and your lil character of yourself is just so precious,even the memes you reblog are just great. You bring me and my friend quite a bit of joy, and I hope you find a bit of joy in this message too. -馃挓

I saw this ask yesterday in the morning and i just wanted to thank ya sm <3 it was a very lovely ask to wake up to

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Noah fence but you're an exclus and engage in tma knowing full the protag is ace

anon i am perfectly willing to have a conversation with you about this over dms i’m not going to engage in pointless discourse on my blog

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What you did was be an amazing person

are you guys trying to make me cry or wha—

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le me (?)


Do I Follow Them?: Yup, with my main account.
Why Did I Follow Them?: They were one of the first people that followed me. 
Do We Role Play?: Sometimes, yup.
Do I Want To Role Play With Them: Of course! I love the way you write Ernye <3 
An AU Idea For Our Muses: With Malz? I have Dark Cosmic with Odyessy maybe? :o 
A Song For Our Muses: (I’m not good with music honestly) 
Do I Ship Our Muses?: I don’t think they tolerate one another that way :,) 
What I Think About The Mun: Silkie is an adorable bean, 10/10 would rp with again. 
Overall Opinion: *insert joke about cuccos here* 
Blog Rate: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10

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Danilo: yo no veo a White fastidiada conmigo

Alex: no porque ya la convensiste de que eres mejor que yo

White: acarai ah?

Alex: oh vamos aceptalo

White: deje de estar contigo por como me trataba y aparte porque eres mi lado masculino

Alex: ….como sabes eso?

White: no soy estúpida ya fui a ti dimensión y nunca te vi

Alex: eso lo explica todo….como sea!! La convensiste!!!

White: -,_-

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Are Peter Lukas and Elias married?

Ah, just the way they look at each other. The human mind is amazingly adept at ignoring things that don’t make sense. I mean, I’m sure they’re very similar in many ways, but they’re very different.


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@markedbyangelssaid: “ eat what? there’s nothing here. gandhi ate more than this! ”

Oh hush, will you? ” Rolling her eyes, she reached into her bag and pulled out an unopened stack of saltine crackers,  Here, she tossed them at his head,  Munch on these until we drive by a diner or a fast food place. Impatient little gremlin.” 


hook  ( 1991 ) sentence starters

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