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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#ask away
Are you going to draw more of reddie? I love your art and I would love to see those two drawn in your style again

very very likely 

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I've another question 馃憖 why did you choose chanyeol as you bias? 馃槒馃憖

I- 👀

Chanyeol stole my heart in Call Me Baby’s MV.. 😏

secondly, his personality and nature resembles with someone who was dear to me and also he was like my ideal boyfriend and maybe husband.. 🌚

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I don't have a question buttt I want to tell you what I really really like you and that you are such a kind and friendly Cutie!!! I hope we will get closer!馃檲馃挄馃尭

OMG !!!! 🤧🤧

I- *blushes*

Thank you so much Sweetie… I would say that even I really like you and personality. You are a supporting person. Hope that we become close 💖💖💖

Thank you so much for sending me your message. Have a nice day!!!😊

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Also, yes, I originally have a southern accent, despite living in Connecticut. My dad was from Tennessee, and apparently moved up for work way back when. I mostly lost the accent, but it comes out if I’m really drunk, stoned, or overly emotional. It’s kinda horrendous, and I’m not a fan of it.

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1, 5 and 6 馃挏

1. Seraph blade: Can you cook?

Yes 😊 I started out doing more baking than cooking but then my dad was a dick about it so I moved to mostly savoury. I love looking at recipes but then taking it and changing things and experimenting, it’s fun 🙂 I love making long soup, dumplings, tortellini, pasta in general and curries.

5. Kit: What’s your favourite vine?

My brother pushed me kickstarter

6. Blackthorn: Do you have any siblings?

Yes, one older brother (he drives me nuts)

TSC asks

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is rpdr like a falsettos type thing for you?? just wanted to know so i dont accidentally uhhhh bring it up i guess

oh no no. its also okay to ask about falsettos! falsettos isnt the problem its ppl asking the same questions over and over again and demanding art of smth im not super into atm!

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Heck yeah, your art is great!! And I've, no joke, already seen a lot of improvement in your drawings already! I'm sorry that people irl are such assholes about it... But you're a really good artist, and I love seeing what you make ^^

Oh my goodness, thank you!!

@thatninjagoaesthetic @lauriewildfree @the-true-pink-ninja

Not only to you those who got tagged, but to everyone who has complimented me for my work, I just wanna say that I love you all of you guys and I’m so glad you enjoy my work. I’ll continue to post, no matter how harsh I get made fun of it for. 💝💖💝

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Do You Take Requests? If You Do Can You Make An Artwork of Sorcerer Mickey Caught In A Whirlpool From The Sorcerer's Apprentice From Fantasia?

I hope this was what you meant! I also got a tiny bit lazy since im a little bit tired, but i hope you like this anyways!

Note to anyone: feel free to submit any drawings or commissions or whatever, and you could ask toons or smthn if ya want i dunno ͡°u ͡°

Or maybe ask me smthn I dUnNo ͡ ° U ͡ °


But yeah feel free to do that, ive got nothing but time on my hands thanks to procrastination :>

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Ah someone asked me this but

35) You’ve been picked to win $30,000, all you have to do is spend a week in a haunted location of your choice: An abandoned prison, an old theater, an abandoned hospital, or a clown morgue. Where is going to be? 

I’d pick the theater, hoping they are nice ghosts who just want to entertain me.

Thanks nonnie 😊

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Hi :) 1, 35, 51 for the unusual asks?

Hello! Thanks for the ask :)

1) Favourite doughnut?

- I’m not a huge doughnut person but I like raspberry jelly filled or a good apple cider doughnut dusted in lots of crunchy sugar.

35) You’ve been picked to win $30,000, all you have to do is spend a week in a haunted location of your choice: An abandoned prison, an old theater, an abandoned hospital, or a clown morgue. Where is going to be? 

- Yikes! Probably an old theater. Maybe the ghosts would put on a show for me lol.

51) What books do you wish had ended differently?

- That’s a tough one. I can’t think of any off the top of my head; I’m usually pretty satisfied with endings. Even if they don’t end cleanly, I think that’s usually the writer’s intent. But I’m sure there’s been a few over the years!

Ask Me Something!

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Did you see the stories she did rubbing the "belly"? Is it just me or that Didn't feel real at all? There is a moment where the belly kind of moves a bit. Like when you're a kid and put a Ball under your shirt to play like your pregnant. You know?... Maybe Im just going nuts 馃し‍鈾锔忦煒傪煒

Ya seen it.. also makes me mad she is cuddleling Gatsby like that… i just want her to go away.. 😣

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