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Doodle of Solo! Along with his new arm and some?? Concepts which I will elaborate here:

Leg 1: his default leg that he tends to use a lot. He prefers it to be more or less like a iron spike to “seem cooler”. Functions normally and has a “bendable knee”. Bendable in quotations as it requires manual help to bend knee and does not move electronically.

Leg 2: “Monster Hunter Leg” is essentially a chainsaw. Can still bend like normal but can lock into place and be used as a chainsaw. Chainsaw cannot be used if leg is unlocked(meaning the knee cannot bend while in operation). The main “thigh” part of it is the engine type mechanism. Not for daily use.

Arm 1: basic metal arm with bendable fingers n such, more mechanical and fingers have electric wires inside so he can move them n such. Has a more “skeleton like” appearance due to Solo wanting it that way. Arm does run on a battery so needs to be charged. If it runs out the joints are still bendable but require manual bending.

Arm 2: extreme wip of a “Monster Hunter” arm. Has a shotgun attachment on top of arm that when locked into place can be used as a normal shotgun. Fingers are not electronic anymore and need to be moved manually, but has sharp fingers to stab thingies n such.

///all of his “Monster Hunter” limbs are still in progress I just wanted to give my sunshine child radical monster hunting weapon limbs fkfkdj

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So here’s a silly thing that brings my heart great joy… In terms of people who interact with posts, there is a sort of unspoken hierarchy of how much one preeshes the people who do said interaction. It basically goes like this: likes<reblogs with no comments<replies<reblogs with comments. At least this is the hierarchy for me, with the addition of any person consistently doing any single action over time getting more preeshes than people who just interact with a single post and then vanish.

However on my ask blog there is one account that interacts with my posts that is exceptional and I love and appreciate more than I have any right to… And that account is… @injurylawyersphiladelphia

Now here’s the thing. I know that it is very likely that this account is run by a bot. I’ve noticed them for a while. They like my posts every once in a while and then vanish in the night like some kind of phantom. But they have been known to like Ace Attorney posts as well. So after some digging, I think that it is very likely that this blog is run by a bot that is programmed to reblog posts about Philadelphia (accidentally catching a few Dan and Phil posts in the mix by accident) and to like posts about attorneys.

However in spite of this, there is a part of my heart that hopes and yearns. It wants to believe that it is a person going through the ‘attorney’ tag and accidentally coming across my posts, and while they are not a watcher of Markiplier’s content, they genuinely like my posts anyway. And then I wonder. If these posts are being liked by a human person in this exact situation, what do they think that this blog is about? Do they simply like that it’s an attorney having friendly chats with their mayor friend? This is what I hope in my deepest heart of hearts.

And as long as they keep liking my posts, I like to believe that I’m not entirely misrepresenting the profession that is, “attorney,” in spite of my ignorance and missteps.

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My two ask blogs have two very different tones right now and each time I flip between them to respond to something I get a bit of whiplash

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((Update: so I may/maynot be able to interact as often as I used to, since school started yesterday-ish for me. If I don’t respond, I’m:

A.Too tired to respond

B.At school rn


Sorry in advance!! Ukase is a bitch Bye!!))

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HCs for a MC!Matt Ask Blog

  • Matt was raised in a swamp by his mother, has no dad that he knows off. His mother is what many consider a witch, spending her days brewing potions and teaching her son all that she could.
  • Momma Matt was murdered by a self proclaimed adventurer. Matt was only 12 at the time and the ‘adventurer’ thought the witch had stolen the child, not that the child was hers.
  • Matt stabbed the adventurer and hid in the swamp until the guy left. He then immediately went back to his mom’s hut
  • Matt is 19-20 years old, he couldn’t tell you for sure as it all blends together after a while
  • He’s never left his swamp and still lives in the hut his mom made. He’s too afraid to leave, too afraid of running into more people like the guy who killed his mom.
  • In fact Matt dislikes most other people. He has heavy distrust, especially for those in armor or with weapons. He tends to hide away if he notices anyone coming
  • Matt doesn’t mind the slimes, has a baby one he keeps in a cage and feeds. It’s his only real company in the middle of nowhere that isn’t a mob intent on killing him.
  • Matt is really good at making potions, and has a small nether portal set up in a cave system under his home. Matt only uses it to retrieve items for potions.
  • Likewise Matt has a melon and carrot farm his mom started that he maintains. It’s also his primary source of food outside of anything he manages to catch.
  • Matt likes to build, and has made several additions to his mom’s hut, including a room specifically for brewing, his own bedroom, and a basement that leads to his mines.
  • Matt rarely delves into the mines, only going when his iron tools need to be repaired. He absolutely hates mining, always afraid a creeper will get the drop on him or a skele will get a lucky snipe.
  • Matt gets pretty paranoid at times and is always expecting the worst. The poor guy is a pessimist and nothing will change that.
  • One day Matt plans to leave the swamp, he keeps telling himself that. But the day never comes, Matt much to afraid to try. Fears that he’s betraying his mum by leaving. So he stays and waits. For what? Only god knows.

It’s 2am and this is what my mind decided to ramble on about for a MC!Matt ask blog hcs. Some of these may change, and more may be added, that’s a job for an Aevus who isn’t tired. I blame @thesilentvibe for this

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