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#ask me anons
Can I give some constructive criticism? The eyes are too big on your characters and everything seems out of place! your heads are a little bit too big?? The colours are lovely! But can get too saturated I would definitely use a reference and watch some videos on digital art to improve anatomy! Everything else is lovely, but your anatomy isn't that good.

That’s a lot better then the anon hate that I get about the way I draw, thank you for that! 

I could try, buuut I’m planning on taking a class in the school on human anatomy for my obstetrics study, aaand I would like to know more knowledge on anatomy around when I take that class! 

I will try to watch some videos when I can, haha!

People learn at their own pace, hell, sometimes I improve my draws without even realizing it! XDD


Anon: Puedo dar una critica constructiva? Los ojos son demasiado grandes en tus personajes y todo parece fuera de lugar! Tus cabezas son un poco demasiado grandes? Los colores son encantadores! Pero puede saturarse demasiado, definitivamente usaria una referencia y veria algunos videos sobre arte digital para mejorar la anatomia! Todo lo demas es encantador, pero tu anatomia no es tan buena.

Nutcracker: Antes que nada, gracias por eso!

Mi respuesta: Eso es mucho mejor que el anon odio que tengo por la forma en que dibujo, gracias por eso!

Podria intentarlo, pero estoy planeando tomar una clase en la escuela por anatomia humana para mi estudio de obstetricia, y me gustaria saber mas sobre anatomia cuando tome esa clase!

Intentare ver algunos videos cuando pueda, jaja!

La gente aprende a su propio ritmo, demonios, a veces mejoro mis dibujos sin siquiera darme cuenta! XDD

Ask me or my characters! X> (Mainly Valentines Day asks, please!)

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are you pumped for the new album? 🥺

IM SO EXCITED ITS MY FIRST PHYSICAL ALBUM FROM THE BOYS EVER I CANT WAIT!!!!! hopefully i will soon have time to get back into my fics 😔😭❤️ i think the album will inspire me!

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Non c'è un motivo preciso, è che vi firmate sempre con due lettere e me lo stavo cominciando a chiedere(scusatemi se ho risposto da qua, non mi faceva mettere un commento)

Si, preferiamo solo le iniziali per ora 😊

Comunque se hai altre curiosità siamo qui! Grazie!


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Hey Lokes ??😏 May I brush and braid your hair please? They look so soft. I also made you a sunflower crown , i thought it would look amazing on you🌻🌻🌻 *hands you the crown* I hope you like it.

Ah, while I am flattered that you wish to braid my hair and have gifted me this lovely crown, I am afraid I will have to decline your request. I find brushing and braiding ones hair to be a rather close and intimate action. One my dear Spoons has yet to do. Come to think of it, I believe Sunflowers are her favorite.


Originally posted by sharingloki

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Vorrei mettere a disposizione il mio blog per delle domande/curiosità da rivolgermi, sfoghi. Potete parlarmi di qualunque cosa. Ho pensato fosse un’idea carina che mi permetterebbe di avvicinarmi di più ai miei lettori. 

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Hey, I just want to say I really appreciate the work you do!!! And I wanted to ask... if you can tell me which chapters in the manga have the SS moments you said sp excluded, and the moments they biased on? I only watched the anime. But I want to have a better grasp of the ship (as I should). Can you recomand any chapters or links? Please...

Thank you very much!

TBH none of the moments were totally excluded, but they always were biased towards the characters and the ship.

This is gonna be a long ride, since I’m gonna show you the chapter

Here I read the manga:


Keep reading

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How was your vacation, Honey? Did you all have fun?

Oh, we had so much fun! We went to Costa Rica! Takashi speaks Spanish, so we all communicated just fine! It’s sooooooooo beautiful there, the food is so yummy, and there’s so many cool animals, I even got to hand feed a wild peacock!

Me and Haru-change got sunburnt, though, even with really strong sunscreen Tama-chan yelled at us to wear. Going back to school yesterday and having to wear our uniforms was very painful. We were gonna use my aloe plant to feel better, but then I read that his leaves won’t grow back, and I got upset, so we just bought aloe lotion from the store Haru-chan seems to like so much instead of taking one of Moya-chan’s leaves. We’re feeling a little better, but we’re peeling, and it’s icky.

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(UKanon) Re the anon who talked of how a relationship w/a strong woman would affect Elon (viz how Grimes has changed him). 100% agree. The Vance book was written during his second marriage to Talulah and what impressed me when I read it was how erudite Elon is. He quotes everyone from Shakespeare to Churchill to Marcus Aurelius to Jane Austen. He's incredibly well read and has a huge reach of general knowledge. Imagine what he could be if he had a partner who brought out THIS side of him!

Same. Would pay to see that.. but im afraid that will never happen… 🙄😣

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