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OH and the reason its going twelve different directions is cause a bunch of the things they were building to were changed in production. The biggest thing that was dropped was the black sun from the first Tali mission. That was meant to lead into ME3.

Yeah, this makes perfect sense.  It has that patchwork feel.

I’ve read the scattered notes reported on the dark energy plot and I don’t actually like it that much?  But I’m assuming that had it made it to the shipped game(s), it would’ve been refined.

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So when I was in hs this dude just like… ran into my living room. He then proceeded to look around all confused for a second before just …dashing right back out the front door?

Well, today the SAME shit happened! This lady just RUNS into our living room screaming that someone is trying to shoot her… and like.. the police that showed up totally had this look on their faces when they seen who was on our porch. This “not this bitch again” look. They then tell us that she does this ALL THE TIME to people throughout our neighborhood and no one really does anything but lock her up for 24 hours.

I mean.. has this shit happened to anyone else or is my house just a beacon for the insane?

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For the song ask- 3 and 30?

Thank you!

3- 3 songs you were recently obsessed with?

- Red Signal by The Mechanisms

- Anger by Sleeping at Last

- Save Me a Spark by Sleeping With Sirens

30- 3 songs you really want your followers to know

- Me and Michael by MGMT

- Turning Page by Sleeping at Last

- Scene Two: Roger Rabbit by Sleeping with Sirens

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Just a f.y.i for you lovely people -

My schedule over the next few days is hectic so don’t be alarmed if I’m quiet!


I am working on requests and hope to post a few when I return!


Will leave my asks open if y’all wanna stop by and talk, or ask a question, or just need encouragement!


I will


answer them!

I love you all!

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What’s your favorite tv show? What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you? And did you ever go through a leftist phase?

Game of Thrones. Shame me if you want I probably deserve it, but it was a really good show before the awful ending. 

Weirdest thing was probably being half flashed in middle school by this pretty, popular rich girl who got dared to do it by her friends. I was that awkward loner kid back then so i didn’t know how to respond lol. Honestly not very many weird things have happened to me. 

And no I didn’t really go through a leftist phase, but I went through a little phase after high school where i thought democrats and socialists might be more right about things. Thank god i dodged that one.  

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a/s/l 😏 jk favorite dog breed and favorite smell?

I think all of that information is in my bio lol. 

But Labrador retriever. They’re such fun dogs and they’re super affectionate and absolute angels. And honestly idk if i have a favorite smell. Maybe a freshly cooked steak or a wood fire burning on a crisp autumn morning. 

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What's your favorite snack you used to eat as a child (or havent stopped eating) What's your favorite cheesey pickup line Do you have an order that you always have to build your tacos in? (If you dont eat tacos then I guess this is your loss)

1. Frosted cheerios. I was so happy when they finally brought them back several years back. 

2. “are you from Tennessee? That’s weird ‘cause ur a 4″ I’d only ever use pickup lines for friendly teasing lol. 

3. Meat has to go first, then veggies (lettuce, tomato, beans if you want them), and the cheese and salsa/hot sauce last. Also soft taco advocate here. 

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Agree. It just didn’t make sense. Given the type of people Jake & Amy are. Amy has a binder for almost everything. Also that Jake has brought up the idea of kids though out the series. I think some of the points from the ep could have worked if the tweaked it and less trying to create drama out of nothing. That’s never been there style of that makes sense.

Exactly. It was an episode just to add drama and not one of the writers’ best work. 

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