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#ask me stuff
There’s a lot of questions, but... do you mind answering the 1, 9, 21, 23 and 27 ? Please and thank you !

Thank you for asking these questions!

1: if someone wanted to really understand you, what would they read, watch, and listen to?

If you wanted to know about how I think, I’d advise you watch Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, read The Phantom Tollbooth and The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Boy, alongside listening to Trapped In The Drive-Thru by “Weird Al” Yankovic, and Undertale (Main Theme), by Toby Fox. Symbols of my childhood, and things I was greatly interested in when I was younger, and still greatly invested in now.

9: are you an artist?

Only slightly! I’ve dabbled in drawing, but I’m not near as many some of my other more talented friends. (Shout out to @eyesofredau, @lightoftwelveangels, @speedypants, and @showofsouls, to name a few)

21: do you love easily?

Honestly, probably not. You have to earn my trust to make your way into my heart, but if you do, I’m never letting you go again.

23: how often would you want to see your family every year?

If I had my way, I would like to see them every single day of my life. I love my family, both metaphorical and literal.

27: do you feel like your outside appearance is a fair representation of the “real you”?

You know, honestly, before, I would have said no. But a couple of my friends are trying to teach me that if I’m a good person on the outside, even when I’m vulnerable, I think I’m a good person in real life.

So yes. I would say so.

Again, thank you for the questions!

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Where in Russia do you think Hopper is? Looks quite Siberian to me. Also, why do you think he's bald? It'd be easier in the cold air to have a hat or something on, his ears must be freezing. Finally, what do you think is the most likely way for him to get back to Hawkins?

Good question. My best guess is that he’s in Kamchatka (far eastern Russia) because that’s the location suggested in ST3. The climate would be consistent with what we see in the trailer, although we know that was actually shot in Lithuania.

As to why he’s bald - I think they wanted to make Hopper’s situation look desperate and “uncivilized.” That means they could either give him long hair and a long beard, or buzz his head and give him the shorter beard he has in the trailer. Since David Harbour’s hair is thinning (hey, the guy’s 44, it happens), I suspect the buzz looks better and more “heroic” on him than long, scraggly hair. Plus it is quite dramatic - seeing Hopper bald is a real, “OMG, things have changed” moment.

How he gets to Hawkins? My guess is that he breaks out with the help of Murray and Joyce. I’m not sure whether he’s then going to reunite with the other teams of characters in Hawkins or in the new location (which based on rumor appears to be New Mexico).

Thanks for the ask!

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What are all their favorite colors?


Vinci likes light blue, And light pink.

Kai likes red.

Bryinth doesn’t like colours, he prefers Black or Grey.

Duke likes Green and Brown.

Flare likes Blue and purple.

Meri doesn’t really have one, though I guess she likes purple.

Keri likes pink despite looking like a total Emo.

Sam likes Red and Green.

And Pain; you know, I’m not sure what he likes..


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Neighbors AU 😊

I actually have written a neighbours AU for another fandom, so it’s definitely the sort of thing I would write. But I guess since I already wrote one, I didn’t feel as strong a need to write one for Carry On? Doesn’t mean I won’t, necessarily. Though I also think it would make a good RWRB fic, because I love neighbours fics where they are very different from each other and don’t get along at first. 😍

Send me a fanfic trope and I’ll tell you how likely I am to write it and for which characters/pairing.

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He explained that he made a mistake and wanted to get back together. We talked about what had been on our minds. Been a couple months now. Things are much better.

Unsure of the context of this but im happy you two have found communication and things are looking good for you two♥️

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aNd ThEy wErE rOoMmAtEs

I mean, the fact that this is canon and also they were roommates in the AU that was my first ever Snowbaz fic, I think the likelihood that I would write this is pretty high. I mean, I even have a silly WIP where “They Were Roommates” is a spell gone awry, so. Yeah. 😂

Send me a fanfic trope and I’ll tell you how likely I am to write it and for which characters/pairing.

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1, 15, 24 for the ask game :)

Thanks for the ask, Anon!

1 - 6 of the songs you listen to the most?

I’m that kind of person who gathers a collection of songs and listens to them over and over again until I get my new batch of songs, so the ones I’m listening “most” can change at any given moment, but some that I’ve been giving a lot of love lately include:

True - Marina (I found this one while making a playlist for Quakerider; it does actually give me thoughts of Daisy, but I also just dig the song!)
Dancing With Our Hands Tied - Taylor Swift (another one I found on my Quakerider playlist hunt, and one of the gems I discovered late from the Reputation album!)
Faster - Matt Nathanson (I don’t remember how I discovered this one, but it’s just so upbeat and fluffy I love it!)
2002 - Anne Marie (what can I say i’m a 90s kid. also, somehow gives me shirbert (awae) vibes? i think it’s the Nostalgia)
Unbreakable - Birds of Tokyo explicit trans positivity & empowerment ?? in my radio-airing sung-by-the-biggest-kids-choir-in-my-state bop?? it’s more likely than i thought that’s sure as heck 
Desperate - David Archuleta (I blame the return of my DW feels for this one, I made a vid to it back in the day and the feels are still real)

15 - Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?

behind BEHIND BEHIND BEHIND i hate being in front of the camera, figuratively or literally!! GOOD LORD the anxiety noooo thankyou

24 - Do you have a collection of anything?

Well, I’m certainly starting to amass a collection of indoor plants (oops)! I also have a collection of figurines of horses; I used to collect the Schleich brand (it’s a brand of toys) when I was a kid and ofc I was a Horse Girl™ so I got quite a large collection from that and have kept some read: two dozen of my faves; I also tend to try and buy myself one when I go on a trip so I have a few from places I’ve been including Paris, London, China, and some as gifts from a very close friend eg. a unicorn from Edinburgh Castle. I keep them on a bookshelf (which they currently have to share with my books) and I love them <3


ask me stuff ‘let’s get personal’

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Fake relationship 👌

Ooh, that’s a good one, thank you!

Once I get back into writing, I will 100% write fake dating/relationship, because I have a detailed outline for a fic that includes it already. It’s Snowbaz, unsurprisingly, but also I just love this trope and I hope I get to use it many times.

Send me a fanfic trope and I’ll tell you how likely I am to write it and for which characters/pairing.

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Heyo! I'd like to send the song that I wrote for Geralt and Jaskier, but your DMs are off? T_T

It should work now :)

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Can I give some constructive criticism? The eyes are too big on your characters and everything seems out of place! your heads are a little bit too big?? The colours are lovely! But can get too saturated I would definitely use a reference and watch some videos on digital art to improve anatomy! Everything else is lovely, but your anatomy isn't that good.

That’s a lot better then the anon hate that I get about the way I draw, thank you for that! 

I could try, buuut I’m planning on taking a class in the school on human anatomy for my obstetrics study, aaand I would like to know more knowledge on anatomy around when I take that class! 

I will try to watch some videos when I can, haha!

People learn at their own pace, hell, sometimes I improve my draws without even realizing it! XDD


Anon: Puedo dar una critica constructiva? Los ojos son demasiado grandes en tus personajes y todo parece fuera de lugar! Tus cabezas son un poco demasiado grandes? Los colores son encantadores! Pero puede saturarse demasiado, definitivamente usaria una referencia y veria algunos videos sobre arte digital para mejorar la anatomia! Todo lo demas es encantador, pero tu anatomia no es tan buena.

Nutcracker: Antes que nada, gracias por eso!

Mi respuesta: Eso es mucho mejor que el anon odio que tengo por la forma en que dibujo, gracias por eso!

Podria intentarlo, pero estoy planeando tomar una clase en la escuela por anatomia humana para mi estudio de obstetricia, y me gustaria saber mas sobre anatomia cuando tome esa clase!

Intentare ver algunos videos cuando pueda, jaja!

La gente aprende a su propio ritmo, demonios, a veces mejoro mis dibujos sin siquiera darme cuenta! XDD

Ask me or my characters! X> (Mainly Valentines Day asks, please!)

Join the discord of my show:

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Take this quiz to find out which character you are, personality-wise!

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