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Orange 🍊: I look up to you and I trust you

Mars, my sweetest bff and adopted child, I’m so happy I get to be your friend. I hope I continue to have your trust and friendship for a long time. I’ll always be here if you need me. ILY 💞💞💞!

Send me a fruit!

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is rosie a little?

she isn’t. she’s definitely a sub and she does have times where she gets small (not in the sense of age regression but just that she slips into a space where she can be completely submissive and soft and not have to worry about a single thing because axel is there to take care of her). her and axel’s dynamic is a dom/sub one, and she calls him daddy, but it’s not a cgl dynamic.

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I was about to message you another taboo Negan love story of sorts and then I remembered that it happens in DLD 😂 where a girl would be dating Negan’s son but she ends up falling for him instead

If you only knew the twists and turns that story has taken 😂

It really grew a mind of it’s own. We still have countless chapters we haven’t posted, but we’ve taken a break from it for now.

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bro what happend

Ah it’s just family issues. A lot of people use me as a crutch and it gets emotionally tiring. I’ll be ok tho I ate a cookie and drank some water and am gonna crash since I’m worn out.

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you’ve ruin a perfectly good day in the d20 fandom with hot!gilear. it was too powerful of an idea for the fandom! look it has discourse now

you people are going bonkers so here’s the truth… I made up hot!gilear for the EXCLUSIVE purpose of making a high school yearbook joke and it was apparently so controversial that it caused the biggest divide this fandom has ever seen. that said I live for drama and I live for irony so hot!gilear is mine now and I WILL defend my choices. brennan take notes I want to see hot gilear confirmed in canon tomorrow

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What are you thinking about? Rant if you want.

i had a nice night last night i called with people for a while which was really nice and today was good in general, my play is coming along so well im so happy! it opens in 2 days and i have pajama day tomorrow so im matching with my friend which is gonna be super fun but i also have a test i have not started studying for and the last rehearsal before my play so im a little nervous hahaha but its gonna be ok and next monday is my schools ice skating party i think so thats gonna be fun too and thats exciting and i got dunkin donuts iced coffee today which i had been craving for a really long time and im super excited for the end of the week!! its gonna be super fun and im gonna try and get a friend over this weekend bc why not but i might have stuff i have to do,,, anyways im ok but i know the rest of the night is gonna be a little more stressful as it goes but im doing ok :) *lowkey catching feelings for my friend but we dont have to get into that* htgrvfcergvth

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heyy! sorry for the late response but im doing alright :0 i've been rewatching my fave show but i haven't gotten to playing animal crossing today aaa(i try to play at least once a day). i'd tell you what show i watch but bc we're mutuals you'd probably know who i am hehe

ur fine and I’m so glad ur doing good and I hope u can get to ac soon!!!!! gasp we r mutuals.. I love u

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audre lorde? michelle cliff?

Audre Lorde: What does caring for yourself even when the world is bruising you look like ?

i have what i call an emotional palate cleanser where i watch movies or interviews or poetry readings that make me feel a little bit better. lots of solange and warsan shire. i tend to journal and do lots if reflecting (too much reflecting probably adwhsbd). i also try talking to my sister or reading some of the old letters she sent me.

Michelle Cliff (this is for Black women loving Black women): What does loving a Black woman mean to you ?

answering this To You makes me feel SO embarrassed but honestly it feels like such a gift. you just Get It! and its wonderful and amazing because you are so wonderful and amazing. i know that we’re friends first and theres such an understanding between us. i love you so much 😔💕

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Ohhh your OCs are some of my faves. I’m dying to see what Meira is gonna get up to with Sammy. 👀 It’s obvious that you put a lot of effort and thought into your characters, because I feel like they’re people I could just bump into on the street? And god, I would love to bump into them 👀

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you're not cute you're the cutest :)

i’m HSDNJFNJ….. u guys are so nice to me thank u! ily! goodnight! 😭💐💝

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The skamesp cast is so cute, they’re always together. Yesterday Irene posted the instastory with Celia and today she’s with Alba... I love them! 😍

they’re so sweet!!! I don’t really follow the cast but just looked up irene’s and alba’s stories…. I love both of them using the “which character are you” filter :’)

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hi! i'm trying to ask this in the most delicate way possible because it can very easily be interpreted as hate when i assure you it is not, it is simply curiosity. when you write byler smut, what is the reason for it? i'm assuming that, since you're lesbian, it's not for the purpose of getting yourself off (though that may be true). is it to get your readers off? do you feel it enhances the story?

A legitimate question! I’ll put everything under a read more line just in case y’all don’t want me on your whole dash talking about smut lol. Also maybe y’all just don’t want to know that much about me, but I love oversharing. So let’s goooooo!

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anon b like "you're embarrassing" but is too embarrassed to come off anon 🤔🤔🤔 ur far from embarrassing!! lots of luv to u!

WAAAH thank u for being so sweet….. ily! lots of love to you as well! 💓🌙🤧

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some cute facts about our relationship: he can't stand me walking in front of him--even if I'm only a foot or so. He HAS to have me by my side so he can keep me safe. (his words, not mine) We write poems for each other, me more than him. He has a hard time NOT kissing me: my lips, my face, my forehead, my hand, like kissing is his favorite thing.

i am so jealous!! i need this in my life 😭 even if it’s not a relationship i’m a wh0re for kisses!!! i miss being kissed. & i LOVE y’alls relationship omg like seriously though, you guys are so fucking cute! 💞

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What exactly *is* Sideswipe's motive behind the attempts to get a response?

It all started with some encrypted messages he and others received.


It happened almost a year ago, and it was a puzzle that spanned the multiverse. Several beings ended up with the pieces. Mysterious jumbles of numbers and letters. And Sideswipe likes puzzles. He has a need to know. So of course he tried to help solve them.

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[Heo Hyunjun] (Hwall) x Reader 💞

[Genre] Smut and fluff (WARNING!!) may also contain strong language, minimal dialogue intended

[Request]  “A verrrrryyy soft Hwall smut. Very detailed and very soft. Making love pleaseeeeeeee😁 “ 

[a/n] I hope you love it dear, he’s so very special to me, and if it seems like they go right into it, it’s consensual just like all of my works 💞💞 




 Hyunjun nearly slams the door behind him as he tries not to drop you, strong arms  around your waist to keep you wrapped around him. He bites at your bottom lip, tugging enough to get you excited, and the both of you can’t help but chuckle into the heated kiss. Your insides start to churn as he gently places you down on his bed, pulling away from you for just a moment to pull his shirt over his head, tossing it elsewhere to return his attention to you.

His kisses are hungry yet gentle, every ounce of love he’s radiating being felt in his actions. You seperate for air, but he’s quick to attach his lips to your neck, nipping at your skin to mark you as his. A weak moan leaves your lips as once he makes each one,he guides the tip of his tongue across the fresh bruise. 

“Lift your hips up for me for just a second baby, okay?”, He asks sweetly, and you obey, letting him shimmy your trousers down to your ankles, and they land on the floor along with his top. He glides his palms over your thighs, relishing in the way your skin feels against his hands, bending down to kiss you once more. 

“You’re so beautiful”, He breathes, lifting your shirt up enough to press light butterfly kisses to your tummy, your hands tangling in his hair as you feel yourself getting excited. You think one step ahead of him, messily but quickly discarding of the rest of your clothes, and he chuckles at your eagerness before doing the same. 

“Don’t think you aren’t too”, You retort, and your breath hitches in your throat when he attacks your chest, leaving more fleeting bruises in his wake on his way to where you needed him most. Hyunjun was like water, your throat dry in search for relief. He was your pillow when you were tired, your lockbox for your deepest and darkest secrets, and you were the same for him. You’d decided long ago that if it were possible, you’d take a part of your heart from your chest and hide it in his, but alas it seemed you were unable. 

“I need you”, He chokes out, reaching down to grasp your sex, teasing at your entrance, briefly dipping his fingers in before retracting them, your body clenching around nothing in need for him to fill you up. You greedily reach out to touch him, and his hisses at the feeling of your hand on his slowly hardening member, eyes shut tight as he tries to keep himself together. 

“Then take me. I’m all yours for the keeping, baby”, Your voice is laced with passion and just as much need as his was. He decides not to tease this time, inserting a digit into your tight heat slowly, and you’re already involuntarily squeezing him. 

“Fuck, babe, I don’t think I can wait anymore”, he admits, and his heart gets the best of him as he sits himself down, pulling you into his lap to straddle him. He traces the outline of your spine, covering your beautifully exposed body with yet even more blossoms of purple and blue, sure to be tender in the morning. 

You read his mind, pumping him a few times, and a few strangled noises leave his lips as you seat yourself on him, the stretch filling you up perfectly as he bottoms you. Admittedly, you’re overwhelmed already by pleasure, his breath hot on your chest as he tries not to fuck up into you greedily. He feels the heat from your walls hugging his manhood, the sensation making him decide against holding back, hands going to grip your hips. As he sets a pace, you can’t help but feel content, pure happiness radiation throughout your entire body because of him. 

“Hyunjun, baby, I need you to go faster”, you choke out, and he complies, lying you down without pulling out of you, his hips meeting yours harshly. He can’t seem to get deep enough, although he tries, and with each thrust your eyes threaten to roll to the back of your head. Your arms wrap around him to keep him flush against you, your nails scratching his back just enough to add to the pleasure he’s feeling. 

The familiar coil in your tummy begins to tighten, and you can tell his is too by the way he’s once again kissing your neck messily, open mouthed forms of affection being given as he moans satisfyingly against the shell of your ear, the warm sensation of his release coating your insides, and with that you’re done for, releasing yourself all over him, and he tries not to collapse from just how hard his high hit him. 

He stays still for a bit to let both you and himself catch your breath, pulling out only when it gets to be too much. You hiss at the feeling of emptiness after being briefly accustomed to having him inside of you. He leaves the room for a moment to get a warm washcloth, pressing gentle kisses to your knees and thighs as he cleans up the remnants of your intimate session. Once he finishes, he nuzzles his nose with yours, pressing your foreheads together as your heart begins to find its normal pace once more. 


I hope this was as detailed as you’d like, my love. Thanks so much for your request 💞

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🌈 owo

You are so talented holy hell. Your art style is so cute, and your OCs? I stan. You’re also such a sweetie, and super supportive to boot. A grade A friend 10/10.

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