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#attack on titan

A dream post.

I was in a place which was in the middle of the forest. I instantly realized I was at Russia (I have never been there in my life) and there was other people with me. There was wooden cabin with some other small “houses”, piles of woods trunks etc.

We were taken in one of the cabins (not very fancy in any way) and we were made to sit on the floor, black-white old “movie” or document starting to play for us. It was then when I looked around me better, realizing all of us people there were women, and the movie / document was meant to brainwash us. It had something to do with WW2. In that moment I was like; “Nope. Hell no. I won’t stay here.” So I took my phone and ran out of the building, having my phone in my hand. I wanted to call my mom and only contact info in my phone was my mom’s number and then some other place’s number. The name was long but I think it could had been some place where you can call and get help if you are in another country. I still tried to call mom but the call went to this place and automatic woman’s voice was going all pla pla pla so I ended the call.

I kept running on this small forest road, ending up coming in small, but tall, building. I went inside ans found in it wooden separated wall so I climb on it. There, much for my surprise, was Mikasa, Eren and Annie from Attack on Titan. They all were tied tho and Annie, she was naked back towards me and her left arm was cut off from the elbow. Mikasa I got free and she freed Eren who freed Annie. They talked something and it was instantly decided that Annie would transform into a titan - and she tried. Something went wrong tho since Annie did transform, yes, but she was super tiny titan with her injuries and her arm, which grew back now, was long and deformed. She looked to be in pain too.

I left them behind since I knew they wouldn’t be much help in that state (and I didn’t know which state Eren was when it came to his transformation). I found another area where was wooden cabins, more or less, lots of supplies, tents and all people there were men from Russian’s army. I went there and after a while I got permission to leave. I no longer were on their list (I don’t know what list) and it allowed me to be and walk freely, leave, and none wouldn’t come after me or try to capture or kill me. But as last “humiliation” they made me crawl through some sort of tight rubber tunnel, with mud on the ground, and go through a hole which looked like dog’s door which was super tiny so I really needed to squeeze myself through it. But I was free after that so it was worth it.

Can’t help but to feel this, somehow, is past life memory or is somehow else connected to one of my past life. That Russian army, those little camps etc. They all feel way too important for me to ignore them.

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Modern!Dates the vets take their s/o on


  • Wakes up excited
  • More so than normal
  • Almost enough to make their s/o kick them out of the bedroom
  • Singing and dancing around, cracking jokes and laughing like a mad person
  • They planned it all out the week before with each other and for Hanji, there’s no time to waste. The science center isn’t going to see itself!
  • No time to make breakfast, they can grab something on the way
  • S/o drives with Hanji still on a role with the jokes
  • When they get there Hanji almost forgets she’s not by herself and has to be yelled at to stop so s/o can catch up
  • Doesn’t know where to start, everything is so bright and colorful and FUN. LEARNING IS INCREDBILE.
  • They definitely watch whatever is playing in the IMAX theatre. Doesn’t matter what it is, Hanji wants to know all the things.
  • They spent at least 8 hours there with no stone left unturned. Hanji kept a little notebook with her so she could jot down things that really peaked her interest. There’s more research to be had.
  • The notebook is full of course
  • S/o drives back home with Hanji fast asleep in the passenger side, a smile on her cute face.


  • Had everything laid out the night before. He wanted to make sure they had everything they would need.
  • He’d be the one getting up early to make breakfast so his s/o could get all the rest they required.
  • After they were fed and completed minimal tasks the couple would head out to different museums. Didn’t matter if it was history or art.
  • Erwin had vast knowledge on a lot of things and could fill in on stuff he found lacking.
  • They’d take a break to eat at a cafe or just grab a quick coffee to refuel, then it would be on to the next stop.
  • Would have a nice quiet dinner somewhere that might be a considered a little more “upscale”. It was a treat since they preferred cooking at home a lot of the time.
  • The drive home would be Erwin asking his s/o their favorite parts, or things they didn’t care for. He may have the expansive knowledge but he treasured and valued hearing his partner’s opinions.
  • Upon getting home he would take care of everything. Bringing in anything they might have picked up at gift shops, if his s/o wanted some tea before bed he would gladly provide
  • They’d both pass out on the couch watching TV, but Erwin would wake up and carry his love to bed, making sure they were comfortable before turning in himself, making sure to snuggle them


  • It depends on the day with this guy
  • If he was in a really anti social mood his s/o would be more than willing to spend the day relaxing at home with him. It never took long to pull him out of whatever funk he was in when they stayed home though.
  • But since meeting his love, he found himself more willing to go out
  • It would have to be something relaxing though. Going to movies during the day were his ideal date. There wouldn’t be many people around so he could cuddle his s/o without the embarrassment of being caught
  • His s/o would laugh and tease him for acting like a teenager who was fearful of getting caught by parents
  • If the sun was still out when the show was over, they’d grab some sandwiches and head to a nearby park, preferably with a pond. They’d sit by the water together and watch the sun set.
  • When they would get home Levi couldn’t leave it alone and would start cleaning. Wiping down counters, sweeping floors, dusting blinds that he had already dusted the day before
  • Levi’s s/o would giggle at him and put some slow tunes on, gently taking whatever supplies he had in his hand and dance with him
  • His mind would slow down and he’d sigh with happiness. Holding onto them tightly, the day couldn’t end on a more perfect note


  • This guy didn’t care
  • He did care, but what they did didn’t matter to him so long as they were together
  • Mike lived for making his s/o happy. A day at home in their pajamas, playing and wrestling like kids? Baking treats? Trying new recipes? Beating each other as video games? Perfect.
  • A night out on the town sitting in a fancy restaurant making fun of the other patrons who took themselves too seriously? He loved making his partner laugh.
  • Shopping at the new mall in town and being assigned the task of carrying all the bags? He’d playfully smack their bum with one just to hear them screech and giggle.
  • They’ve been paint balling, laser tagging, horse back riding, every year the fair came around they’d be there every night. Mike would try and impress them playing the shooting galleries, winning them the biggest stuffed animal every time.
  • His weak stomach gave him away on some of the rides though, much to the amusement of his partner
  • When the day was done he’d scoop them up and carry them into their house/apartment, dropping them on the couch and smothering them with his large body.
  • If they were both still wide awake, his s/o would put a movie on. They’d mostly choose horror movies though so they could sit in his lap and snuggle during the scary parts.
  • Even though Mike knows they’re not actually scared, he’d let them cling to him, enjoying the fact they used him as their personal safety blanket.
  • They’d fall asleep there together. Mikes a big guy so thankfully they bought a huge couch. There was more than enough room for both of them, but they’d always fall asleep on his chest, enjoying his arms wrapped securely around them.
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