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all i wanna do is sleep in the same bed as my boyfriend that is my strongest desire rn

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“It’s hard for me to believe anything you say.” - SL

“Oh? That’s a shame. You really should believe me when I say that the good Daozhang has been with me for a long time, and he hasn’t left so I think he likes it here.”


“But you wouldn’t know, since you’ve been… elsewhere.” Flippantly, his left hand comes up and he dismissively flutters his fingers to indicate that he truly doesn’t care where Song Lan has been since the parting at Baixue Temple. “Some friend you are, though. Do you know what he looks like when he thinks about you? Hahaha! Who really is the cruel one here?”

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Mientras estoy parada en las gradas, preparando mi mente para salir a las calles, empiezo a sentir como si mi cuerpo vibrara desde adentro <<estoy asustada>>.

-Voy caminando-

me siento frágil, el viento va soplando fuerte, en cualquier momento podría llevarme con él, quizá eso se sentiría bien.

¿Por qué siempre me encuentran sensaciones que no estoy lista para entender?.

-Sigo caminando-

La música empieza a tomar forma y Matthew Flegel me dice en el oído;

“I can’t improve, I can’t improve, I can’t improve.”

Lo repito en mi cabeza, y lo entiendo todo.

Ya no queda nada que decir, empieza el trayecto hasta mi destino, solo me voy a acompañar del silencio artificial.

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i walked down the street today, and i swore i heard your voice calling my name. a hand brushed mine, and, for a second, i thought the fingers grazing mine were the ones i had spent hours memorizing. a mand grumbled, ‘sorry, miss’, and hurried along.

the sky was grey today, your favourite. in every single head of brown, curly hair, i swear i saw your lips curved into a smile. it’s been months since you left, and everything around me reminds me of you.

a couple sat on a patio, hushedly whispering to each other. ‘amor,’ was said, and i was suddenly reminded of the way you used to tease me, the pet name falling from your lips, wrapping me up in a feeling of warmth and fulfillment.

at the end of everyday, i lay in my bed. the ceiling is the blank canvas on which i replay all of my most treasured memories of you. the way you would let out a chuckle and pull me into your body. the way your fingers knew every inch of my skin and knew exactly how to make my body sing.

will i ever be rid of you?

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Praying… and will never stop hoping, wishing, longing for the so called ‘us’.

Good bye.

No.. just 'til we meet again.

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Dear you,

I’m writing this now without even thinking, just pouring out what’s in my heart. Can’t imagine that I can no longer see you. This place will never be the same.

Tell me if I’m wrong to feel this way. But I feel like you’re going to take away a part of me with you. Then take it. Also bring my prayers with you.

Still holding on to ‘that’ day. But if this is fate working, then I have to let go. Let go of your hand I once held, let go of you that was never been mine after all.

Wherever you go, I know you’ll shine. Shining as bright that other eyes will look at you like I have always looked at you.

Praying.. will never stop hoping, wishing, longing for the so called 'us.’

Good bye..

No.. just 'til we meet again.

Love, C.

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So unhappy/depressed/discouraged its unreal

Its crazy how you want so badly for something to work out ur way but in reality the only way that works is the world and its conditions that its set for u, that u choose to either accept or sit on the outskirts of because you cant pretend to be okay with it.

Really discouraged and insecure about my skills in everything I am interested in. really unhappy with my appearance , always feeling fat and never content with the things i produce as i feel its not good enough and will never be good enough.

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Im going thru major sweatpants phase I usually never wear them amazing i still manage to look huge in everything

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These pants are really comfortable but I really need to stop wearing them because they make me look “thicc” or something lol i cant take myself serious im bout to put on something baggier 💔💔💔

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