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i miss you so much it hurts my soul.

i just wish you would talk to me.

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ok so i have three questions: does virgil count as a light side or a dark side, are there a fixed number of sides total, and is there a dark side for every corresponding light side?

if every light side has a dark mirror, and there are a fixed number of sides (and none that we don’t know about), than virgil kind of. throws a wrench into things because in turning from a dark side to a light side he throws off the balance of dark/light, which is presumably pretty important? and was virgil logan’s corresponding dark side before he turned light?

if every light side has a dark mirror but there aren’t a fixed number of sides, does that mean a new dark side will manifest to oppose virgil if he’s no longer a dark side? that could make for an interesting plot point?

if the sides don’t all have corresponding mirrors then, assuming that there are more dark sides we don’t know about (since that seems to have been hinted/would make sense for the story), isnt it a little bit weird to have four+ dark sides and only three light sides? if virgil manifested as paranoia before, does paranoia no longer exist? or is paranoia the dark mirror to virgil’s anxiety? please mr sanders i need answers

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My life really is pointless. I have nothing to look forward to in this life. I wish I wasn’t such a coward. Nothing can even make me forget my life while staying awake.

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Then I fell asleep again until like half an hour ago.

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Porquê eu nunca vou ser suficiente pra nada nem ninguém.

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I’m super upset, I really like Aggretsuko and was super excited for the 2nd season. But it basically became about a guy harassing everyone and getting away with it, and the women on the show expecting to ‘coo’ him till he learns better it’s been going on for multiple episodes and I can’t watch this crap ://

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I am an ungodly amount of needy right now, but only needy for one human. I miss my boyfriend like I haven’t seen him weeks but I basically just spent this past Thursday-Monday with him. I really just want his hands touching my face, it’s like hypnotizing. I’m so fucking excited to see his lame ass after work today. It should be really illegal to be this needy tho. UGH

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