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Avengers/Stony Fic Idea

A Tangled esc AU where, instead of having long magic hair and being kidnapped as a baby, Tony is the genius son of the king, who was kidnapped at a young child, and got a head injury that caused amnisia. So he thinks he’s the son of Obidiah, or Red Skull, or whoever kidnapped him, and that he has to stay in the hidden tower where he can build his inventions in peace, since people would want to kidnap him for his ideas. How his kidnapper convinces him of the lie depends on what they want him for: ransom, making advanced weapons for him, using him to get rich by being the only one to make and sell these amazing machines. And while Tony is a genius, he would fall for the lie and probably just be all for doing his building thing, and wouldn’t really notice whatever attempt his mother makes to find him, if at all. He’s just to into his work.

That’s were Steve would come in. Instead of being a thief like Flynn, or a prince like in the original, I can see him being more of a Robinhood/freedom fighter type. He steals from the rich and corrupt to give back to the poor. And he and his crew probably get a little to into their newest target, that they don’t know that a guard saw them. And thus, Steve’s crew (probably Bucky, Sam, maybe Clint and Natasha) get caught, and Steve only gets away because of stumbling into super secret hideout entrence.

So Steve, looking for a place to hide, goes in, amazed by all this weird stuff. And that’s when he finds Tony. Of course, Tony is instantly defensive, like ‘what and who the fuck?’ and Steve instantly all 'can you help me and my crew?’. So, maybe Tony is like, no, I just want to build my stuff. And Steve eventually convinces him because maybe Tony has seen this fics version of the lanterns. Or maybe he’s always felt like something was missing, thanks to his memories from before the head injury and amnisia poking through. Or maybe he read something in a book that makes him want to see something out there.

And they go out, Steve acting as a guide for Tony, showing him how the world is outside, and they go looking for whatever it is Tony wanted. They go on an adventure. Maybe, if the kidnapper was selling the weapons or using them to take over the kingdom, it could end with a big climactic reveal where Tony helps Steve get his crew out of prison and take down the evil kidnapper.

This is just an idea that came to me as I was reading fanfics and my sisters started watching Tangled.

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“Just give me a call later, I guess,” you said into the phone. Leaving a voicemail to your boyfriend (who was supposed to be with you at the moment - but whatever) was something you were getting very accustomed to.

You hung up and jammed the phone into your pocket. This was the third time in a row Pete had failed to show up. You know that sometimes he gets distracted, but this was out of hand. You deserved his respect. 

You needed him to either become reliable or you were going to leave, because this same old routine was very tiresome.

You walked home and crawled into bed right away. You still had homework but you only wanted to lay in bed and watch movies. And Peter was supposed to help you with calc anyway. Your phone dinged in your pocket.

I’m here, I’m sorry!! Where are you?

The fact that he didn’t even listen to your voicemail actually made you more angry. You didn’t respond. He would have to wait until you were ready to talk, because you were at risk of night being very nice.


You only glanced at the texts. You’ve been reading the same string of messages for weeks, and usually it worked. Usually you caved and called him and let him apologize his way out but not this time.

The next day, you ignored him all day at school. You didn’t really want to fight, but you definitely didn’t want to fight in the middle of school. You were leaving the school but you heard him calling your name. The only reason you stopped was because you didn’t want him to keep yelling and making a scene.

“Babe, please. Just talk to me,” Peter said, putting both his hands on your biceps. “You never called me back. At lunch you looked through me.”

“I’ll call you later,” you said.

“I’ve heard that before.”

“OH! Oh, have you? You know what I’ve heard?? Yeah, I’ll be there. I’ll call. I’ll be on time. I’ll do better. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Won’t happen again. I’ll explain -”

“Okay, okay. I see your point. I really am sorry. But if you let me explain everything, I think it will fix things, okay? Meet me at our spot at 3.”

“Okay,” you said. “Peter, do not be late or I swear -”

He cut you off by kissing you. Effectively silencing you. “I won’t baby, promise.”

You arrived at the cafe you two used to study in together when you first started dating. You kinda wished he had been waiting for you, but you honestly didn’t expect him to be on time. He never was. But as long as he made it within the hour you would be forgiving.You ordered a coffee and a snack and cracked open your calc book. He had no choice but to help you finish this work. You were going to fail without a tutor and he had convinced you that you didn’t need a tutor, you just needed him.

As soon as 4 o’clock hit, your bags were packed and you were out the door. You were googling tutors in the area as you walked down the sidewalk. You didn’t have a choice. You no longer had a boyfriend to help you. Peter didn’t know this quite yet, but you no longer had a boyfriend.


You didn’t stop. You didn’t turn.

“Babe, c’mon I’m sorry.”

“I don’t care,” you shouted, waving your hand in the air. You didn’t have it in you to care right now.

He passed you, and stopped - blocking your path. “C’mon, don’t leave. Let’s go have a coffee and talk.”

“I’ve already had a coffee and there’s nothing left to say.”

“Babe, don’t be like that.”

“You’re late.”

“I’m here now.”

“Now is too late.”

You dodged around him. But this time he didn’t follow. And when you glanced over your shoulder he was standing right where you left him, like a statue. When you realized he wasn’t going to follow, that’s when you let yourself cry. You’d broken your own heart, but you had no choice.

You just let go the love of your life.

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The world has fallen to a monstrous infection, those who remain must band together to survive.  In Upstate New York, heroes and civilians alike are working to build a life, even in the wake of civilisation crumbling.

Marvel Zombies RP open character: Amadeus Cho

Moderator suggestion for this character:

Now might be the time to lean more towards science than punching things when it comes to fighting monsters.

Survivors connected to Amadeus:

  • Bruce Banner • The Hulk
  • Tony Stark • Iron Man


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Avengers Fanfic Idea!

Tony is a model. Like, a famous model that EVERYONE knows about. BUT no one but his super secret model agent knows his real identity because he has a mask that he wears to all his shoots, and keeps it on with, idk, glue that can only come off with the right combination of different none toxic chemicals? So the story would be, Tony goes ‘off to Miami’ for a weened, and when this super secret famous model gets kidnapped for ransom or some shit, the team have to struggle with going to the rescue because it’s, idk, AIM? Hydra? And no one can find Tony. And maybe Bruce figures it out, and is all “guys, this may sound crazy but… What if… That IS Tony? And we only have, like, 20 more hours to find him before that mask comes off, and they find out who he really is, and KILL him?!”

Anyway, dumb fic idea…

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I can’t live without you (Tom Holland x Reader)

Summary: you find a compromising text on your boyfriend’s phone. Angst happens. (First imagine)

Word count: no idea.

Warnings: angst, cheating, strong language, bad English I think. Overall sad.


You stared at the empty sink, gathering your thoughts around the words that just popped up in your boyfriend’s cellphone. You told him you were going to do the dishes, but that idea flew out of your mind the moment that unattended screen lighted up in front of you on the kitchen counter.

You trusted Tom. More than anything you trusted him. This can’t be right, he wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t throw away three years of your lives just like that. No. There’s gotta be an explanation for that.

“Is everything alright, love?” You didn’t notice how hard you were trying to fight the tears from rolling down your cheeks until you heard his voice coming from your living room “Need any help?” He turned off the tv and started walking towards you.

“I’m fine” you said. Trying to keep your voice from breaking.

Tom couldn’t see your face, but he knew something was off “You don’t seem okay” he said while wrapping his arms around your waist and resting his head on your shoulder, trying to kiss your cheek. But you turned your face away from him “Darling, what’s wrong?” He asked, worried. Not letting you go.

Your heart was pounding loudly inside your chest. You were holding back your thoughts like if saying them out loud would make them real. But the acheking in your soul would not allow you to stay quiet. You just couldn’t.

“Nathalie says hi” your voice was barely a whisper, tears streaming almost immediately as you felt Tom’s body tighten against yours. Shattering everything inside you. Slowly you pushed his arms off you, he didn’t even flinched as you let yourself go and rested your hands on the cold metal of the kitchen sink. Neither of you said a thing for what it seemed an eternity for you.

“She said she had a great time last night, wondered if you could do it again sometime soon” every word that came out of your mouth tasted like poison, your tone defeated and tired as you gripped the sink for dear life, still not being able to look at him “She also sent you pictures, Tom” with all the strength that you had, you straighten your back and finally turned around to face him. The image of him would’ve broken your heart if it weren’t already in pieces. His body was still, as if it was made of stone, but his eyes. Oh the eyes never lie and his showed nothing but regret and guilt as he looked at you. The truth hit you like a truck and in that moment you truly broke.

Tears were rolling down freely, there was no attempt to muffle your sobs that pierced into Tom’s heart like a thousand knifes. He hated seeing you like this, but he hated himself even more. Waking up from the shock he tried to get closer to you “Love…” he said, sounding completely helpless “Y/N I…” he reached for you but you moved away from him so fast, breaking his heart even more.

“Don’t you dare” your voice was soarce, but your eyes were filled with pain and anger “Don’t touch me. Don’t you ever touch me again”


“Don’t” you say louder. Making him take a step back.

“Y/N it’s not…” he started but you cut him off quickly.

“What? Are you really going to tell me that it’s not what it seems? Do you really think I’m that fucking dumb?” He knew better not to answer “You said you were going out with Harrison and the others ‘Saturday’s are for the boys’ you said” every word was filled with pure rage, you couldn’t hold back anymore “Glad to know you had a great time”

You started to walk away but Tom was quicker and grabbed you by the wrist, making it impossible for you to give another step “Let me go” you spatted, but he didn’t give in “Let me fucking go, Holland”

“Not until we talk” he sounded desperate. And he was “Y/N, please”

You looked into his eyes. You saw the pain, his and your own reflected in each other. But there was something else in them.

“Fine” you said escaping his grip but maintaining a distance. You crossed your arms into your chest, waiting for him to start.

“Love, I am so so sorry” He said, voice filled with guilt “I swear I didn’t mean for it to happen an…”

“How long?” You asked. Cutting him off.


“How long have you been cheating on me?” The tears in your eyes were now dry but the anger in your voice never fade “Answer me!”

“Just once!” He yelled “it was just once and it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever taken” he said letting it all go “I swear it meant nothing to me, I was drunk and..”

“How was she?”


“Stop deflecting my questions! God dammit Tom at least give me the truth! How. Was. She?” He froze on the spot, his mouth was open but he couldn’t fin any words. “Tell me… did she give you a good head? How did she taste? How did it feel when she was scratching your back and screaming your name while she cum? Did it feel the same?” You could tell you were hurting him. Good “Did you think of me? At any point? Was she all that you expected her to be?” His eyes were staring at you, tears were rolling down his cheeks and his lips were sealed “Tell me, was she worth it? Throwing away all these three years together? I truly hope she was, for your sake” your aggressiveness was slowing down “Lord knows that maybe I wasn’t enough” you said with a whisper.

“N-no no no no Y/N” Tom cried “Don’t say that, love. Don’t you ever say that” he throw himself on the floor, he was on his knees hugging your legs. His tears soaking up your sweatpants “You are the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I swear. And I know I have no excuse but please, babe, love, please” he held onto you tighter, voice breaking into shameless sobs that made it hard to hold back your own tears again “Forgive me, please. I’m an absolute idiot. I don’t deserve you but please let me make it up to you. I promise you we’ll get through this. I’ll be better, I’ll… fuck love. I don’t want to loose you. I love you so fucking much and not having you in my life will kill me” you knew he was saying the truth, but still… “Y/N you are the love of my life… please don’t..”

“Am I?” You asked quietly. Not daring to look at him while he cried at your feet “Am I really the love of your life?”

“And all my lives before this one and the ones to come” he said with little hope “I love you. I love you so fucking much Y/N”

You let out a breath and put your hands on his shoulders “Well you should’ve thought of that before”

Tom looked at you with bloodshot eyes “Y/N… please” he begged.

“I can’t” you said “I can’t believe anything you say Tom, how could I? You betrayed me. You’re hurting me” tears were coming out of your eyes again “Tom, I thought the world of you. I thought that maybe we’ll get married someday, that we’ll live in a big house with a bunch of kids and many many dogs and grow old together but…”

“We can still have all of that”

“No, we can’t” you said harshly “Not anymore” your voice broke.

“No no no, please Y/N” he said holding onto your hand “please, I can’t live without you”

“I can’t live without you either” you said looking into his eyes “But I will learn to” you let go of his hands and out of his grip, leaving him crying on the kitchen floor.

“I’m sorry” he said, looking up at you.

“Me too” and you closed your bedroom door.


Originally posted by peters-holland

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pairing: peter parker x reader
word count: 5.3K
warnings: language, angst, jake gyllenhaal is a liar, sooo much going on
a/n: okay so some scenes from the movie were changed because I couldn’t remember them exactly, but all the important stuff is still there! next chapter is about to be really painful so get ready for it with this one that isn’t as bad :) probably

series masterlist ~ regular masterlist


“What the hell happened last night?” Were MJ’s first words to you the next morning when the class had gathered for breakfast.

It was only a few hours ago that you had left Peter on that rooftop, and you didn’t sleep at all when you were back to your hotel room. Not that you had much time if you wanted to, anyway, since the class was meant to be up early to head for Paris.

But you knew that plan was going to have to change if Fury needed you and Peter in Prague.

“Nothing,” you shrugged, shaking your head. “Just gave Peter shit for running off yesterday, that’s all.”

“You haven’t talked to him in months,” MJ said flatly, not buying it, “And you were gone the whole night. Was it something to do with Silk-”

“Don’t want to talk about it right now, MJ,” you interrupted her, in case anyone was listening.

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Harold & Maude (1971) AU

Tony is the young and rich but sad man whose parents want to force him to work for the family business Stark Industries to build weapons

Steve is a 79 year old artist who doctors always assumed wouldn’t get too old, but despite the many disfunctions his body had for all of his life, he is the most lively person Tony has ever met

They meet at a soldiers funeral, Tony is there out of guilt, because he is pretty sure it was the weapons he had build that had killed the man, Steve is there out of respect and he goes to as many soldiers’ funerals as possible because he remembers how sad he was when so few people had showed up for Bucky’s

They have crazy adventures and fall in love, Steve is a little shit ad Tony is more creative then he thought and when Tony tells his parents that he wants to be a mechanic and live with a guy four times his age Maria faints and Howard explodes

But Tony just runs away with Steve and they have wonderfull months together until Steve’s 80th birthday

The day is perfect, Tony had planned everything, it’s very romantic and fun, but not to wild so that Steve fragile body can keep up

But them Steve revealy having taken all of those pills and Tony panics while Steve is relaxed and tells him to live his life and share all the love he has for Steve with so many more wonderfull people and to use that big brain of his to make himself and other people happy

Tony scatters Steve’s ashes over the railing of the Brooklyn Bridge and longingly stares after them as if he wants to follow Steve but then he turns around and does exactly what Steve had asked him to do and lives life the way he wants and not the way others expect him to

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The good old days.
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Hiiiii! Is it too much to ask a prequel of Marry Me? Maybe a scene where Peter and Reader are in the prom and Peter dramatically exits it with reader hot on his heels trying to understand wtf is happening and Tony's confused dadTM cause he's 3000% sure the kid liked his daughter? If not then 🤷‍♀️thank chu💙💙

“Why did he run away?”, Tony muttered to himself, confusion coursing through him, “Did you say something to him?”

You shook your head no, only seconds away from breaking down, “We were being goofs like usual”, you sniffled, “I don’t know what happened.”

He likes you and you friendzoned him is what happened, Tony thought to himself. He pulled you in a hug, patting your head sympathetically, “He’ll come around, ask him tomorrow okay?”

You nodded, heading to bed desolately. Tony dialled Peter’s number, sighing when he picked up at last.

“Where the hell did you go?”, he yelled at the kid, “I was getting worried there, underoos.”

“I - I’m sorry Mr Stark… It was too much”, he replied sadly, “she was talking about the wedding she wants to have… A - and I thought she wanted me to kiss her so I - but I misread the situation. So I ran away before she could tell if something was wrong.”

“I’ll excuse you for trying to kiss my daughter for now”, Tony said dryly, “I’m sorry, kid. Take your shot before it’s too late, yeah?”

“I’ll think about it.”

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New Marvel Comic Releases February 26, 2020

2020 Force Works #1
Amazing Spider-Man #40
Amazing Spider-Man: Daily Bugle #2
Ant-Man #2
Avengers #31
Avengers of the Wastelands #2
Black Panther #21
Falcon & Winter Soldier #1
Fantastic Four: Grimm Noir #1
Ghost Rider #5
Giant-Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost #1
Jessica Jones #4
New Mutants #8
Punisher Soviet #4
Ravencroft #2
Scream: Curse of Carnage #4
Spider-Ham #3
Star #2
Star Wars #3
Tarot #3
X-Force #8
X-Men #7
X-Men / Fantastic Four #2

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