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Locusts. LokixF!Reader.(insect warning)


Originally posted by go-fandom-imagines

“Y/n.. isn’t that too mean?”

“Since when do you care about anything being ‘too mean’?” You laugh out at your soon to be husband.

“… you’re right. Who am i kidding? Let’s do this!” Loki nods and you hum a 'yesss’ .

Ever since you and Loki got engaged, the team started pranking you because you two where too invested in each other.

This resulted in a prank war that you and him are obviously nailing! I mean, you can’t beat the God of Mischief and his girl in a prank war!

You tap on the name “Tony” in your contacts after making sure to call anonymously. Meanwhile,Loki transforms into Nick Fury.

“Hello?” You hear Tony on the other side of the line.

“Y-yes, Tony it’s m-me..” Loki stutters in his form.

“Fury? Why are you stuttering? Is there an emergency?” You can hear Tony’s concern.

“Look..uh.. a lady called Mariza came to my house.. she’s from Wildlife services..” He tries his best not to laugh.

“Is there an emergency? Do they need us?”

“In this case.. there’s nothing we can do..” Loki says dramatically.

“If you tell me there’s another Thanos coming, i’m gonna flip!” Tony almost yells and you silently laugh.

“No..there’s a locust apocalypse..”

“What the fuck are you on, Fury?”

“See.. it rained yesterday and locusts went out of their homes.. You need to turn off all lights, close all windows and any electricity in general. They are a lot!” Loki elbows your side to stop you from laughing.

“Oh. So it’s serious.. Uh.. okay fine, we’ll do that..” Tony closes the phone and does as told.“F.R.I.D.A.Y , shut down the whole building.”

“Yes sir. Is there an emergency?”

“Locusts.” Tony says and Natasha laughs from the other side of the room.

The building starts shutting down,doors and windows closing, leaving the Avengers in complete darkness.

“Locusts? Really?” The redhead says and Sam bursts into laughter. “Turn the damn lights on, Stark.”

“There’s no way you’re actually shutting down the building because of locusts!” Clint laughs out.

“That’s obviously a prank. Loki and Y/N are behind this,i’m sure!” Steve says seriously, trying to find his way around in the pitcy black living room.

“My brother is extremely annoying.” Thor crosses his hands in front of his chest.

“Oh yes, how did this not cross my mind? F.R.I.D.A.Y, turn on all electricity and open all doors and windows. Give me the exact location of Loki and Y/N.”

“Yes sir.”

As the doors and windows open,locusts fill the living room, sending the superheroes into panick mode.

“What the actual hell?” Wanda says in her tick accent.

“Is this part of the prank or is there actually a locust apocalypse?!” Bucky almost screams.

“Ha! Told you this was gonna work!” Watching the footage on the screen from the cameras, you squeal and hug Loki, who is more than happy to see you have fun.

“I can’t believe humans are so scared of insects!” He shakes his head and then you both burst into laughter again.

Steve is trying to kick the poor insects away from him,Tony is on a table targetting and shooting them, Clint is screaming , Natasha is nowhere to be seen, Sam is yelling curse words,Thor is playing with a locust, saying that he made a new friend, Bucky is hiding behind Sam, and Wanda , being the only calm one in the situation, uses her powers to pick up as many locusts as possible and throws them out of the window.

“I can’t wait to keep doing this with you for the rest of my life..” Loki says and your heart almost jumps out of your chest.

“I can’t wait either honey… So many more to come in our lives. I love you!”

“I love you too, honey.” He leans in for a kiss and you are quick to kiss him back.

“Hey. I know y'all are listening!” You pull apart and see Sam as close to the camera as possible. “Next time y'all do anything insect-related, me and Bucky are gonna get you back and there will be no mercy. That was not a warning. That was a statement!” Sam points at the camera and you laugh behind the screen.

“Oh, how about uniting our teams together?” Bruce walks in the room.

“Where were you this whole time? We needed the hulk-smash. I am so disappointed in you-”

Being part of the Avengers is hard,but moments like this are what kept you sane all these years.

These guys are your friends and without them, you wouldn’t have met the love of your life.

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The fact that brulk wears glasses is so fucking funny because it implies that:

1) Bruce Banner’s glasses are entirely a fashion statement and he has no need for them


2) hulk has been throwing things at other things this whole time without being sure what exactly he’s throwing at. He throws a car. It hits something. Did he hit an alien? Did he hit a helicopter? Did he hit Tony? he doesn’t KNOW akamskskkd he can’t fucking sEE-

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Tony: don’t say a word

Peter: fergalicious

Tony: what did I just say?

Peter: oh I see how it is Mr. Stark, when we played scrabble last week it wasn’t a word but now it is

Peter: how convenient for you

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A/N: I can’t help myself. I have to do write a lot of stuff about this ship. 

Pairing: Tony / Natasha

Warning ⚠️: Smut


The apartment was flooded with darkness and Natasha sneaked through the hallway into the living room. She wore her tight, black Black Widow suit that was so typical of her. The security system was easy to hack and the door lock was no greater challenge.

Arriving in the living room, she purposefully ran towards the desk and bent down to turn on the PC. Her job was to access secret police files that Officer Stark had stored on his computer. After a few seconds, the password question appeared and she was about to enter the word she had been told in advance, and the lights came on.

Her heart made a sentence and she slowly turned around. There, in the door frame, stood Tony Stark, one of the bigwigs of the New York police. He was wearing a white T-shirt, through which a blue glow penetrated ‘Well, who have we here?’, his voice was full of ridicule: “Natasha Romanoff.” When he pronounced her name, it shivered down her spine. They had planned everything exactly, but now that her role-playing had begun, it was even better than she had imagined.

“Mr. Stark,” she replied, making an innocent face played. “Are you looking for this?” Tony pulled something out of his pocket. It took a few seconds, but then she recognized a small USB stick. The woman admired how detailed Tony had planned her meeting. If you didn’t know that they had agreed on all this, you wouldn’t immediately think it was a role play.

“They didn’t think I was stupid enough to store secret data badly protected on my hard drive,” the man gave her a reproachful and at the same time blaming look: “They know that I could call my police colleagues at any time. Then it would be your turn.” Slowly, like a predator chasing his prey, he approached them, while Natasha stood as if rooted. It would probably be better to leave now, but she needed that stick. The man also strangely impressed her.

“However, I’ve heard a lot about the Black Widow’s breathtaking abilities and a little demonstration might change my mind,” his broad grin made her realize what kind of abilities he meant and she felt a hot shiver running down her back. “Well, if that’s the case,” she tried to look unimpressed on the outside, but her anticipation was already coming in.

Tony stopped in front of her and swallowed her up with his gaze. He put his hand on her cheek and let it slowly wander over her neck to the zipper of her suit. This was at the front so that his hand was now between her breasts. His touch left a pleasantly warm tingling sensation on her skin and she felt her abdomen contract.
She held her head up and watched his face so as not to miss a second of the lust that was looming there. His fingers closed around the small metal part and he slowly started to open the zipper. This he did so yawning slowly that she almost became impatient. When he had finally opened it, he pushed the leather of her suit over her shoulders and leaned forward to squeeze a chaste kiss on her collarbone. She watched him and gave him a free hand as he explored her body.

“It’s such a waste that you chose the wrong side,” he breathed against her neck and she immediately got goosebumps. Why hadn’t she let him do that much earlier? “But don’t worry,” he buried a hand in her hair and pulled it lightly but firmly so that she put her head on her neck: “I know how to deal with bad girls. He took the soft, vulnerable skin of her neck between her teeth and sucked it. It was already clear to the young woman that this meal would be difficult to conceal. But probably that was the man’s intention.

"I’m sure it was, Mr. Stark,” she replied and her voice was surprisingly deep and just as lustful. In Tony’s ears, these words sounded so melodic and they were exactly what he needed to break his caution and let him give up his hard-won self-control. He pulled the suit down to her beautiful ass, which had attracted his attention more than once.

As if by a silent order, Natasha took off her shoes and allowed him to take them off completely, for which he was more than grateful. Now that she was only standing in front of him in underwear, Tony realized what luck he had at that moment. But he didn’t let it show when he pushed the red hair out of her face with one hand. Then he buried the hand deeper into her hair and pulled her head back slowly but surely.

“What do you think of showing me what else you can do with that mouth”, an almost devilish smile appeared on his lips. Immediately she knew what he meant and slowly went to her knees in front of him without him even having to ask her for it. Pleased at this courteous behavior, he stroked her cheek with the back of his hand surprisingly gently: “Tell me what you want, darling! "I want to suck your cock, Mr. Stark,” she looked at him from her green eyes as he opened his belt to take his pants off.

His cock was already hard and Natasha felt her abdomen begin to pound with relish. She put a hand on his hips as he held her red curls out of her face. With her tongue, she once licked his glans and then took his limb into his mouth without hesitation. She kept her eyes fixed on his face to see the demanding expression in his eyes, while his hips kept twitching slightly. He also looked down at her and gasped slightly: “You’re so damn beautiful, Natasha.”

They both realized at the same moment that Tony was about to slip out of his role. For a few seconds, his inner struggle was reflected in his eyes. However, as he strengthened the grip around her hair, she realized that his professionalism had regained the upper hand. This reassured the woman and she could finally concentrate fully on her task.

In the meantime, a pulsating pressure had built up in his erection, which spoiled her so divinely, that he was about to find salvation. This also seemed to Natasha to know, but unfortunately, this was not part of his plan. A little harsher than he wanted, he pulled her head away from him. Because although he would normally give a lot to see the black widow swallow, he would have to postpone that to another time.

With a surprised look, she wanted to ask a question, and suddenly he pulled her back on his feet. Now they were almost at eye level and the stiff length of the man pressed slightly against her belly. Their looks met as if on command and it almost seemed as if they were studying each other.

But this short moment was severely interrupted when he put one hand under her ass and lifted her as if it was nothing. Instinctively she wrapped her legs around his hips and held her arms to him. With a few big steps, he carried her to the next wall and pressed her against it to relieve himself a little. Her heart was beating wildly and the cold wall was the counterpart to her burning, tingling skin and made her shudder slightly.

Tony opened her bra with two fingers and drove her fingers almost fascinated over her breasts. She grinned broadly as she saw his gaze and stroked his dark hair with one hand. But then he pulled himself together again to take off her thin panties just a few seconds later.

With one finger he penetrated her and couldn’t help but pant in surprise. Tony responded with a smug grin and he bent down to run his tongue over her nipples while massaging her clitoris with his thumb.

The young woman took a lustful moan and he lifted her chin a bit to look her in the eye. Her moaning sounded like music in his ears and he wanted more. He pressed his length a bit into her and she stretched her pelvis towards him so that he could penetrate deeper into her. But he kept her away, wanted to make her beg a little more. “Oh Stark,” she gasped in frustration, making him grin again. “Beg me, sweetheart,” he placed some hard kisses on her neck. “Please Mr. Stark, please fuck me hard,” he loved the submissive way she said that and so decided to give her, and finally herself, salvation. He tilted his pelvis forwards and so it was in her as far as it would go. She put her hands on his back and buried her fingernails in his skin. A light but not unpleasant pain twitched through him and he noticed how this only turned him on even more.

He wanted to have the beautiful agent on her own for so long and now it was finally time. And in fact, it was better than he had ever imagined. It was so wet and tight and it almost seemed like they were made for each other. He quickly found a good rhythm and Tony felt her pelvis stretching out towards him.

After a short time, Tony realized how close he was to his orgasm for the second time that evening. Natasha didn’t seem far away either and she told him with her eyes that it was okay. But he wanted to offer her salvation first and so, while fucking her, he gently began to pamper her clitoris. She put her head upon her neck and leaned it slightly against the wall behind her that held her at that moment.

When she came moaning, he felt her strength weaken slightly. He noticed the woman’s hips twitching slightly and this sight was enough for him to push him over the edge. He came inside her and then needed a moment to clear his head again. Then he put both arms around her again and pulled himself out of her.

Slowly she released her legs from his hips and stood on her own feet again. He watched the woman for a moment and gently took her face in both hands to give her a loving kiss on the lips. They were equally aware that their role play was now over. “I think we should go to bed now, Tasha,’ he suggested and reached for her hand to cross his fingers with hers. She agreed as she waited for her heart to return to normal.


The next morning Natasha was awakened by the sunlight flooding the room. Slowly she opened her eyes and looked around the room she was in. It took a few seconds, but then she realized where she was and the arm someone had put around her. She was in Tony’s room lying in bed with him.

Still, a little sleepy, Natasha looked over to the alarm clock on Stark’s bedside table and found out how early it was. Sighing, she pushed the blanket aside and freed herself from the arm of the dark-haired man next to her.

She slowly sat up and ran through the room towards the door of the bathroom, which was directly connected to the room. "Where are you going?”, a male voice sounded at that moment and she drove around a little surprised.

Tony had leaned on his elbows and looked at them from head to toe: “You’re trying not to sneak out? If you do, you’re not doing it well.” She rolled her eyes grinning: “Of course not, I wanted to take a shower.”

“But if you don’t believe me, you’re welcome to come with me,” she offered him with a smug grin. “I can’t say 'no’ to that,” he responded to her offer: “I’ll be right behind you.”

“All right,” she shrugged her shoulders and was about to enter the bathroom, so he stopped again: “Nat? "Yes?”, she stopped in the door frame and took a look over her shoulder. “Let’s repeat yesterday’s one more time, shall we?” he added with interest. “Possibly”, the right corner of her mouth went up and she disappeared into the bathroom without giving him a proper answer.

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Bucky: You left in peace. Left me in pieces. Too hard to breathe, I’m on my knees right no-

Steve: I’m still her-

Bucky, screaming on top of his lungs: IM SO SICK OF THAT SAME OLD LOVE. THAT SHIT IT TEARS ME UP.

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