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Summary: Wanda and Vision continue getting to know each other over lunch.

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When Wanda returned to her apartment, it felt somehow empty. Of course, it had always felt more empty since Pietro’s death, but now it felt like there was something extra missing. She couldn’t put her finger on exactly what, just.. Something.

Wanda sighed, thinking a hot drink before bed might help, and headed for the kitchen. Her eyes almost immediately fell on the jug containing the flowers that Vision had Vision had given her. Suddenly, Wanda forgot all about the unknown missing something, and found a soft smile tugging at the corners of her sniffed the flowers, and her smile widened. She would need to pick up a proper vase sometime soon. Vision was the type of man who would probably buy his girlfriend flowers relatively regularly.. Not that she was his girlfriend, yet.

Wanda quickly texted Vision to let him know she was Home safe, then made her drink, taking it with her as she headed off to get ready for bed. She took the flowers too, setting them on her bedside table. It would be nice to see something beautiful when she woke up.

Vision smiled when he’d received Wanda’s message, as he’d been waiting for it. He had just enough time to text back a thank you, before Natasha called him.

“It’s a little late, isn’t it?” Vision asked when he answered the call.

“Sorry, couldn’t wait. How’d it go?”

“Well, I think. We had dinner and then came back home and watched a movie.”

“Ooh” Nat smirked, finishing the last of her large bowl of popcorn.


“Taking a girl home on the first date? Smooth, Vision.”

“It’s not like that!” Vision sputtered, his face turning bright red. “Viv was there. And even if she hadn’t been, I w-wouldn’t do that. I respect Wanda far too much. We want to take things slow.”

“Yeah, that’s understandable, I guess.”

“I’m glad you think so.”

“Did you kiss her?” Nat dumped the bowl in the kitchen sink.


“Why not?”

“Like I said, we’re taking things slow” said Vision. “I kissed her on the cheek, that was enough for us.”

“I get it. You’ve always been a little shy around girls. You barely spoke to me for a month after Virginia introduced us..”

“I’m not shy” Vision bristled. “Taking it slow just feels like the best way forward for Wanda and I. It’s what works.”

“Okay. When are you seeing her again?”

“Tomorrow. We’re having lunch.”

“Wow..” Natasha sounded confused.

“Again, what?”

“Just.. Making a second date for the day after the first one doesn’t exactly sound like taking it slow..”

“It just fit our schedules” said Vision. “We both have Tomorrow off work. I’ll be busy at parties the rest of the week. Plus, Tomorrow is the only day I can be sure of an extra few child-free hours.”

“Fair enough. I want a full report on how it goes, okay?”

“Okay. I’ll call sometime Tomorrow, then.”

They said their goodbyes, and Vision sighed as he disconnected the call. The House still felt empty. Maybe a warm drink before bed would lift his spirits..

Wanda dreamed of Vision again that night. She dreamed of sweet kisses and soft touches, dreamed of strong but gentle hands. Of his dazzling blue eyes, gazing at her like she was something special, something precious..

She woke the next morning, her cheeks slightly flushed, and glanced at the flowers on her bedside table. Then Wanda saw her clock, and cursed. She’d overslept, and Vision was picking her up in an hour. She quickly jumped out of bed and headed for the bathroom to shower.

Her dream had felt more real this time.. Maybe because Vision himself felt more real. Wanda had believed that someone as good and caring as Vision couldn’t possibly exist.. Now she was beginning to think that maybe he did.

Wanda’s hair was still slightly damp when Vision arrived to pick her up just over an hour later.

“Hey, Vizh.”

“Hello” Vision replied apologetically. “Sorry I’m a bit late, the traffic was a little heavier than I expected.”

“It’s alright, I was running a little behind schedule myself” Wanda smiled at him. She grabbed her bag with one hand, and Vision’s hand with the other. “Shall we go?”

“We shall” Vision smiled back.

Before long, they were sitting in the nice little Cafe that Vision had mentioned, sharing a pot of tea and chatting over plates of Eggs Benedict.

“This really is nice, Vizh” Wanda smiled, looking around. “Thank you for bringing me.”

“You’re welcome” Vision blushed. “I felt like I had to make up for our first date.”

“Hey, I liked our first date” Wanda lightly teased. “Although, it is nice to have the time alone to talk. So, you moved over here when you were..”

“Seventeen” Vision replied. “I did my Upper Sixth.. I mean, Senior Year here, and stayed on for College.”

“And you had Viv..” Wanda thought back to previous conversations, remembering a comment he’d made about changing diapers when his friends were having their first legal drinks, “At 21?”

“A few months before my 21st Birthday.”


“It was definitely a learning curve” Vision chuckled. “And even though I had quite a few people telling me I’d ruined my life, I couldn’t help loving Viv, and Vin, from the moment I knew they existed. After spending my whole life without a Family, finally having someone that was mine.. it was a big pull.”

“It must have been.”

“Of course..” He trailed off for a moment, “It did make losing Vin all that much harder..”

“I’m so sorry, Vizh..” Wanda’s heart ached for him. She couldn’t know how it felt to lose a child, but she did know what it was like to lose the person you loved most when you had no-one else.

“I.. It doesn’t really get easier, but I’ve made my peace with it. It wasn’t anything I did wrong, or Virginia.. Sometimes these things just happen. We were lucky to still have one healthy child. And besides, I..” Vision trailed off again.


“You might think I’m crazy..”

“I promise that I won’t.”

“Well.. Sometimes I get the feeling he is still around. Vin, I mean. I hear a little boy laughing out of nowhere, or see an extra shadow playing with Viv.. It’s silly..” He looked down.

“No, Vizh..” Wanda reached across the table, grabbing Vision’s hand. “It’s not silly at all. It’s kind of.. frumoasa.”

“Frumoasa..” Vision repeated, breath catching slightly. Wanda’s accent thickened when she spoke in her own language, and it was just about the sexiest thing Vision had ever experienced. “W-What does that mean?”

“Beautiful” Wanda translated. “It means beautiful.”

“Beautiful..” Vision filed the information away in his memory for later use.

“Mmhm.. It’s nice to think that the people we’ve lost are still with us in some way. I like to think that my brother.. It’s just nice” Wanda smiled softly. “Not crazy at all.”

Vision smiled back, slowly bringing their joined hands to his lips and kissing Wanda’s fingers.

“Thank you.”

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Title: Sometimes (Almost) Everyone Lives
Rating: T
Fandoms: Iron Man/Avengers (MCU)
Summary: Post Endgame.  Tony Stark Lives.  This is the story of what comes next…
= = = = = = = = = = = = =


Originally posted by van-dyne

The darkness had been suffocating.

How could it be suffocating though?  Wasn’t he dead? Or was this hell? Was this what he would have endure for the rest of everything to come?  

He had expected that if anything that he’d at least be able to glimpse those that had been lost before him…  Or maybe that was just him getting hopes up. God, how he missed Pepper though… He remembered her face and her final words to him before everything had slipped away.  He’d felt at peace, but now…now that peace was stripped from him.  

The question of it all being worth it had been voiced.  

Was it?

Years ago, before he was even Iron Man…his life he had thought had had meaning…but it had been all a lie.  He’d not been anyone that anyone had loved, he’d not made any real difference in the world, and he’d probably not have been missed if he’d driven his car off a cliff in Malibu (or if he’d just not returned from Afghanistan).  Everything had changed for him and over the years he knew he’d gone back and forth about whether being Iron Man had been a blessing or a curse… Being Iron Man had changed him, but it hadn’t only been being Iron Man…it had been people too.  

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Seeing as it is once again Headcanon O’Clock: please imagine Steve and Natasha are both super touch starved for different reasons (search yourself you know it to be true) and they’re both really bad at sharing emotional things, but somehow they end up in the habit of hugging or holding each other while they talk about heavy subjects (i.e. love lives, identity issues, the State of the Nation, etc)

And like this means they don’t have to meet each others’ eyes or see their faces, which makes it a Lot easier, and also it becomes a bit of a positive reinforcement around sharing

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Drunk Drabble Round 9


Pairing: Steve x Reader
Word Count: 598
Warnings: None, soft fluffy Steve in a sweater
Request: @iwantutobehapppier​ Steve 24 please dollface. 😘 “Is this the part where we kiss?”


“Men don’t dance in this day and age Steve,” you said, eyes drifting away from the television screen where It’s a Wonderful Life played. Your seasonal amusement at the dance scenes in the movie hadn’t faded over the years. “It’s one of those things that just faded away. The only time you ever see people dance now is at clubs or at a wedding.”

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tagged by: nobody bitch, i started it. 

rules: list your top 10 fandoms (in order if you can), from the past decade! celebrate the end of this fucking nightmare decade. 

1. Disney

2. Avengers/MCU

3. Band of Brothers

4. Game of Thrones

5.  Harry Potter

6.  Heath Ledger Fandom/The Patriot

7.  Once Upon a Time

8. Outlander 

9. AMC’s TURN: Washington’s Spies

10. Phantom of the Opera//Broadway, in general

tagging: @spartan-in-a-b-25 @summers-in-the-air-heaven @gilove2dance @jtownraindancer & anyone else who would like to participate! 

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One Shot’s

Pick up to two words and a character or Ship, Fluff, angst or Smut, Platonic or Romantic. 

Crime Scene

Iceberg lettuce








Mango crate


Fizzle out









Gin and Tonic






Pick a color and send me a character or ship and I’ll build ya something cool. 




Black and White

Color pop







Earth Tones

Cool Tones 



Please give me a character or ship and I will build a playlist for them on Spotify and I’ll post the link in your ask. :) 


Head Canons

Please send a character or ship with a question for a headcanon.

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Okay, I seriously need to know: How do people on here get recordings of movies or TV shows to make gifs of? I’ve been trying everything I can because I really want to make gifs again, but nothing seems to work.

My Surface Pro has a built-in screen recorder that’s designed to record gaming, but I used to use it to record my screen when watching a movie, and it worked perfectly well! But suddenly one day, it just stopped working and all I would get is a black screen with the audio still recorded just fine.

Please, gif-makers, I need assistance. I really want to make more gifs, and I don’t know how you all do it!

Please let me know! <3

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Y/N: How does your spidey sense work, Petey?

Peter: Why do you want to know?

Pietro: Why so suspicious?

Wanda: They are still at war over the Gif Battle

Peter: No we’re not

Tony: Yes you are

Tony: And I don’t like it one bit

Tony: Family night is ruined

Peter: Ugh 😣

Peter: It’s kind of like tingling around the back of my neck, or all over my body if the threat is bad enough…

Y/N: Oh

Y/N: So you’re basically a living, walking source of ASMR

Peter: No…

Y/N: Yes..

Y/N: I wonder if your tingle can be made to spread…

Peter: Y/N NO

May: Did anyone say tingle?

Wanda: Hi May

Pietro: It was Y/N

Wanda: She’s probably experimenting on Peter right now

May: Can I come over?

May: I want to watch

Peter: MAY

Tony: Well, at least he’s still alive

Steve: TONY

Tony: Hi Steve 😎

Tony: And of course you can come over, whenever you like

Sam: What does that mean

Nat: Which one?

Sam: Both

Y/N: I think I defeated Peter


Y/N: It’s not as satisfactory as I thought it’d be

Y/N: We can’t bicker while he’s out

Tony: What do you mean, out???

Tony: Y/N?!



Wanda: She’s out too


Sam: What the hell

Bucky: They’re dropping like flies

Steve: BUCKY

Bucky: It’s true though


Fury: No you’re not


Nat: I didn’t know Tony was your child, Steve 😉

Clint: Good one 👌

Fury: Why did you have to say that?

Fury: He’s running in circles screaming

Clint: How much do I have to pay you so you’ll film it and send it to us?


Fury: Nothing, the glory is great

Fury: Be back soon

Tony: What just happened?

Hill: Fury has been compromised

Tony: I’m not surprised

Nat: Are you ever?

Tony: What is that supposed to mean?

Peter: Hi

Tony: Hey, kid, nice to see you up and about

Peter: Hmmm?

Tony: Because Y/N was experimenting on you?

Peter: What?

Sam: Do you reckon her experiments left him brain damaged?


Nat: Great, now he’s losing his shit again 🙄

Peter: I really don’t know what you’re talking about

Peter: Y/N and I just got back from a walk

Peter: We didn’t even take our phones



Wanda: *need

Y/N: I’ll call Ned and MJ for you, they’re experts at this sort of thing

Pietro: Experts, yeah

Pietro: They didn’t even catch us last time…


Peter: Y/N/N, forget that, let’s take another walk

Peter: We’ll go further this time…


Beck: That’ll be easy…


Vision: Yes?


Peter: IS he gone?

Y/N: Yes, let’s go

Y/N: Ned and MJ are on their way, they can watch over you all until we get back

Peter: Yeah..see you guys later!

Sam: What the hell

Bucky: Is that the only thing you’re capable of saying?

Sam: Shut up, they just sent us babysitters

Sam: We’re older than they are

MJ: Not mentally



Originally posted by friendsthetvshow

Bucky: I agree

Ned: You’re not excluded

Bucky: STEVE

Steve: What?

Bucky: They said I’m mentally younger than Y/N and Peter

Bucky: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Steve: But you are

Clint: Whoa

Wanda: Don’t say tea

Clint: Okay..

Clint: Pizza 🍕

Wanda: Good 😋

Clint: 😈😈😈

Wanda: 😈😈😈

Ned: We’ll bring some

MJ: Yes

Clint: We’ll await you anxiously

MJ: Send the speed boys to pick us up

Clint: Which of the three do you want?

Wanda: Choose carefully 😈

Ned: How about all?

Ned: One for each of us

MJ: And the other for the pizzas

Clint: Perfection



Originally posted by sooper-dee-dooper-natural

Y/N: Only give the pizzas to Barry though

Y/N: Maximoffs can’t be trusted

Peter: Unless they’re Wanda

Y/N: Yes

Wanda: Thank you ♥️♥️♥️

Y/N: 💘💘💘

Peter: 💝💝💝

Pietro: Hey that’s hurtful

Peter M: Very

Peter: Come on

Y/N: You two know it’s true


Peter M:

Pietro: Yeah..

Peter M: I guess we do…

Y/N: Okay, then it’s settled

Peter: Have fun, we’ll join you later

Y/N: Someone babysit Tony please

Peter: His bedtime is midnight

Y/N: Feel free to tie him to bed if you have to

Bruce: Will do


Tony: But thanks kids, I love you

Peter: We love you too

Peter: Y/N would type that too, but she’s actually taking a dip in the ocean…

Peter: And I’m about to join her 😈

Clint: Whoosh

Tony: I don’t like this

Bruce: Yes you do


Tony: Okay

Tony: Maybe

Tony: I’m going to bed though

Tony: See you all tomorrow, hopefully with something better…

Tony: Love you all 3000

Nat: Cheeseball 🤗

Tony: Thank you 🧀

Tony: But now I’m really going, or else this will never end

Tony: We’ll see you soon, Y/N

Bruce: Or die trying…

Clint: Do you have to be so dramatic…

Nat: You’re one to talk…

And on and on they go. Forever.

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