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#avengers 4

this is probably going to get kind of meta-y but HERE WE GO

i rewatched infinity war yesterday and realized that in this scene (not my gif btw):


wanda is essentially fighting the power of all six infinity stones: she’s destroying the mind stone (in vision’s head) while also holding back thanos, who likely would be using all five stones to try to reach vision.

in case you needed a reminder, the infinity stones are LITERALLY the most powerful things in the universe. and not only does she hold ALL THEIR POWER back, she DESTROYS one of them AT THE SAME TIME.

(friendly reminder that destroying the stones in endgame nearly killed thanos and wanda was, for the most part, physically unfazed. not to mention she does it HERSELF, no other power sources used)

but THAT’S NOT ALL. she does all of this only minutes after doing THIS (also not my gif):


which means that massive uses of her power require little to no recovery time.

in conclusion, some of y’all haven’t acknowledged that wanda maximoff is the strongest avenger, and to that i say:



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a homeless peter fanfic  AO3 link

summary: After two years of living in the streets, Peter Parker Sympathizes with thieves.Spiderman still stops them.(And yet, it’s the sight of his unmasked self , the scrawny homeless kid in an oversized jacket, that sends gang members running.)


Go out Bruce, they said. It will be fun, they said. Nothing bad’s gonna happen, they said.Well, they got one thing right. Because this? This isn’t bad, this is a disaster.(It’s a good kind of disaster though)

A/N so I got bored and decided to copy my story here. enjoy

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My six year-old neighbor: Woah! You have Loki on your laptop!

Me: Yes, I do

Him: … he’s bad

Me: *about to throw hands with this little kid* Is he though?

Him: Yeah. In the avengers the blue stick made him bad. Otherwise he’s good

Me: *tearing up* you’re damn right you funky little man!

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So basically Robert has said no to an Oscar nomination for Tony because he feels that the material aspect of winning an award for that role would take away from the closeness he has to that character and the amount of time and energy he has put into that. His basically said that Tony means so much more to him than a Oscar???

I love him.

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For some reason, today I was just feeling…really emotional about Tony and his death. Maybe it was because I was working in my Iron Man cosplay, maybe it’s because I’ve been reading some really excellent (but emotional) fics.

But I just couldn’t stop being sad that he’s gone. After all this time - months since Endgame came out - it still feels so raw sometimes. He deserved more.

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