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#avengers asks
How would bucky feel about seeing his partner in 40s style lingerie? Would he be into it or would it freak him out?

It would depend on why they were wearing it.  He’s got no attachment to the 40s and his memories of it are fuzzy.  Too much has happened to him between then and now for him to care.  It’s lingerie though and it’s meant to be sexy, so it depends on the reasoning.

If they just happen to like that kind of thing, and they feel especially sexy in it, then he’d react just how they wanted him to react.  If they wore it because they thought he would prefer that, he’d be a little sad that they didn’t know him as well as he thought they did.  But honestly, the length of time he would take to get to sex they probably wouldn’t be doing that anyway.


Originally posted by bishopl

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Headcannons for massages for Bucky and Steve? How about Sam? Would he be ticklish or more inclined to just cuddle?

Originally posted by marvelheroes

Sam is a very human Avenger who does a lot of very physical work.  Flying alone without the fighting on top of it would put a lot of strain on his lower back and shoulders.  Even as a single man he’d need to see someone for remedial massage and physio just to deal with that.  If a friend or lover wanted to massage him at home, he’d be incredibly grateful.  Even if it was just a half-assed shoulder rub.  The more seriously you took it, the more into it he’d be.  You could get him to make all kinds of noises with a good massage using oils.  If his lover took those noises to their next level and let their hands stray to his dick, well, he’s never going to complain about that either.  Though he will likely tease you and tell you how dirty and presumptuous you are.


Originally posted by nicolebehariewce

Sam is also very tactile.  He likes hugging and touching his friends.  So if a friend put their feet in his lap or asked him for a neck rub he’ll happily oblige.  Especially if they were both just like that.  Knowing they’d do the same for him would definitely be something he liked to reciprocate.  He is very strong and he has nice large hands and dexterous fingers, so he’d be able to get out that tension for you quite easily.

As a lover massage isn’t his favorite foreplay.  He’d rather just be spontaneous leading into sex.  But he is a very giving person and if his lover was tense and the wanted a massage he’d help them out.  Because he’s so playful though, those hands are going to go between your legs even if it’s just to tease you for a second before going back to working out your aching muscles.  The closer to those sex sounds you made the more he’d do it until one hand was still massaging you and the other was getting you off.

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Hi! I was wondering what Sex between Tony and Rhodey would be like?

Originally posted by tonystarkz

This is hard to answer fully due to the fact that we don’t actually know the severity of Rhodey’s paralyzation.  We know he can’t move below his waist without the artificial legs Tony created but not how it affects his sexual function, and that’s both important, and not something I like to just make assumptions about.

Prior to the accident, they’d be mostly about the silly stuff.  Tony is definitely the more submissive of the two and while things would definitely get intense between the two of them, with Rhodey acting as the dominant, as well as just loving sex in the bedroom, mostly it would be about Tony just seeing how far he could go teasing Rhodey before Rhodey shoved him into a janitors closet or the nearest bathroom to teach him a lesson.

There would still be a lot of that, but mechanically it would likely be different.  There would be more toys and devices involved now and anything spontaneous might just involve being fingered or jerked off roughly.  Maybe not though.  Like I said it really depends.

Tony is still the more submissive.  Not always obviously.  Tony likes to switch it up and always has.  But mostly he falls submissive and Rhodey mostly falls dominant.  They both are mostly about having fun with each other.  Tony is still all about teasing Rhodey until he gets a reaction.  Even if that reaction is ‘you’re in for it later’. 


Originally posted by tonystarrks

Their favorite things to do would include:

  • Powerplay - Tony does not like to give his submission easily and Rhodey loves earning it.
  • Public teasing - Rhodey pretends he doesn’t like Tony being the little shit he is, but he really loves it
  • Semi-public sex - as much as they can get away with or do given both of their restrictions
  • Frottage - they can get very tactile during sex
  • Bondage - Even if it’s just Tony’s hands pinned behind his back, Rhodey does like to make sure Tony knows who’s in charge.

Originally posted by robinwrightarchive

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What would sex with poly Thor & Bucky be like?

Originally posted by keepbuckybaby

As I said in the post about sex between them, With Thor and Bucky, you’ll have two very strong large guys who have the same view of sex being fun and enjoyable but who need to come at it at two completely different times and speeds.

You would start having sex with Thor much quicker than with Bucky.  There’s a chance sex with Thor was happening before the three of you even were in an official relationship.  Bringing Bucky into that would go slow, but Thor is kind and patient.  He’d never push the other man to do things he wasn’t ready for, and he’d make sure anyone else that was with them was equally patient.

Once the three of you hit your stride things would be very spontaneous and tactile.  You’d always be touching each other, whether it be sexual or not.  There would be a lot of starting up everywhere other than the bedroom.  They’d both worry about hurting you if they used their full strength, so while they’d like showing off a little, but lifting you up an fucking you against the wall, it would tend to lean on the more gentle side.  There would be things they did with you that neither would do with the other.  Thor, for example, would love to do electrostimulation but he’d never try that with Bucky.


Originally posted by fluturojdallandyshia

Their favorite things would include:

  • Oral Sex:  Thor in particular is a huge fan on going down on people, and why would either of you stop him.  They would very much like Daisy Chains too.
  • Train:  The closeness and each of you being spooned by another while you were all connected.  Bucky would adore being in the middle of a train though it would be the way to make him come the fastest.
  • Public Teasing:  Not always, it needs to be the right time and place.  But at a stuffy event that isn’t important, they are both going to be into a good distraction.
  • Double Penetration:  However you want to take them both they’ll happily oblige.  They love how they can feel each other while inside of you.
  • Eiffel Tower:  It doesn’t matter to them who is in the middle.  They enjoy every position and they love to add to it by kissing over the person taking them both.
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What if Steve’s SO wanted to put a face mask on him too, while doing their skincare routine? Like just to be playful and to see how silly the both look, would he agree? If he was in a good playful mood ofc. That sounds like a cute fun time

Yeah, sure.  I mean, he obviously doesn’t need to, but he’s a good guy who likes the people he loves to be happy.  If that made his friends or his S/O happy, and he was in his downtime he’d do it.

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Peter parker and Clint!

Peter Parker: I think a lot of people here know, but I suffer from anxiety and depression, and used to self harm a lot few years ago… huge part of my family don’t know because I’m not sure how they’d react… so I guess that’s kind of a secret 🤷‍♀️💜

Clint: My safe place is 100% at my parents house, my home, because I can’t be truly myself there without a judgement ❤️

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Lolli, Drax. Rocket and Valkyrie

Loki: I think I’m generally a good person, but I once swore at my grandad and never truly apologized for it, and now I’ll never have the chance

Drax: I wanna be invisible nonstop! Especially from my responsibilities 😅

Rocket: I once stolen a pad for my bra because it was missing 🙈🙈

Valkyrie: I’m a huge tea person, so whenever I have the chance, I drink tea. If we’re talking aboutt alcohol, then probably gin tonic 😇❤️

Thank you for the ask my sweet thing ❤️

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Grandmaster 😏😋

Count on Jess to ask me such thing 😅❤️❤️

I have so many omg 😅😅 but I think the biggest one right now is daddy kink combined with praise kink? 🤔🤤

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Faz moodboards para os casais!

Essa é uma boa ideia!

Quando a história for avançando e os casais forem se revelando ou avançando eu farei um moodboard para cada casal 💜

Se tiver algum outro request pode mandar pelas asks, é uma grande fonte de inspirações ver suas sugestões, perguntas e teorias!

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Avengers Asks!! (Honorary Avengers included!)

Thor: What gives you strength?
Captain America: Generally speaking, do you trust the government, or do you believe it’s corrupt?
Drax: Do you ever take things too literally?
Spiderman: If you have the ability to help someone, do you believe it’s your responsibility, or your choice to use it?
Black Widow: Do you believe in redemption?
Groot: Are you a fan of nature?
Shuri: Do you think technology can always be improved, or do you ever feel like things should be left as they are?
The Hulk: What calms you down when you’re upset?
Doctor Strange: Has something bad ever changed your life in a positive way?
Ironman: If you had the money to do so, would you buy power?
Nebula: Do you have any family issues?
Deadpool: Do you ever find your moral code conflicting with those around you?
Antman: Do you believe that small actions can make big differences?
Hawkeye: Do you ever feel overlooked?
Rocket: What’s your favorite insult?
Valkyrie: Who are you most loyal to?
Black Panther: What do you hope your legacy will be?
Star Lord: What song (or songs) always make(s) you feel empowered?
Captain Marvel: Do you ever have to shoulder other people’s expectations of you? How do you deal with it?
The Winter Soldier: Is there anyone you can always trust to be on your side no matter what?
The Wasp: Is your family legacy one you would want to take over?
Loki: Is it ever ok to deceive someone? In what circumstances?
Okoye: If you had to choose between what you believe is right and what you’re told is right, what would you choose?
Gamora: Are you a person who dances, or a person who doesn’t dance?
Scarlet Witch: Do you prefer magic or technology?
War Machine: Would you ever be able to act as a soldier, or are you too opinionated for blind loyalty?
Falcon: Flying: Yay or nay?
Mantis: Do you ever find your emotions changing because of the people around you?
Nick Fury: What’s the story behind one of your scars?

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