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#avengers assemble

avengers assemble may be the best marvel animated series but they fucked up loki’s story and kept him a villain at the end when they should of just let him continue trying to be a hero and finally get the recognition he’s desperately wanted and be happy.

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Before you two started dating, Nat and you go super drunk just the two of you because everyone else was busy. So she opened up about the Red Room and how she has a family now.


Originally posted by misswhovian101

You: I remember when I first met you in 2011 (aka iron man 2) your *looks at her boobs* hair was real perky. *winks*



Originally posted by dawnsedits

*Natasha and Yelena seeing you kicking ass*
Yelena: So.. that’s your girlfriend?
Natasha: Yeah, she is.

Yelena: So does she have a sibling my age?


Originally posted by theavengers

*Her calling you in the middle of a mission to make sure you’re alright on the battlefield*


Originally posted by robertpattnson

You and her messing around during one of Tony’s banquets:


Originally posted by merelybeing

When she first sees you, you were sassing off Tony and she realized then and there that she wanted to get to know you…way better. 


Originally posted by stevenwhatshisfacexx

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Hands down one of my favorite chapters I’ve ever written. 


Originally posted by leighannesources

Carol: I don’t wanna live love this way. I don’t wanna hide us away.

Being with Carol was both a dream and a nightmare. The dream part was that you were with an amazing woman, but the nightmare was hiding it.

You wanted to be able to show the world how amazing your girlfriend was.

You had no idea if she felt the same.

She got mad because someone asked you if you had a partner at Tony’s party and you said no. She had made some piss poor excuse so you guys could go back to your apartment.

“What was I supposed to do Carol? You’re the one who wants to keep this a secret.”

“Maybe say yes? and just say you don’t wanna talk about them.”

“Saying no shut the topic down instantly! If I said yes they would ask more questions.” You said, absolutely tired of feeling like this, feeling rejected.

She sighed heavily, her angry sigh and you continued, “you know for someone who wants to remain a secret, you’re pretty fucking territorial!” You snapped.

“Because I love you.” She shrugged helplessly.

“And I love you.” You sighed, putting your head in your hands. “I don’t know what to do, Carol.”

“Y/N…” You looked up to see her big puppy eyes.

“I want to be able to hold you in the streets, to kiss you on the dance floor. I want to show the world how in love I am. I’m tired of hiding!”

“Y/N, it’s not easy for me either! I grew up having to hide the fact that I love women, I couldn’t hold my first girlfriends hand without worrying about a mob.”

“My love,” You said walking up to her, cupping her cheek and wiping away the tear that escaped, “it’s not like that anymore. Sure, there’s hate crimes that still happen and let’s face it, those people will always exist. But now, more people will stand up for us if anything happens.” You were a realist, you weren’t gonna say nothing will happen because you don’t know that for sure and you’d rather be honest than feed her lies.“

"The news, the avengers, what about them?”

You smiled and shook your head, tears were brimming your eyes, “they will be supportive, you really think Steve and Bucky haven’t fucked?”

She choked out a laugh, and you continued, “they will love us unconditionally, hell, Tony will probably throw a pride party for us. And if the press gives us trouble..well the Avengers will rain down hell.”

She scoffed another laugh and leaned her head against your shoulder, you wrapped her arms around her, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” You kissed her head and swayed her gently.


Originally posted by marvelheroes

Wanda: Why can’t you hold me in the street? Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor?

Wanda didn’t want to tell anyone because she had just broken up with Vision, you two got together a week after that breakup.

And Vision was heartbroken over Wanda leaving him, and Wanda and you didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

She had assured you that you weren’t a rebound and the reason she broke up with Vision was because she started to develop feelings for you and that wasn’t fair to Vision.

Of course, the team knew you two were close, hell, Vision tried to come to you for advice on how to win Wanda back and you said, “she doesn’t want you back Vis, get out there, there’s more women.” Although, you understood him, you couldn’t imagine the pain you’d feel over Wanda breaking up with you.

Speaking of her, she just rolled over in bed, her arms slipping around your naked waist and pulling you closer. She sighed into your neck and it ticked you, you giggled.

“You should laugh more,” she sleepily mumbled.

“I laugh plenty, darling.”

“Not enough,” She did a little sleepy groan, “I want to hear you laugh every hour.”

“Every hour?” You smiled and rolled to face her, her eyes sparkled in the sun that was streaming into your room. Her skin glowed from the night before.

She nodded, “every hour, my love.”

You rolled your eyes, cupped her cheek and pulled her to your lips, she always tasted so sweet. You moaned as her hand moved from your waist and hiked your leg on top of her thigh.

“Hey, Y/N-” You heard a mans voice say as someone walked in.

The two of you pulled apart quickly to look at Scott, he stood there with a box of donuts, as well as his jaw dropped and eyes wide. You two were absolutely mortified and terrified, you were pretty sure Wanda could feel your panic. It wasn’t hard for him to figure out what you two were about to do or what you did last night, clothes were strew about the room and you guys were so obviously naked.

“Scott,” you spoke gently, “come in and shut the door.”

He obeyed, looking at you two with wide eyes, Wanda pulled the blanket up around you tighter.

“Ask your questions.” Wanda said, “I can hear them bouncing in your head just say them, Scotty.” she said, using the nickname the Avengers have been using around him.

“How long has this been going on?” He asked, gesturing to the two of you.

“3 months.” You both answered.

“That’s when you broke up wth Vision…”

“No, I didn’t cheat on him.” Wanda said, “I broke up with him because of my feelings about Y/N.”

“Oh wow,” he asked, “are you two planning on telling anyone?” He asked sitting on the bed.

Wanda shrugged, “we talked about at our six months we will.” She looked at you nervously, your hand on her waist squeezed affectionately.

“We need you to keep this a secret, Scott.”

“Of course!” He said, “it’s none of my business, now if you’ll excuse me…” He got up, and handed you the box of donuts, “here. I brought them up just for you, but you have a snack buddy.” He smiled reassuringly and left.

Wanda let out a sigh, “sweet hell.” She said flopping back. “That was awful.”

“Well,” you said, taking out a sprinkled donut, “it could’ve been, Tony.”

She groaned again, “Give me a donut, you hog, I deserve one.”


Originally posted by heybinary

Maria: Why can’t I say that I’m in love? I wanna shout it from the rooftops.

With Maria being one of the top people in SHIELD, you two have to keep it all a secret. She has a lot of enemies that would do awful things to you and she couldn’t bare it. There’s been one time where she had to put you into a safe house for a couple months. You got a lot of reading done during that time.

You weren’t gonna lie, it sucked not being able to say that you’re in love. You wanted every person who ever said being gay was a sin to know that you were in love and happy and they would stay hateful the rest of their lives.

But you couldn’t.

Fury advised you two against it, he loved (he’d never admit it) the fact that Hill was happy and the two of you were together. He said when the two of you are more “serious” to tell everyone. But, he warned you two that coming out as a couple would be hard. Because of the fact that the two of you oversaw different sections of SHIELD. You were international, she was national.

That was another factor that made things hard, that when you saw each other after months of not being able to be face to face or even contact one another (thanks isolated missions) you couldn’t jump in her arms.

But then she proposed, after four years. Four years of secrecy and the two of you could tell everyone. It was nerve racking, but you guys did it.


Originally posted by booasaur

Natasha: It’s obvious, you’re meant for me. Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly.

Hiding a relationship was hard, especially one that felt so right.

During the day, Nat and you had to act like friends, not lovers, not girlfriends. You had to act like you weren’t head over heels for the assassin. Nat didn’t want the Avengers knowing for the reason that it could mess up the team dynamic.

But at night, she laid with you, your bodies fitting together like a lock and a key. You knew the two of you were perfect for each other, but she didn’t want the team knowing.

“Do you think,” you asked, your hands combing through her hair, “we could tell the team soon?”
She sat up, “Y/N…”

“Hear me out,” you said, pushing up on top of your elbows, “we tell them in a month, at that point we had been together for 8 months and it’s clear to them that we haven’t let it get in the way of any missions.”

She sighed, “I don’t know.” The both of you sat up.

You groaned, “Nat, I’m tired of being your little secret.”
“Why do you care if the team knows? Do you need their validation that badly?”

You shot back, stung. “It’s called being friends with people, you share your lives. It’s what normal people do.”

“We’re far from normal, Y/N.” She deadpanned.

“Maybe we deserve some normalcy then!” You said exasperated. “I spent my entire teenage years hiding who I was, who I was dating. I’m sick of it.”
“Well, when we got together we talked about this.”

“Yeah and guess what? We were simply just fucking, are we still ‘just fucking’? Have you still not accepted the fact that you aren’t a heartless monster like you think?”

She opened her mouth to say something but you kept going, “no, I’m talking, you listen because every time I try to talk about this you spout some stupid ass sweet talk and I’m not doing this shit again.” You leaned toward her, “you think you don’t deserve happiness, you don’t deserve love because you’ve killed people, guess what nobody in this fucking tower as a clean ledger.”

You sighed as she stared at you, “I’m ready to be your official girlfriend to the world.”

“Okay.” She nodded, “okay, we’ll tell them tomorrow, I promise.”

Your heart lifted it up, despite the weights on it. Nat never broke her promises.  "Yeah?“ You asked.
"Yeah.” She said and leaned into you, “I love you, and I’m sorry.”
“I’m sorry too,” You said wrapping your arms around her, “I love you too.”


Originally posted by natashagifs

Shuri: We keep behind closed doors, every time I see you I die a little more.

You had been dating Shuri for over a year, in secret of course. You two were not ready for the world to explode at the news of you two dating. The media outside of Wakanda found out about the genius that was the princess of Wakanda. And automatically they pitted Tony and Shuri against each other. And you were the daughter of Tony. (i live for this trope guys shush)

The two laugh about it and make jokes, but it freaks you out. The media is already on your nuts as it is, same with Shuri. The world knows you two are queer as fuck, but saying you’re dating is a whole other thing than just being shipped together.

Yes, you two are shipped together, in fact the two of you stayed up one night reading Shuri x Y/N fanfiction. It was hysterical but really flattering that the world thought you guys had these adventurous lives, when in reality a night out for the two of you was going to the bookstore and eating take out (that you left the house to get) on the couch.

You were at a banquet with your father, T'challa and Shuri will be arriving shortly with M'baku and Okoye. You wore a white suit with a black modern corest underneath. Your hair was all gathered on your right side, showing off the bling on your left ear.

Bucky came up to your side and kissed your cheek, “you look beautiful.”

“Thanks big brother.” You said jokingly, you had a brother-sister relationship with Bucky and Sam.

“Shuri’s gonna combust when she sees you.” Sam chimed in on your other side. The two of them know about your relationship as their work in Wakanda was your cover up for going there so often.

“Speaking of the princess,” Bucky nodded to the stairs.

There stood the entire group, all looking breathtakingly beautiful. But one particular girl stood out to you.

Shuri wore a black Wakandian style dress, with a red and yellow belt around her middle. The outfit was shimmering with gold accents, her hair was pulled into a bun on her head.

A dark feeling entered your gut, you felt like you were dying; she looked so beautiful yet you couldn’t go up to kiss her. Shuri met your eyes and smiled so brightly, the darkness went away.

Bucky nudged you gently as the three of you began walking up to them, everyone greeted each other. When Shuri walked up to you and gave you a big hug, she squeezed gently.

“We’re staying for the week, soon, my love.” She said in your eyes, you squeezed her in response and you two pulled away. The others having a knowing look in their eyes, of course T'challa and Okoye knew and M'baku isn’t stupid so he definitely figured it out.

The two of you stayed around the bar most of the night, sipping on drinks and talking, but she caught you staring at a couple. The two women were close, you quickly recognized them as Carol and her girlfriend. They were swaying to the music and stealing secret kisses.

Shuri squeezed your hand, “soon, my love,” she swallowed, “soon we’ll tell everyone.”

You nodded and squeezed back, you were just happy being with her.


Originally posted by letitiawrights

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6. The hand formation of Avengers before time traveling looks like Tony’s first arc reactor which was later turned as a gift from Pepper to Tony.


7. Cap’s ring-in the end when cap shakes hand with Sam, there was a ring on his finger, which shows that he not only spent time with carter but marry too.


8, In Avengers 2012, it was shown only the letter “A” remains in the end of the movie


Here in Endgame, 2012 timeline, the broken letters are completely different than the original


9. Thanos doesn’t spin Thanoscopter by its handle. He holds the handle still and the blade rotates around the handle


10, Remember the “say green!” Scene?


The girl next to prof Hulk…looks AWFULLY SIMILAR to Clint’s daughter!!! She was disintegrated…


They are real life sisters…and the daughters of one of the directors, Joe Russo.


Thanks for reading……

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Carol felt like her hurt was about to explode.

She had gotten a call from Nick Fury while she was away fighting Kree. You had gotten hurt and it was bad enough that they thought you wouldn’t make it.

When she arrived at the SHIELD headquarters she didn’t waste a second. “Where is she?” She demanded.

Maria gestured for Carol to follow her, they walked down some hallways and saw people Carol didn’t bother to greet like she always did. You were hurt, you were dying.

When Carol saw you, she felt absolutely broken. You were so pale. You had tubes shoved down your throat to help you breathe, IV’s in your bruised arms. The bruises. You had cuts and bruises all through out your body. She felt tears prick behind her eyes. She closed her eyes to push them back but she failed.

“What happened?” She asked, shaken.
Maria swallowed, “a building collapsed. She had so much internal bleeding that….” Maria trailed off and pushed tears back as well. Taking a minute to sniff and clear her throat.

Carol felt for Maria. You were like a little sister to her. “We’re gonna lose her, aren’t we?” Carol asked
“She won’t be the same when she wakes up.” Maria looked at Carol, tears were streaming down their faces. “Her spine….it’s damaged. She’s gonna be paralyzed from the waist down.” When Maria spoke, her voice was grave. “And you know Y/N, that’s gonna crush her and with her mental health stuff…” Maria shrugged helplessly. “Nobody knows how she’s gonna react to this….” She trailer off, but Carol knew the second part of that sentence.

“If she wakes up.” Carols face crumpled as she let her tears flow freely. Maria cautiously wrapped her arms around Carols shoulder, bringing her into her side.

Don’t give up on us, Y/N L/N.


It had been months, they were considering taking you off life support and Carol fought for you. Your room always had people in it. Wanda brought you some blankets from your room at the tower, Nat brought your favorite flowers. Tony whispered to your sleeping body, “if you wake up, if you fight through the pain, I will buy you a Ferrari.” Nothing.

They missed you terribly but Carol took the worse of it. She slept in your room, cuddling your hoodies, spraying your perfume on everything she owned, lighting your favorite candles, reading your favorite books and finding little annotations in them.

The Avengers didn’t know how to help her, she adapted a schedule. She’d wake up at 5:30 AM, eat breakfast, go for a flight, work out with someone and then sit in your room until dinner. And when she couldn’t do that, Maria always did. Or somebody else.

She had accepted the fact she might not see your smile again, and it destroyed her.

But when she got the call that you woke up, she rushed down to the building.

She walked to the glass window that looked into your room, and found the bed propped up with you leaning against it. You were letting Bruce check your vitals, but you were crying. He just told you that you couldn’t walk again.

Carols heart broke again. She knocked on the door, holding back from tackling you in a hug. You looked over at her, your eyes still red from crying with tears streaming down your flushed cheeks.

“Hey, babygirl.” Carol said, smiling, ignoring the fact that Bruce was in the room.
“Sweetheart.” You sighed in greeting, smiling big despite the news you just got.
Bruce smiled and said, “I’ll leave you two be.” And he hurried out of the room. So happy to see both of you smiling.

“Hey,” she said again, sitting in the chair next to the bed.
You started crying again, “Bruce just told me that…I won’t be able to walk again.”
She gripped your hand, leaning down to press a kiss against it. “I know, baby.”
“I’m so scared Carol.” You said. “I don’t wanna face this.”
“You aren’t doing it alone, you have the Avengers and more importantly me. If you think I’m leaving…” She shook her head, “I’m never leaving again.”

You shook your head, “the universe needs you.”
“Hey, my universe needs me now. The other universe can wait.” She said, squeezing your hand.
You started crying harder, “this scares me.”
“I know,” she leaned up and kissed your temple. “But we will help you. Do anything for you.”
You sighed, “I love you.” You spoke, signaling the end of the conversation for now.
“I love you too.” She said, finally kissing you.


Originally posted by dj066rapunz3l

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In this one the readers a lesbian, instead of alluding to the reader being bi, pan or queer in general. I also wanted to do something with this lyric from the song girls by girl in red.


Originally posted by beerecklessart

You had never been boy crazy.

All your friends had crushes on boys, went on dates with boys, kissed them, had sex. You preferred hanging around girls. They smelled better, they wore prettier smiles, and they were all around soft, even the more masculine women, you felt safe around girls instead of men.

Yet, you could never even think about being into women that way, being in a conservative town and all.

So in order to get out of your town, you took a leap of faith to get out.

When you were 20, you got took on the Stark Internship in New York City, a place your identity would be safe. You always admired Starks forward thinking and tech, you also loved the Avengers. Your friends were al gushing about how cool it was for you to work with Steve, Bucky, Sam, Thor, the hot dudes. But you were excited to meet the Black Widow. Natasha Romanoff.

You thought it was because she was an empowering woman that you looked up to and strived to be like.

But it wasn’t that simple.

Tony had thrown a party, a “let’s get Y/N introduced” party. He gave you wine which you had never drank because you weren’t of age and people underage couldn’t sneak alcohol to save their lives in your town.

But when you first met her, she walked in, her arm in Clint’s. She was wearing a simple tee and jeans but it made your heart beat speed up. Her fiery red hair sparked something in you, her smile, my god, was it brighter than the stars. You knew you were blushing when she introduced herself but you blamed that on the wine that Tony forced into your hand.

Since then you two had allied as the girls that had to deal with Tony and Steves bullshit fighting. Wanda noped out of that but you guys had to deal with it.

Your feelings for her had gotten stronger, you can’t even meet her eyes most of the time, you sometimes have the courage too but you’ve never explored these feelings for a woman before. She could say that she wants to fuck you and you’d brush it off as she just wants to be friends.

You were sitting down in the training room, just reading but Nat insisted on you being down there with you. She said she missed you after a recent mission and has been sticking to your side recently, you love it.

You couldn’t help but watch her fight Steve and Bucky. Her moves were so smooth and she looked like a warrior goddess even though she was just in baggy sweats. Her skin glowed as she continued punching.

They’re so pretty it hurts…

“What guy is on your mind Y/N?” Sam joked, “you keep staring at the training floor with a glow in your eyes.”

Nat caught your eye and smiled, and you felt like your heart lit up.

I’m not talking about boys, I’m talking about girls.


Originally posted by adayinthelifeb

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