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#avengers endgame spoilers

The only sounds in the dark room were Tony’s soft snores, the constant beeping of the heart monitor. The armchair that Pepper had occupied was empty. Nebula remembered hearing Rhodey convincing her to get some food, that Tony would be fine until the morning.

Nebula stepped closer. Tony’s face was still gaunt and hollow, hair salted with streaks of silver and grey. He was still much too thin, but Nebula was thankful that his hands no longer shook, that the IV brought some colour back into his skin. 

She leaned against the wall, standing guard, waiting until the sun returned again.


The lack of sound is what jolted Nebula awake. The constant slow beeping of the heart monitor was no more. The bed itself was empty, and her eyes darted around the room, looking for her friend who could have fallen-

James Rhodes wheeled into the room, his eyes widening in understanding. “Nebula right? Tony’s alright.”

His voice was soothing, almost like he was trying to soothe a frightened bird, but that was ridiculous- she wasn’t the one that needed saving, Tony already saved her-

A warm hand gently patted her arm. 

“Come on, I’ll show you.”

And so, she followed.


In the garden, they sat side-by-side in a comfortable silence. The smell of fragrant roses filled her senses, a sweet scent so fresh and lush. Nebula had seen hundreds of worlds before, but nothing quite like this. 

Beside her, Tony finally spoke. “So? What do you think?”

He had told her stories of this garden, as they stared into the endless void of space. He told her of Ana Jarvis who tended these roses year after year, how she taught Tony how to care for them, how to love them long after she was gone.

“Even better than I imagined.”


Nebula exhaled slowly. This time will be different, this time there will be no pain.

She knew this, and yet-

Her hands could not stop trembling.

Another warm hand squeezed hers in comfort. Tony set down his tools to squeeze her hand. “I promise you, if you feel any pain, I’ll stop. I’ve got you.”

No longer would she glued together with the broken discarded pieces of Thanos. No longer would she feel that overwhelming, burning sense of rage every time she looked at herself in the mirror. 

Her new friends, her new family, would make sure of it.


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How do you feel about the endgame scene where Sam got Steve's sheild rather than Bucky? Do you think it was good or bad? Justified? Also, do you think they should've also showed more about how Steve and Tony gained trust and made up? Maybe show more of what the characters were going through in the 5 years of loss? I like your opinions and want to know. Thanks ❤🙏

Hi anon! Such interesting questions, let me try to answer them one by one…

1) I rather like that Steve gave the shield to Sam. Sam has a lot of the same values that Steve does: he’s big on loyalty to individuals over organizations, has been disillusioned by bureaucracy, and WILL go so far as to break the rules, if it’s to do what he feels in his heart is right.

Plus, he’s proven his worth as someone who reaches out (running a veterans’ support group) and opens his door (harboring Steve and Nat when they were fugitives from SHIELD) to people in need.

Moreover, there’s the possibility that Steve offered the shield to Bucky first(!) but Bucky refused.

See, I feel like Endgame could have mitigated the disaster that was Steve’s ending (and it WAS a disaster, in my opinion - I feel it was inconsistent with his character development, and didn’t make sense with the “growing old in normal time even with the super serum in his veins” bit, and besides, AREN’T YOU SUPPOSED TO BE IN ANOTHER TIMELINE, SIR? HOW DID YOU JUMP BACK INTO THIS ONE) simply by including ONE SCENE - a scene in which Steve and Bucky speak with each other.

It could take place after Steve sees an incredibly well-preserved Peggy in 1970. Steve suddenly realizes: he really, really wants to go back and stay with Peggy - maybe there’s a way to do so without breaking the current timeline, i.e. creating a new one just for him - but he also acknowledges that the future needs Captain America.

Bucky tells him he deserves to be happy. And the world can get a new Captain America.

Steve tells Bucky: it should be you. Bucky smiles and says no; it should be someone like you. Someone who shares your outlook and purity of heart. Someone who knows how it feels to be the Little Guy who hates bullies and never stays down.

That’s when Steve makes his decision.

I strongly suspect that in the upcoming TFWS series, Sam and Bucky are going to use the shield in turns XD Maybe they’re both going to be Captain America. But Sam being Steve’s official successor by receiving the shield first is awesome to me. I like to think it’s both Steve and Bucky acknowledging that young blood is needed to keep the legend of Captain America going into the uncertain future. And ultimately, both Steve and Bucky are men out of time.

2) As for how Steve and Tony gained trust and made up - I would certainly love to see more scenes of that, but cutting them into the movie was probably not necessary. It could be implied that they repaired their friendship only up to a point where they became functional as a team. I just don’t think there’s any way to get it back to what it might have been, before Civil War.

3) Re: what the characters went through during the five years of loss: you know what, I would love to see a separate story about that, which expounds on the summaries shown to us on Endgame.

So Bruce found a way to merge his identity and the Hulk’s? Clint somehow decided on killing baddies as a life purpose? Steve ran his own support groups, among other activities - but how did he make peace with world governments for his time running rogue, first? Thor descended into depression? What happened to Wakanda? I would really love to see how all of that came about. Plus, what about characters we never saw in Endgame - like Jane Foster, Christine Palmer, Mordo and Wong?

There’s so much potential for those five lost years. I hate thinking that they’ll NEVER be explored. But I’m hoping there’s going to be some sort of tie-in - a comic series, perhaps, or a novelization.

Thank you for the great ask! 💕

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So I’ve thinking a lot about that scene where cap before he heard Sam say “cap cap? Can you here me? On your left!” Steven Grant Rogers was going to fight all of Thanos’ army all by himself. I guess he thought it was hopeless but he wanted to go down fighting against Thanos’ whole army….. with a broken shield….. and I love him for it.

I’m glad that Sam and the others can back when they did. Because then it became hopeful that they were going to beat Thanos

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So I know what I’m about to post is controversial. But I think Steve’s ending was terrible. Mainly because he left Bucky. The man he spent years protecting. The man he became a fugitive for. No I don’t ship Stucky so that’s out of the question. It doesn’t make sense to me that he would go back to a woman he only knew for a little amount of time. Okay we’re about get really controversial!!!!

I don’t think Steve loves Peggy. I find it to be an obsession with her. He’s so obsessed with what might have been. He looks at her picture thinking of what he lost. He never choose to move forward. A healthy person moves on and doesn’t dwell on the past. Like take Severus Snape for example. He never let go of lily. He was obsessed up to a point when he died the last thing he wanted to see where Harry/Lily’s eyes. I know I’m gonna get hate for the post but oh well

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Second Chances chapter 1

Note: Now listen here, this blog don’t fuck with the Avengers Endgame movie but I really wanna give those of us hurt by it a little bit of happiness therefore this story was created.

Note2: on another note look at all their legs running, that shit looks funny

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Date published: 9/2/19


“Who in the hell are you?!”

Peter had just gotten back from a mission and when he walked into the tower - the one that once belonged to avengers, he was shocked to find a female one around his age unless doing what seemed to be homework at the kitchen table.

“Sup dude,” the strange girl replied back looking up from her notebook, she didn’t have a star struck expression upon seeing the boy in his super hero suit, nor did she freak out by his sudden appearance. In fact she was waiting for him - or at least for someone that belonged to the team to find her body.

“I know what your thinking? How did I get in here, who am I, why am I here? With due time will all questions be answered but right now I need for you to contact everyone who Tony was ever friends with,” she says.

Peter couldn’t believe his ears, did this girl just tell him - no! Demanded him to call everyone Tony even knew? And all for what?!

“Now listen here -“

The girl cuts Peter off, “Look dude if you don’t want me to bring Tony and Nat back to life that’s all cool and all but I’m sure Morgan would really love to see her father again.”

Peter heart tightened. This girl - someone who he knew nothing about said she could bring Mr. Stark and Ms. Romanoff back?! This had to be some kind of joke, this girl was lying, she was twisted.

“Karen run a scan on her,” Peter mutters to his suit.

“Yes Peter,” Karen - Peters suit A.I replies.

“Running scan now…”

“Scan complete…”

“No information found…”

“No that can’t be, Karen run scan again. Search for her records worldwide,” Peter commands.

“Yes Peter,” Karen once again replies.

“Now running scan worldwide…”

“Worldwide scan complete…”

“No information found…”

Peter head snaps in the direction of the girl - she seemed to be relaxed in his presence. Her arms were crossed along her chest a red gel pen rested on the kitchen island and she wore a somewhat neutral expression.

“Now that your done with all… that. Call the others,” she says.

“I don’t even know who you are!” Peter shouts.

“Good point, the names (Y/n) (L/n). I am (age) years old and have decided to bring back Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff, because…well because I can really,” she laughs.

“Well (y/n) -“ Peter says her name unsuringly.

“If you can bring back them why not just do it now?”

“Well assuming you just got back from a mission I’m pretty sure you’re not gonna wanna move around the room furniture. And I know I sure ass hell ain’t therefore the others would be able too,” (y/n) says.

Peter was stuck. On one thought this girl might be telling the truth and on another she could be lying. If she was in fact lying they’ll be hell to pay but if she could actually bring them back - then…we’ll Peter didn’t know.

“Who do you need me to call?”

“Oh you know the norms - Bruce, Steve, Bucky, Loki, Thor, Clint, probably T’Challa, Fury if that asshole is still up and kicking. You know the real O.G’s. I only request T’Challa cause I need some eye candy to look at,” (y/n) winked.

Peter nods and takes a deep breath, “Karen -“

“Yes Peter,” the A.I replies.

“Call the Avengers…”

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I just rewatched endgame except for I fast forwarded through the parts I don’t like so as far as I’m concerned there was no battle with Thanos and Tony and Nat are living happily ever after with their respective families

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