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#avengers endgame

ok ok so you guys know the concept of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald? it’s much bigger and controls the chaos emerld

i’ve been thinking what if, in an au, Endgame introduced the Master Stone, like the infinity stones but bigger

and the avengers found it to use it to stop the power of the infinity stones

and what if

when they found it

Stark goes “It’s just a stupid boulder”

and Nebula or someone who knows the infinity stones goes,

“It’s not just a boulder,

it’s a rock.”

and lets out one singular tear

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Peter - do you promise not to tell?

Steve - Hitler promised not to invade Czechoslovakia Peter. Welcome to the real world.

Steve - But yeah sure.

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I am actually so done with everyone shitting on the Russo brothers while they weren’t the ones who wrote Endgame

They directed the movie but they did not write the story so don’t blame them for writing something you maybe did not like while they did not write it

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Hear me out: War Machine movie. Set in the period between Infinity War and Endgame cos then we get to really get a look in detail about what it was like in those five years, what shit went down, what was enforcement like, etc AND we get to see soft Uncle Rhodey!!! Can you imagine Morgan and Rhodey- and we’d get to see soft retired Tony being happy for a change with his best friend. And don’t tell me that a War Machine movie wouldn’t kick ass. Come on: Rhodey is so badass and his humour kills. Basically I crave more Rhodey content cos let’s be honest we fucking deserve it.

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