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Chasing Demons Chapter 14 Preview

Behind? Catch up HERE 😊


“Just one more,” Peter muttered as he selected another file, this one a bit larger than the two previous ones he had decoded earlier that night. After that first initial evening, Peter had decided that it was too dangerous to work on the files while his dads were still awake, so for the past three nights he had been going to sleep at his usual bedtime, then setting an alarm to wake him up at 1am and working for as long as he was able to keep his eyes open.

But so far it had all just seemed like a massive waste of time, since besides HYDRA’s manifesto, all he’d been able to uncover had been nothing but a bunch of supply lists and personnel shift assignments.

Whoever it was that had kept HYDRA’s records at that Mongolian base had apparently written down freaking everything except what he wanted to find, and Peter’s patience was rapidly approaching its breaking point.

Reaching for his water bottle, Peter chugged over half of it in just a few seconds, wiping his sleeve across his chin before tapping open the next file. He breathed in, letting it slowly out as he allowed his eyes to relax into their unfocused state so he could decipher the text.

Twenty minutes later, Peter curled his frozen hands into fists and grabbed his glasses, sliding them on so he could read what he had just finished typing out.

“Subjects were selected from various science divisions within SHIELD, based on initial responses to treatment and willingness to cooperate with further testing. Incremental doses of CTX-616 were given at regular intervals to ensure compliance with testing.”

“They were experimenting with that drug,” Peter said, grabbing his polar bear and stuffing him under his chin. He let out a hard shudder as memories from the Miami bunker flooded his mind, of him lying strapped to a freezing cold concrete slab as the Aminacin drug burned through his veins like molten lava, while he bit through his bottom lip to keep from screaming from the almost unbearable pain.

And that had been before they’d pulled out Loki’s sceptre and tried to turn his brain into scrambled eggs.

It had only been a few weeks that he’d even been able to recall those memories, the coma he had been in for months following the Miami battle having repressed them so deeply that it’d taken until now for them to reemerge.

Or at least, that was Uncle Sam’s theory about it. Peter had yet to tell his dads that he was starting to remember more of what had happened down in Miami, and Uncle Sam had promised to keep it a secret unless he decided that it was doing Peter harm to do so. Dad and Papa didn’t need anymore reasons to worry about him, they already had enough of their own.

The file went on to discuss the death of at least twenty of the test subjects during the dose-titration experiments, since apparently non-enhanced people couldn’t tolerate the higher doses that Peter and Papa received. Even Dad, who had been given the drug too, had apparently gotten a much smaller dose since they were afraid that too much of it would kill him.

“So nice of them, since it almost did anyway,” Peter grumbled as he continued to scroll through the file, physically forcing his eyelids to stay open.

“Subject 114, successful demonstration of cryokinetic abilities in-laboratory. Doctor List recommends field test at new Avengers’ facility to determine viability.”

“New Avengers’ facility? That must’ve meant the Compound!” Peter exclaimed, clapping his hand over his mouth a second later. He had already deactivated JARVIS for the night, not wanting to be bugged every five minutes about why he was still awake, but the last thing he wanted was to possibly wake up Papa, who Peter knew had not been sleeping well lately.

“That must’ve been the guy that caused the lake to freeze over last summer,” Peter added. He rubbed at his eyes behind his glasses, his heart thudding as the file went on to comment that while the cryokinesis test was moderately successful, the subject himself didn’t survive the attempt.

“Subject 128 with a successful in-lab demonstration of hydrokinesis. However, subject terminated following failed attempt to capture one Peter Stark-Rogers.”

“Oh my God!” Peter breathed into his polar bear’s neck, his belly swooping at finding his own name spelled out in a HYDRA document. “They really were trying to get me?”

But… why? What’s so special about me?

There were several other subject numbers mentioned in the file, all listed with various matter-manipulating abilities and all who were then terminated for various reasons, including Subject 141 who had demonstrated the ability to control fire, but who also ended up failing to capture Peter Stark-Rogers.

“That must’ve been at the theatre,” Peter mumbled, his heart thudding madly. He shivered, burrowing down even further into his blankets as he kept reading, trying to figure out why in the hell HYDRA was sending all these semi-enhanced people specifically after him.

It just didn’t make sense, or at least it wasn’t making too much sense at four in the morning when he was drop-dead exhausted. Peter was enhanced, that much was true, but it wasn’t like he was the only enhanced person out there. Papa, Uncle Bruce, Uncle Thor, and Uncle Bucky were also inherently enhanced, meaning that their abilities didn’t depend on specialised equipment like Dad and the rest of their family members. But why was Peter being singled out as the target for all of these experimentally enhanced people? Why not Papa, who the senate was personally targeting with their smear campaign, or even Uncle Bucky, who had already been caught in HYDRA’s clutches once before and who was also still sensitive to the trigger words?

It wasn’t until Peter had reached the last few paragraphs of the file that he got his answer.

“Subjects 155 and 156 have successfully completed all trials and have demonstrated extraordinary abilities on multiple occasions, perhaps due to innate genetic enhancements present at birth as well as sibling relationship. Will hold in reserve while strategic plans move forward in the United States, and will continue to search for others.

“That’s it!” Peter said, his horror briefly tempered by his excitement at finally figuring it out. He tapped his tablet screen, highlighting the line he’d just read.

“Innate genetic enhancements present at birth.”

That was the difference between he and Papa and every other enhanced person on their team. Aside from Uncle Thor, Peter was the only enhanced person that he knew of who hadn’t received his powers as an adult, after the fact. And while Uncle Thor was a literal god—and likely not even HYDRA seemed to be up for targeting actual gods, especially if doing so would very likely piss off Uncle Thor’s father and bring down the entire wrath of Asgard upon them—Peter could see how having soldiers who were genetically enhanced from birth, mutants, as it were, would be preferable to those they would have to artificially create.

The full chapter will post on Monday, December 16th 😊

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Spy Bay

Sam: Steve

Steve: Yes?

Sam: Where’s your kid?

Steve: Y/N or Wanda?

Sam: Y/N, but Wanda’s nice too

Tony: Wat do you want with MY daughters

Wanda: *what

Tony: Yes, kid 🙄

Wanda: 😊

Sam: Nothing I should go

Wanda: That was weird…


Tony: Yes?


Tony: You’re going to a volcano?

Steve: No

Tony: Hold it, Rogers

Peter: We’re going to Volcano Bay

Peter: The theme park

Peter: Not an actual volcano

Sam: Thank God

Sam: Can we come with?

Nat: If T'Challa okays it

Tony: Oh, I see how it is

Tony: You’ve stolen my children and team to the dark side, haven’t you, cat?

T'Challa: I am a panther, but yes

T'Challa: It is entirely your fault

Tony: I don’t like you

T'Challa: I don’t care

Clint: Great

Clint: Now, why don’t we all make friends?

Clint: So we can all go together and not kill each other while we’re there?

Wanda: I don’t think that will be possible


Clint: Why?

Clint: Do you know something I don’t?

Wanda: I always know something you don’t

Pietro: That’s true

Y/N: Yes

Peter: If Y/N says so, then it must be

Pietro: Lovesick puppy

Y/N: Leave him alone

Y/N: I can still drown you when we get there…

Pietro: You can’t catch me

Y/N: Want to bet?

Peter: I wouldn’t


Pietro: Fine

Pietro: But only for now…

T'Challa: Alright, I’ve had enough of your bickering

T'Challa: Pack your bags, I’ll be picking you all up tonight

Tony: Why tonight?

Tony: Tomorrow morning would be much better

T'Challa: Because it is my jet and we can wake and go much earlier if we are already there

T'Challa: Now leave me alone, I too must pack

Tony: Don’t forget that stringy piece I love 😈


Pietro: Who?

Sam: You, for one

Pietro: How about you, too?

Y/N: Shut up

Peter: Please

Wanda: Please is not necessary

Pietro: EVIL

Wanda: Yes

T'Challa: I shall pretend this is not happening

Nat: Great idea

Nat: Now, off your phones, we’re packing in the living room in five

Pietro: Fine 🙄

Sam: Boring


Steve: Stark, why are you taking the suit?

Tony: Just in case

Peter: In case of what?

Nat: He’s just paranoid, leave him alone

Tony: I’m not paranoid, I’m careful

Sam: Carefully paranoid

Tony: Did I ask you?

Sam: You didn’t have to 😉

Tony: Ugh

Y/N: Peter, can I borrow your spare webshooters?

Peter: Of course

Pietro: Why did you even ask, he says yes to everything when it’s you

Wanda: Is someone jealous?


Pietro: No..

Wanda: Right

Wanda: We’ll pretend I believe that

Y/N: Why would Pietro be jealous?

Pietro: Iwouldnt

Tony: Okay, less typing, more packing

Tony: We’re leaving in three hours, I see all empty bags

Steve: Sharon’s coming with us

Sam: SHE IS?!

Wanda: Sam just dove into his suitcase

Y/N: It was amazing

Loki: Marvelous

Tony: Perfection

Clint: Are you all syncing in sync?

Steve: When aren’t they?

Clint: Good point..

Thor: Why has the falcon jumped into his suitcase?

Wanda: That’s classified

Peter: Classified English tea

Y/N: Or pizza

Pietro: I’d like pizza…

T'Challa: I’ll get some on the plane



Peter: But Y/N, it’s only been three hours and you’re not asking Pietro!

Y/N: He did it unprompted ten minutes ago

Pietro: 😏

Peter: Ihateyou

Y/N: Petey, please?

Peter: Okay…but only for you

Y/N: Thank you 😊

Sam: That’s blackmail

Bucky: Or brainwashing

Wanda: So long as it makes him put sunscreen on

Nat: All is fair in love and war

Pietro: Just war

Wanda: Think what you like 😈

Pietro: I don’t like you

Wanda: I know



Originally posted by aenibanaeni2b



Originally posted by alyssa1413

Y/N: Are you guys gearing up for a gif battle?

Peter: We want in

Tony: Are you all done with sunscreen then?



Tony: Why the sudden silence?

Wanda: They have gone off

Pietro: WHERE?!?!?!?!

Wanda: I don’t know…

Tony: Did you have to tease him like that?

Wanda: Yes 😈

Tony: Alright 🙄

Tony: Where are they, really?

Wanda: Behind the rocks on the far end of the beach

Wanda: Plotting Pietro’s downfall and something else they’d kill me for telling


Tony: Tell me

Wanda: No


Steve: Great, now she’s gone too


Sam: Do we have to go on the flower slide AGAIN

Y/N: Yes

Peter: It’s part of the plan

Tony: What plan?

Peter: The one we’ve been working on since last night…

Tony: That’s not an answer

Y/N: That’s because you didn’t ask a question

Tony: What…

Thor: This is highly amusing

Tony: I gather you’re in on the plan, then?

Thor: Naturally

Tony: Right…


Steve: Anyone seen Sharon?

Sam: Missing your lover?

Steve: 🙄

Wanda: I’ve seen her

Sam: Where?

Wanda: She’s accompanying Y/N and Peter on the flower slide again

Sam: Why?

Wanda: Stark is convinced Y/N and Peter are up to something, so he won’t let them go anywhere on their own

Wanda: It’s very humorous

Thor: I agree

Wanda: 🥰

Thor: 💘

Clint: Why are you flirting with my child

Wanda: He is not

Clint: I have yes

Wanda: You have *eyes?

Clint: Yes

Wanda: Of course…

Peter: HOLY

Wanda: What


Wanda: Has the plan finally flown, then?


Steve: Why is that bush shivering as rhhjfuk kkguk ghdu

Nat: Is that…

Wanda: Yes

Pietro: WHY Y/N WHY

Y/N: Because

Peter: It was fun


Nat: Tony is stuck in a bush with Steve

Nat: And now Sam, who is trying to free him

T'Challa: I shall make short work of this…

Pietro: I’d like to see that happen

Scott: Wow

Hope: Yes…

Peter: What’s up?

Wanda: How are you not seeing this?

Y/N: We’re going round the flower slide again


Peter: Yes?

Y/N: We’ve got tight grips

Pietro: Nice 😎😎

Y/N: 😈😈😈

Peter: Tell us what’s up, though…

Scott: T'Challa is also in the bush…

Scott: And it seems

Y/N: What?

Hope: That we now have dates to spy on


Peter: I love you

Pietro: WHOA

Wanda: I love them so much

Pietro: Me too…

Pietro: I’ll buy you ice cream and we’ll spy?

Wanda: Yes

Wanda: I love you too

Pietro: That’s gross, but I love you

Pietro: Now come on


T'Challa: When shall we tell them it was all an act?

Tony: Never

Tony: Look at how happy they are

Steve: Yes

T'Challa: Alright

T'Challa: But I am not going out with Wilson again

Tony: That’s fine, you can go out with me

T'Challa: gfkj khifi khogtok

Steve: Congratulations, Tony

Tony: Thank you, Steve

Steve: Double date with me and Sharon next week if T'Challa’s still alive after this?

Tony: Hell yes

Tony: Let’s go watch the kids, though

Tony: I’ve got a feeling Y/N and Peter will start throwing sand at Pietro and Wanda any second now…

Steve: Can’t wait 😏

Tony: I know 😉

Steve: Last to get there has to babysit Sam?!


Steve: gjfik dtuyib nkgujgkm jygikde

Tony: stjkknm vufyjkn kkfjjhi

Peter: This is great…

Peter: I love you

Y/N: Love you too…

Peter: Come use me as a pillow?

Y/N: Only if I can do more…

Peter: Always 💘

Y/N: 💘💘💘💘💘

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Chasing Demons Chapter 12 Preview

Behind? Catch up HERE 😊


After swearing to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help them God, Tony and Steve retook their seats, waiting expectantly as Senator Davis cleared his throat, giving Tony that politician’s smile of his that always made his skin crawl.

“I’d actually like to begin with some questions specifically for Captain Rogers,” Davis said.

“Sir,” Steve replied, sitting so perfectly straight in his chair that Tony was certain he could’ve balanced a level across his shoulders.

“Can you please state your complete name and birthdate for the record, Captain?”

“Yes, sir,” Steve replied. “My name is Steven Grant Rogers, and my date of birth is July the fourth, nineteen hundred and eighteen.”

Senator Davis raised his eyebrows as a chorus of murmurs broke out amongst the committee members sitting around him. It never failed to amuse Tony just how many people seemed to have forgotten that Steve was actually lost for sixty-five years.

“Please pardon the reaction from my colleagues, Captain,” said Davis. “I’m sure you can understand the unusualness of your situation.”

“I highly doubt that anyone could understand it better than myself, sir,” Steve said, forcing Tony to fake a cough to hide his snort.

Oh, how I adore that man.

Davis’s slimy smile wavered just a bit. “Yes, well I’m sure that’s true. I do have some questions for you, Captain, regarding how you came to be enlisted in the Army back in 1941.” He pretended to shuffle some of the papers in front of him, folding his hands over the stack.

“From my understanding, Captain,” Davis began. “You were initially rejected in your attempts to enlist in the Army. In fact, you were rejected four separate times before finally being accepted into the Strategic Science Reserve. Is that correct, sir?”

A sharp flash of anger shot through Tony as he watched Steve gulp out of the corner of his eye, his rigid posture not wavering even a millimetre. Where the hell is this asshole going with this?

“Yes, sir,” said Steve. “That is correct.”

“I see. Can you please explain to my colleagues how exactly the fifth time was the charm?”

“It was at that point that I was introduced to Dr Erskine, Senator,” replied Steve.

“And Dr Erskine was able to overrule all four of the previous rejections?” asked Davis. “Just like that?”

Steve gave his head a quick shake. “I wasn’t informed of the exact process by which Dr Erskine arrived at his decision, sir, only that he did.”

Davis’s large nose gave a twitch. “Yes, well, it did seem as though things finally went your way at that point, isn’t that right, Captain?”

“I suppose that’s one way to look at it,” answered Steve. “I was just glad to finally get the chance to serve my country.”

“And serve your country you did, Captain,” piped up one of the senators from the back row, a middle-aged man from Montana or Wyoming, Tony couldn’t quite recall. “I still have all of my father’s Captain America comic books that he left me when he passed. All in mint condition, I might add!”

Steve smiled proudly as several of the other committee members nodded in agreement, tilting their heads together to share their own stories of the legends of Captain America. Tony watched as Senator Davis’s expression morphed into something that could only be described as murderous, only for a second or two before he was able to regain his composure.

As if we needed anymore confirmation that Davis is in bed with HYDRA, Tony thought. Dude’s practically broadcasting it with a satellite.

The full chapter will post on Monday, December 2nd 😊

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Author’s note/summary: I put a few of my other projects on hold–I promise I’m still working on prompts!–because I wanted to get a little fluffy Avengers family Thanksgiving piece done. Pure fluff, Tony-centric, enjoy!

Family Dinner 

1, 264 Words

When Tony suggests Thanksgiving dinner, he doesn’t expect such enthusiasm from his fellow Avengers. They may live in the tower together, but he didn’t know how close they really felt until Clint and Natasha came to him, rather sheepishly, with a page and a half of dinner suggestions, and a promise to start cooking that afternoon. 

“Whatever you guys want,” Tony had said, slightly in shock, and Clint had given him a satisfied nod. 

“Don’t worry, Stark. It’ll be good,” Clint had promised, and Tony had just smiled into his mug of coffee. 

Banner had been taking more time off of work, and it had been nice to see him in various reading nooks around the tower, curled up with tea, or talking with Thor on the roof of the tower. Ever since Bruce had taken a trip to Asgard, he had been a little more closed-off, but with Thor, he was much more relaxed. While Tony missed having him in the lab, he was glad Bruce was finally beginning to warm up to them again. 

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@star-spangled-bingo - Holiday fic
@tonystarkbingo November flash bingo - 001: Steve Rogers

Characters: Steve Rogers & Avengers team

Tags: Avengers family, Thanksgiving, Food issues, Fluff and angst

Word count: 3100

It’s Thanksgiving with the Avengers, and Steve doesn’t think he’s ever seen so much food. With good food and good company, everything is going great… until it isn’t.

On AO3

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Reader is a Registered  Nurse in a city hospital. She works usually 3-11pm but sometimes works 11pm-7am. Lately though without the necessary staff, she is asked if she could pick up any overtime hours as a nurse or a nursing assistant/patient care tech. Never one to abandon her patients she complies working more and more and more. Without much family or friends to keep her and her workaholic tendencies in check, her neighbors step in.
Sargent James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes-AKA the Winter Solider and his best friend Captain Steve Grant Rogers-AKA Captain America begin passively helping, leaving food on her doorstep, making sure she can walk from the elevator to her place in one piece, keeping tabs on her whereabouts and even using their heighten senses to ensure her personal safety behind the walls.
When a fire drill doesn’t wake you Bucky Barnes takes matters into his own hands, with Steve and The Avengers’ help of course.


The elevator was quiet, blissfully quiet. Completely devoid of the talking, typing, clicking, clacking, cart-rolling, pill-passing noise of the general medicine floor of the hospital you worked at. The bright fluorescent lights were the only thing keeping you awake. If your state of being was to be considered awake, you leaned heavily on the back wall of the elevator using it to keep upright. Swaying, your blinks were long and frequent, pushing off the fatigue until the last possible minute. You were almost home, after your fourth 16-hour shift in a row, you had your fist day off in ten or twelve days. The money from working so much overtime was nice but it left you tired down to your mitochondria.

Finally, the elevator dinged, and the doors opened. You stumbled out and onto your floor paying no attention to anything other than the floor in front of your feet, keeping ahold of all your belonging and finding your key. Your shuffling gait was in a direct collision course with one of the occupants from the other room on the floor. You shuffled on, not aware of him at all.

“Jeez, Y/N, are you okay?” Sargent James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes asked as he side-stepped your swaying shuffle.

“I’m fine. Jus’ tire’ is all.” You slurred. You came to a rough halt, not wanting to lose a moment with you floormate. You didn’t dare turn around knowing that you would see stars.

“Did you work all night again? Do you need some help getting to your room?” Bucky looked at you back, noticed your light trembling and swaying. “Never mind, I am helping you to your room. Give me your keys please, Y/N.”

“No. I can’t let my patients suffer.” You fisted the keys to your apartment, which was across from the one Bucky shared with the one and only Steve Grant Rogers-or as most knew him, Captain America-and lurched away from him. You tried to put more effort into speaking so the slurring wouldn’t be too heavy, a day nurse had told you that you were practically unintelligible. Your suddenly clear speech did not distract him from the fact it took you three tries to fit you key in the lock.

“What am I going to do with you?” Bucky sighed. You figured it was rhetorical and even if not, it was getting harder to stay awake. Bucky nudged you out of the way, unlocking your door for you and guided you in. You inelegantly threw your stuff on the counter, heaving a deep sigh.

“James, thank you for helping me get home. I should be fine from now. I am going to sleep a bit and get a shower. I am off today. I hope.” You faced James totally, wanting to convey your thanks properly. “I don’t mean to be such a burden to you. Let me know how I can repay you.” You flashed him a bright grin.

Bucky felt his breath catch. Even run down as you were, even dressed in wrinkly and smelly and sweaty and stained scrubs, your hair a greasy pile on your head and speech almost undecipherable. You were beautiful.

“Repay me? Y/N, there is no need. You are my friend. You are Steve’s friend. I am doing what anyone should do, being a nurse is hard and demanding on a full-time schedule, let alone the insane one you have.” Bucky said. You just shook your head and smiled.

“Fine, you win, mister. Now, if you don’t mind, I need a shower and to clean up my apartment and a nap. So, go do your ‘Avengers’ thing.” You made a shooing motion with your hands. Bucky held his up and walked backwards out the door laughing lightly.

“You shouldn’t lie to your elders. That isn’t polite. If you need me just knock. We just got back from a mission. Steve is still at the compound, but I came straight here” Bucky said. “Do you want anything to eat? I can whip up some eggs for you. You are looking a little thin.”

“I’m not ‘ungry. Have a few chores. Then sleep. Later?” You were slurring again. Bucky took your answer as a question. From sharing your floor, the last few months, he knew you were prone to skipping meals too often.

He and Steve used their heightened senses to keep track of you. Left to your own devices you slacked in the self-care department. He had learned that you worked 3pm-11pm most days but some days it was 7pm-7 am or even 3pm-7am, and the latter seemed to be happening more and more frequently. He knew you didn’t have much family or friends to alleviate the workaholic tendencies you displayed.

“Okay, Y/N. Why don’t you come over for dinner? We can watch Blue Planet. If you need us, we are across the hall.” Bucky offered.

“Thank you again, Sargant Barnes. Without your help I would still be sitting in the hall asleep.” You focused on his face once more. He peered closely at you and seeming to believe that you weren’t in danger of passing out, He ruffled your messy hair and left. He closed and locked the door behind himself.

The second the door shut it felt as if he took all the liveliness with him. You sagged where you stood, exhaustion catching up with you. You looked around and sighed, your place looked like a goblin had been living here for a month. The last two and half weeks especially had been rough on your floor at the hospital, being a general medicine floor, you took anyone eighteen years or older for anything at all. You could have a 20-year-old with the flu or an 89-year-old with a fresh hip replacement. You had the beds for any patient the hospital had to admit that didn’t need a specialty room (unless overflow happened). The floor had 60 beds for usually 6 nurses and 8 nurse aides, however, there was a low supply and high demand for healthcare workers. Recently, you have been the nurse for 30 patients and having to help the aides since there are only four or five of them a night. And even shorter staff on the overnight shift, leading to you picking up or needing to stay over because no one was there to relieve you. You also picked up shifts as a nursing assistant or patient care tech, believe that no nurse is above their aides and you understand you patients better.

“Okay, let’s get changed and then shower. We can clean up after that.” You nodded firmly, pulling from the almost empty energy stores to get moving.

You pulled off your filthy scrubs, not even beginning to identify the mysterious stains and added them to the dirty laundry. After a quick shower you pulled on sweatpants and a shirt, feeling like a functioning member of society and not a dirty trash goblin. You gathered all your dirty clothes and began on of the many loads of laundry, while that went you did dishes and cleaned out the fridge, took out the trash, changed sheets, swapped the throw blankets on the chair and couch. You even wrote a grocery list for the next week or two. After doing a second load of laundry you called it quits. It was 9:30 in the morning and you needed some sleep before tackling the rest of your chores.

“Two melatonin and two-night ibuprofen should do the trick. I can sleep. I can sleep and not have to get up for work until tomorrow.” You said to yourself. You took the medication and curled up on the couch with David Attenborough lulling you to sleep.

“Some arteries of the blue whale of big enough for adult humans to swim through.” Was the last thing you heard.

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[- Sharon? where’s Sharon? where’s my cousin, Rogers?]

Headcanon in which Tony and Sharon grew up together and considered each other family because the senior Starkey and Carter were close friends .

Tony gets off the ship and sees pepper and the Avengers alive, but not Sharon. Stark asks Rogers where his cousin is, but Rogers doesn’t answer, just purses his lips. Tony is then taken to headquarters, where he learns that she-his only family he has left-has become one of the victims of the click.

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Spider-man masterlist

Hello everyone! This is my tiny masterlist for all my spider-man stories so it’s easier for anyone to find them and mIgHt read it and leave comments, like it or reblog it. Thank you so much for taking the timeeee. Plus, if you want me to do any request?? Hell yes. Loveeee -J


Originally posted by peters-holland

S E R I E S:


Summary:  Y/N Stark and Peter Parker are unconditionally in love with each other, being friends for years was just the step before making it official. BUT, just the weekend they became official Thanos and the snap happened, leaving Y/N broken: without friends, avengers family or Peter Parker. So, she has to move on, at least that’s what everyone’s telling her and she really tries to do it and who better to help her than Harry Osborn. But has she really let Peter go? What if Tony Stark -genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist- knows how to bring Peter back? And what happens when he does? Is Y/N going to avenge again? Who’s going to lead the avengers now? Who is she going to choose? Harry or Peter? and who the hell is mysterio? *He doesn’t even go here*

B L U R B S:

“hey hey you yeah, I don’t like your girl(boy)friend”The Daily Bulge publishes a not so good article of Spider-man with Black Cat, y/n is pissed because that’s her boyfriend not only flirting but not catching her, so she decides to take matters into her own hands but it’s not that easy, because I mean Felicia is…well you will see.

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Back to you masterlist

Summary:  Y/N Stark and Peter Parker are unconditionally in love with each other, being friends for years was just the step before making it official. BUT, just the weekend they became official Thanos and the snap happened, leaving Y/N broken: without friends, avengers family or Peter Parker. So, she has to move on, at least that’s what everyone’s telling her and she really tries to do it and who better to help her than Harry Osborn. But, has she really let Peter go? What if Tony Stark -genius, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist- knows how to bring Peter back? And what happens when he does? Is Y/N going to avenge again? Who’s going to lead the avengers now? Who is she going to choose? Harry or Peter? and who the hell is mysterio? *He doesn’t even go here*


Originally posted by pinkrocketimagines

Prologue: Y/N Stark and Peter Parker are in love and just the weekend before they had decided that it was time to make it official. Then, Thanos and the Snap happened. 

Took you like a shot
ught that I could chase you with a cold evening
a couple years water down how I’m feeling about you
eling about you)

Chapter I: Y/N is depressed after Peter turns into ashes, seventh months and she hasn’t been able to let it go until Tony’s words finally snap her out of it. Sprinkle with some memories of Y/N and Peter. 

Chapter II: Y/N buys another building without telling Tony,  heart to heart with Nat about the snap and then travels to cali to expand her non-profit but she gets a surprise and her breathing it’s taking away by a Harry Osborn??

Chapter III:

Chapter IV:

And every time we talk
Every single word builds up to this moment
And I gotta convince myself I don’t want it
Even though I do (even though I do)

Chapter V:

Chapter VI:

I wanna hold you when I’m not supposed to
When I’m lying close to someone else
You’re stuck in my head and I can’t get you out of it
If I could do it all again
I know I’d go back to you

Chapter VII:

Chapter VIII:

You could break my heart in two
But when it heals, it beats for you
I know it’s forward, but it’s true

I know I’d go back to you
I’d go back to you

Chapter IX:



Author’s note: As you may saw it i decided to change the whole fucking plot of this. I want to make a more structure story before I go back to home and I feel like I have to time to make it work. Moreover, I wanted to make Y/N a badass who LOVES anvenging and wants to help people but emotionally she can’t avenge without Peter with her. The chapters will be longer I SWEAR and hopefully you wont have to wait that long


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Y/N: Loki, are you a snake?

Loki: I believe that I am not

Tony: He is

Thor: He’s more like a bilgesnipe

Y/N: What is that?

Thor: It’s … kind of like a mammoth

Bruce: From very very far away

Loki: And I am not one

Thor: I say you are, brother

Tony: I maintain that he’s the snake

Loki: How many times must I apologise for throwing you off your tower?

Loki: And ruining your carpets and your sanity and possibly one of your daughters



Clint: Haunted by your relatioonship with Y/N?

Clint: 😎😎😎


Clint: Why, isn’t it true?

Pietro: EVIL

Clint: It’s hilarious how you take her side, even though I know you’re jeloaloys and disapproving

Pietro: *jealous

Steve: Hi, Wanda

Tony: Was that a joke?


Loki: Are you alright, Y/N?



Thor: Is it a bilgesnipe?

Pietro: Why are you so fascinated with them?

Pietro: I thought that was Loki’s job 😉

Loki: Foolish mortal 🙄

Loki: Now tell us what you’ve found, Lady Y/N



Tony: What?!

Clint: Don’t sound so surprised, we know you write some

Y/N: WHO’S WE???

Clint: Me and Nat

Wanda: Nat and I

Clint: Ah, there she is

Wanda: 😊😊😊

Vision: That’s cute

Wanda: Thank you 💘

Bucky: Vision’s swooning

Sam: Forget him, tell us what sort of fanfiction Stark rights


Sam: Right 😉

Wanda: 🤬🤬🤬🤬

Bucky: Vision is swooning - again

Sam: At least he spared us his bullshit this time

Steve: You are not nice

Sam: Thank you, Steve

Steve: It wasn’t a compliment?

Bucky: He knows that


Steve: I don’t get it

Nat: I’ll get Y/N back here to explain it to you

Tony: Where is she, anyway?

Wanda: Yes, I’m suspicious of the silence…

Pietro: Before any of you ask me, I don’t know

Wanda: How come?

Pietro: I don’t want to know

Tony: Oh, so you’ve finally acquired your blocking skills?

Pietro: No…

Pietro: I think she’s the one blocking me

Tony: Why don’t we go for ice cream?

Wanda: That’s random

Steve: Without Y/N?

Tony: She’ll catch up to us…

Steve: Okay..

Y/N: So, I might have turned Loki into a snake and Thor into a bilgesnipe

Y/N: I swear I didn’t mean to

Y/N: I mean, is it really my fault that Merlin came over and let me borrow his powers while he was asleep?

Y/N: Or that we made shroom fairy rings in the garden and I might have gone too far with that and then when he went to bed I just thought I’d play a prank on our lovely Asgardians and miscalculated?

Y/N: Well…you’re all asleep

Y/N: I’m going to bed

Y/N: Just don’t be surprised to find a mythical cow on the couch…

Y/N: If that’s what a bilgesnipe is…

Clint: What the hell is that stench

Steve: Maybe Loki left his steed in the living room again?

Nat: His steed doesn’t poop

Wanda: And it smells strangely of flowers…

Tony: It’s too early for this

Steve: It’s ten o'clock

Tony: Yes, too early

Bucky: Steve’s rolling his eyes

Tony: Color me shocked

Wanda: Oh my God

Steve: What?

Pietro: Why is there a moose in the living room?

Steve: Goddammit, Loki

Tony: I think it was Y/N

Steve: What?

Tony: Scroll back

Bucky: Steve has collapsed

Tony: Great…

Clint: I am about to collapse from the stench

Nat: Tony, tell us what’s going on


Tony: Did you go camping without me?

Sam: Is he going to become the Spake Man now?

Clint: What the hell does that mean?

Wanda: He was trying to mix the word spider with the word snake

Pietro: He failed

Sam: HEY


Y/N: Hi

Tony: Hi

Y/N: Thank you, Tony

Sam: Why are you thanking him?

Y/N: No reason

Sam: Right…

Steve: Has anyone seen Loki?

Steve: I don’t want this thing in the living room anymore

Tony: Peter’s seen him



Tony: Steve, did you hit your head on the way down?

Peter: SNAKE

Tony: You’ll be funny, just step on it

Wanda: That doesn’t make sense…

Tony: Now, isn’t it amusing that Steve knows

Tony: But doesn’t know?

Wanda: Oh…

Wanda: Yes

Tony: Let’s take Thor out for a ride, why don’t we?

Y/N: Can I bring Loki?

Tony: Yes, please

Peter: Oh thank God Y/N I was dying

Peter: Can I come with?

Tony: Should we tell him?



Clint: Tell who what?

Y/N: Yes

Wanda: Yes

Tony: Okay

Tony: See you all later

Clint: But…

Clint: But Thor and Loki aren’t here?


Clint: Oh

Clint: OH



Steve: I still don’t get it…

Nat: You will…

Nat: Soon

Sam: You, lady, sound like someone who gets it

Nat: I do

Bucky: Care to share?

Nat: No

Sam: That’s cruel

Nat: I know

Steve: What if I bake you a cake?

Nat: Maybe…

Steve: A cake and a pie?

Nat: You’re getting warmer…

Steve: A cake, a pie, a batch of cookies?

Nat: Sold

Nat: Come meet me in my room 🍥

Steve: Yes ma'am

Sam: Wait..



Steve: Barter for it yourself


Steve: We can talk about that when you’re dying

Clint: Whoa

Clint: Pizza 🍕

Wanda: Yes..

Bucky: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Sam: 😥😥😨😥😥😥

Tony: Poor souls…

Tony: I’m proud of Steve, though

Y/N: Me too

Tony: Do you think we should help our bilgesnake now, then?

Y/N: Hmmm…

Y/N: I think it might be too soon

Tony: But aren’t you desperate to see the look on their faces?

Y/N: Yes…

Loki: Thank you so much, Lady Y/N

Loki: If I was a snake much longer, I might have bitten the spider child

Peter: WHY ME?!

Thor: Come now, brother, you were not even venomous

Loki: Says the bilge that took a dump in the living room

Tony: Did he really say took a dump?


Y/N: I think Pietro’s been teaching him

Pietro: I don’t take dumps

Pietro: I use the potty

Tony: What

Wanda: Y/N, is this you?

Y/N: I don’t think so…

Pietro: I also steal Steve’s cookies

Pietro: I should go

Y/N: We should too

Y/N: Since it seems Thor and Loki are trying to kill each other right in front of us

Tony: By slapping each others’ butts

Pietro: Seriously?

Wanda: I think we’ll be heading over

Tony: Just bring everyone

Tony: We can have a picnic with Steve’s cakes

Nat: Great idea!

Nat: I’ll herd them


Nat: Sorry Thor

Nat: We’ll slither over then


Tony: That was brilliant

Nat: Thank you 😊



Clint: Whoa

Tony: Let’s have cake

Nat: Drop the phones, please


Steve: The screen is cracked…

Y/N: Stop typing on it, you’ll cut yourself

Peter: What just happened?

Tony: You mean Y/N and Steve sneaking off to a bush?


Tony: More like moth-to-moth


Nat: Oh no

Peter: Um..

Peter: Where’s Tony?

Nat: He’s mothing off

Pietro: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Sam: Wow

Sam: Remind me not to get on Y/N’s bad side…

Pietro: Better quit while you’re ahead

Sam: Huh hgdoknhu gjdgjdi jkguk

Y/N: Now my work is done

Bucky: Wait…what is he?

Y/N: Your new pet, now bye

Y/N: Peter and I are going swimming

Peter: We are?

Y/N: Yes

Y/N: I need a reason to give you moth-to-moth

Peter: fgjk jkdtuk jkfiktuk



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Pietro: Foff, old man 😂🤣😎

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Y/N: How does your spidey sense work, Petey?

Peter: Why do you want to know?

Pietro: Why so suspicious?

Wanda: They are still at war over the Gif Battle

Peter: No we’re not

Tony: Yes you are

Tony: And I don’t like it one bit

Tony: Family night is ruined

Peter: Ugh 😣

Peter: It’s kind of like tingling around the back of my neck, or all over my body if the threat is bad enough…

Y/N: Oh

Y/N: So you’re basically a living, walking source of ASMR

Peter: No…

Y/N: Yes..

Y/N: I wonder if your tingle can be made to spread…

Peter: Y/N NO

May: Did anyone say tingle?

Wanda: Hi May

Pietro: It was Y/N

Wanda: She’s probably experimenting on Peter right now

May: Can I come over?

May: I want to watch

Peter: MAY

Tony: Well, at least he’s still alive

Steve: TONY

Tony: Hi Steve 😎

Tony: And of course you can come over, whenever you like

Sam: What does that mean

Nat: Which one?

Sam: Both

Y/N: I think I defeated Peter


Y/N: It’s not as satisfactory as I thought it’d be

Y/N: We can’t bicker while he’s out

Tony: What do you mean, out???

Tony: Y/N?!



Wanda: She’s out too


Sam: What the hell

Bucky: They’re dropping like flies

Steve: BUCKY

Bucky: It’s true though


Fury: No you’re not


Nat: I didn’t know Tony was your child, Steve 😉

Clint: Good one 👌

Fury: Why did you have to say that?

Fury: He’s running in circles screaming

Clint: How much do I have to pay you so you’ll film it and send it to us?


Fury: Nothing, the glory is great

Fury: Be back soon

Tony: What just happened?

Hill: Fury has been compromised

Tony: I’m not surprised

Nat: Are you ever?

Tony: What is that supposed to mean?

Peter: Hi

Tony: Hey, kid, nice to see you up and about

Peter: Hmmm?

Tony: Because Y/N was experimenting on you?

Peter: What?

Sam: Do you reckon her experiments left him brain damaged?


Nat: Great, now he’s losing his shit again 🙄

Peter: I really don’t know what you’re talking about

Peter: Y/N and I just got back from a walk

Peter: We didn’t even take our phones



Wanda: *need

Y/N: I’ll call Ned and MJ for you, they’re experts at this sort of thing

Pietro: Experts, yeah

Pietro: They didn’t even catch us last time…


Peter: Y/N/N, forget that, let’s take another walk

Peter: We’ll go further this time…


Beck: That’ll be easy…


Vision: Yes?


Peter: IS he gone?

Y/N: Yes, let’s go

Y/N: Ned and MJ are on their way, they can watch over you all until we get back

Peter: Yeah..see you guys later!

Sam: What the hell

Bucky: Is that the only thing you’re capable of saying?

Sam: Shut up, they just sent us babysitters

Sam: We’re older than they are

MJ: Not mentally



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Bucky: I agree

Ned: You’re not excluded

Bucky: STEVE

Steve: What?

Bucky: They said I’m mentally younger than Y/N and Peter

Bucky: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


Steve: But you are

Clint: Whoa

Wanda: Don’t say tea

Clint: Okay..

Clint: Pizza 🍕

Wanda: Good 😋

Clint: 😈😈😈

Wanda: 😈😈😈

Ned: We’ll bring some

MJ: Yes

Clint: We’ll await you anxiously

MJ: Send the speed boys to pick us up

Clint: Which of the three do you want?

Wanda: Choose carefully 😈

Ned: How about all?

Ned: One for each of us

MJ: And the other for the pizzas

Clint: Perfection



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Y/N: Only give the pizzas to Barry though

Y/N: Maximoffs can’t be trusted

Peter: Unless they’re Wanda

Y/N: Yes

Wanda: Thank you ♥️♥️♥️

Y/N: 💘💘💘

Peter: 💝💝💝

Pietro: Hey that’s hurtful

Peter M: Very

Peter: Come on

Y/N: You two know it’s true


Peter M:

Pietro: Yeah..

Peter M: I guess we do…

Y/N: Okay, then it’s settled

Peter: Have fun, we’ll join you later

Y/N: Someone babysit Tony please

Peter: His bedtime is midnight

Y/N: Feel free to tie him to bed if you have to

Bruce: Will do


Tony: But thanks kids, I love you

Peter: We love you too

Peter: Y/N would type that, but she’s actually taking a dip in the ocean…

Peter: And I’m about to join her 😈

Clint: Whoosh

Tony: I don’t like this

Bruce: Yes you do


Tony: Okay

Tony: Maybe

Tony: I’m going to bed though

Tony: See you all tomorrow, hopefully with something better…

Tony: Love you all 3000

Nat: Cheeseball 🤗

Tony: Thank you 🧀

Tony: But now I’m really going, or else this will never end

Tony: We’ll see you soon, Y/N

Bruce: Or die trying…

Clint: Do you have to be so dramatic…

Nat: You’re one to talk…

And on and on they go. Forever.

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Peter: I hear whispering…

Tony: Did you dip into Wanda’s shrooms again?

Peter: What? No…

Tony: Right…

Wanda: Why would Peter be interested in my shrooms?

Peter: I wouldn’t…

Tony: Right…

Peter: Ugh, leave me alone…


Tony: Peter


Tony: Peter, wait

Tony: Petr

Wanda: Calm down, he’s not hearing voices

Wanda: Or dipping into my stash

Wanda: Y/N is making the others watch ASMR

Tony: Why does everything start with As?

Wanda: Excuse me?

Tony: AHS, ASMR…

Wanda: Two very different things

Wanda: Are you sure you’re okay?

Tony: Yeah…

Tony: Just wish she’d asked me too

Wanda: I think she was high off it

Wanda: It wasn’t deliberate, I’m sure

Tony: That’s nice of you, but it probably was

Wanda: Why?

Tony: Well, we watched together once, and I felt nothing

Tony: So she never asks me anymore

Wanda: Come, let’s join them

Wanda: Sometimes, it takes the right kind of video to make you feel something…

Tony: WoW

Sam: World of Warcraft?

Tony: No..

Wanda: It’s ASMR

Peter: He’s so high…

Y/N: Don’t say that like you’re not…

Peter: 🤪

Y/N: 🤭

Wanda: Cute…

Sam: I thought Tony was anti-drugs

Tony: Some drugs…


Clint: I’d beg to differ, by the state of you all

Nat: Join us or else

Clint: Or else what?

Nat: I'll…

Nat: I’ll tell you later


Clint: Right..

Steve: I can’t think

Sam: Jesus, you too?

Tony: He’s not Jeses

Clint: My eyebows are rolling out of my head 🙄

Nat: We can see that

Wanda: Your eyeballs

Tony: Balls 🤭🤭

Sam: Good God

Steve: Tony’s regressed to age five

Tony: You’re still as old as ever, though…

Steve: Do I look like I care?

Wanda: You look pretty

Pietro: WHOA


Steve: Thank you..


Peter: Why are you asking me…

Y/N: I..

Y/N: I can’t think either

Nat: He is blushing…

Nat: It’s very cute


Tony: Don’t worry, I’ll send you the footage when

Tony: When I can see again

Sam: If you can’t see, how are you writing this


Tony: With my brilliant mind

Sam: 🤨 ?

Y/N: Wanda, you should kiss Steve

Peter: Steve, why don’t you take Wanda on a date?

Tony: Why are you two sharing thoughts?

Wanda: Y/N!!!

Steve: I think you should take Y/N on a date, kid

Peter: I will when you will 😈

Y/N: Exactly 😈

Peter: 😈😈😈

Wanda: In that case..

Tony: Holy foipping shit

Scott: ffjhmn hjfty jkhikn

Sam: WHA


Nat: Wanda kissed Steve

Nat: And now


Clint: Pssss, oh yes

Clint: I’ve been waiting fir this my whole life


Clint: Calm down

Clint: Pietro is chasing Steve round the tower

Clint: Wanda’s laughing

Clint: And Y/N and Peter are invisible, so I guess that means they’re off on their date

Sam: Oh

Sam: Nice

Bucky: Yeah…but why is Wanda laughing?

Wanda: My brother is a fool

Steve: True…

Steve: But maybe we could make him less of one by going out to dinner?

Tony: Wowie

Sam: Smooth, Cap, smooth 👌

Clint: When did he get that way…

Tony: I’ve been teaching him 😏

Nat: You wish..

Tony: Now, what is that supposed to mean?


Tony: Here we go..

Pietro: shesmysistsryoucanttakehernonono

Clint: What the hell, speak English

Pietro: foff

Clint: Wanda, what’s that mean?

Wanda: I won’t say it

Tony: Fuck off

Sam: Wat the hell

Bucky: I’m adopting that phrase

Steve: Please don’t 😣

Bucky: Foff, Steve 😅

Steve: 😒

Pietro: whyismysidterdesertingme

Wanda: Listen, just because I ship PeteY/N doesn’t mean I don’t love you

Wanda: Or that she doesn’t

Wanda: So calm down, and we’ll go get ice cream



Pietro: Okay

Pietro: Iloveyou

Wanda: 💘💘💘

Nat: So cute

Clint: My children 😥

Clint: I’m so proud 😭😭😭

Tony: I think Scott’s crying too

Clint: Someone should help him before he drowns his aunts…

Tony: His…

Tony: Ants?

Clint: Yves

Steve: I’ll do it

Steve: Raincheck on dinner?

Bucky: Yeah

Sam: Not you, you 🦝 bucket

Wanda: I’ll take all the rain you want ☔☔☔

Thor: I shall make sure it storms ⛈️

Steve: Thank you, Thor

Wanda: Yes, we appreciate it

Tony: Really?

Peter: How else are they supposed to share a romantic kiss?

Y/N: Like in the movies…

Tony: Maybe dry?

Clint: On a starry night… 🌌

Pietro: Y/N and Peter have the starry night

Wanda: And we have ice cream

Wanda: Now off your phone before I toss it in the river

Tony: Yikes

Clint: Yeah..

Peter: Hey

Peter: We’ll see you guys later

Peter: Our starry night really is night

Y/N: Nice

Peter: Yes 🥰

Y/N: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Peter: 💘💘💘💘💘💘

Clint: Ah, the glow of young love…

Sam: barf 🤮

Clint: 😡😡

Sam: 😜

Clint: 🙄

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Okay, so this is a tentative chat I finished just now, because I don’t like unfinished things.

I don’t think it means I’m back…writing stuff I plan to publish is just making me really anxious, so maybe there’ll be more, but I don’t know…sorry to be so vague, I just don’t feel like I can commit right now.

Tony: Babe, is it Christmas already?

Sam: Who you calling babe?

Tony: Not you

May: No, why?

Tony: Well, Santa’s early then

Peter: It’s only October, Mr. Stark

Peter: And please don’t call my aunt babe

Tony: Why aren’t you asleep, kid?

Peter: Y/N and I are watching a movie

Sam: Why didn’t you invite us?!

Y/N: Steve is practising his 🎅 moves

Steve: Why do you always out me, Y/N?

Y/N: Because you always ditch my movie nights

Steve: You watch too many horror movies

Tony: Are you scared, Steve?

Steve: No

Peter: Yes, he is

Steve: I’m going to give you coal this year, not web fluid

Peter: That wasn’t me…

Y/N: Oh

Y/N: Hi, babe 🥰

Sam: Now who you calling babe? 🤨

Peter: Hi, sugar

Sam: Oh, I see

Y/N: Do you??

Peter: Misseed you

Wanda: *missed

Tony: Why are you seducing Y/N, Peter?

Tony: I thought we talked about that…



Tony: Oh

Tony: Alright then

Peter P: There, now you know who I am…

Y/N: As if that was all there was in a name…

Peter P: Shakespeare, Y/N, why

Peter Q: She’s just distracting you

Peter Q: So you won’t notice us sneaking into the compound

Tony: Why are you sneaking into the compound when we’ve made it perfectly clear you’re welcome anytime?

Peter Q:

Peter Q: For effect?

Gamora: It’s fun

Nebula: Yes

Pietro: Nebs!

Pietro: Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?

Pietro: I’d have made you dinner

Nebula: That’s what I was hoping to avoid

Nebula: Why is there a blond bearded man dressed in red stuffing himself into the fire place?

Tony: Really, Steve?

Tony: You’re dressing as Santa for Halloween?

Steve: No!

Steve: I’m trying to figure out how to get in and out

Steve: I need to be ready by Christmas

Y/N: It’s nearly three months away…

Steve: Exactly

Steve: I should have started earlier

Tony: Good God 🙄

Y/N: It’s cute though

Peter Q: No it isn’t

Wanda: I sense jealousy

Gamora: So do I

Nebula: How can we make it worse?

Peter P: I’m scared of you guys

Wanda: Don’t be, we’d never unleash our powers on you

Y/N: You’re our darling

Gamora: The baby of the family

Nebula: Our favorite

Peter P: Aw, thanks

Peter P: I love you guys too

Tony: Great, now you’ve made them melt into the carpet

Clint: Plus, Peter is fraking out

Wanda: *freaking

Peter P: I’m not

Clint: 🙄 to both of you

Peter P: Why?

Clint: Because it’s Quill

Clint: And she’s supposed to be melting

Wanda: I never melt

Wanda: Myself

Wanda: I might melt other people if I see fit

Peter P:

Peter P: Woooow

Peter P: That’s scary

Peter P: Even though I don’t have to worry

Steve: Guys, I’m stuck in the chimney

Steve: Can someone come help me?

Tony: I can come take pictures

Y/N: Tony!

Y/N: Byddaf yn eich lladd (I’ll kill you too)

Tony: Dwi'n dy garu di hefyd (I love you too)

Peter Q: What the hell was that?!

Peter P: Welsh, you dolt 😒

Peter Q: Y/N speaks Welsh?!?!?!

Pietro: Better than you would

Peter Q: How do you even know what that is???


Tony: It does look like gibberish…

Pietro: But it’s Welsh gibberish

Peter P: Y/N’s been studying it all up and down

Peter P: It’s stuck in my head

Peter Q: Prove it then

Wanda: Ooooooh, a d*ck measuring contest

Steve: WANDA

Peter P: Okay

Peter P: Sut dych chi?

Peter Q: Dwin iany

Peter P: Wow, Google translate is a wonder 👌

Tony: We should probably disregard that

Pietro: You’re lucky Y/N isn’t here to see it…

Sam: Yeah, she’d lose her skirt at that one line…

Tony: Her skirt ❓

Tony: I hope he meant to say her shirt…

Tony: Sorry, her shit

Tony: Don’t kill me, Steve, better cursing than your daughter naked

Wanda: Considering what she’s undertaking to get Steve out of the fireplace, I’m not so sure

Wanda: She might not even be his daughter anymore…




Nat: There goes the neighborhood…

Tony: Did you really have to do that, Wanda?

Wanda: Yes

Wanda: The incorrect Welsh was giving me hives

Wanda: I must give him points for effort though

Peter P: The effort of using Google Translate? 🙄

Wanda: Don’t pretend you didn’t do it 😏

Peter P:

Peter P: Okay, yeah, I did

Peter P: Just to triple check

Peter P: I didn’t want to get it wrong in front of Y/N

Wanda: Neither did he

Peter P: Yeah, well…this isn’t even a competition

Peter P: I’m pretty sure she’s over whatever we had last summer

Tony: What did you have last summer?

Wanda: Shhhh, Tony

Wanda: Go take pictures of Steve’s butt

Peter P: That’s a great idea

Peter P: We should go somewhere else though…

Wanda: Yeah

Clint: WAIT





Y/N: Oh, come on, don’t be scared

Y/N: Even Steve’s doing it…



Clint: You witch, capturing me with your trucks

Wanda: *tricks

Clint: Yeah yeah, my phone can’t type


Tony: Should we join them?

May: Yeah…

Nat: Peter probably will in a minute, even though he always gets scared

Tony: Which means Wanda and Y/N will sneak off to comfort him, and Quill and Pietro will get jealous, all hell will break loose, and they’ll wind up watching it on their own with Vision and Steve while everyone else runs around the tower bickering…

Sam: In short, not to be missed?


Tony: Yes

Nat: Yeah

Clint: Yes

Clint: I don’t know what I’m saying yes to, but I’ve decided to agree to everything from now on

Nat: That won’t end well

Clint: Eh, won’t know until I try

Nat: Don’t come crying to me when it backfires

Clint: I never do

Tony: You always do

Clint: No

Tony: Yes

Clint: No

Tony: Yeshftjdu

Nat: Quit your bickering and come to the TV room

Nat: Y/N’s making over one of Steve’s suits into a Santa costume

Nat: While it’s on his body

Nat: He’s pretending not like it

Wanda: It must not be missed

Peter P: *misseed 😜

Wanda: 🥰🥰🥰

Sam: On my way!

Sam: Bringing Bucky…



Tony: Last to get there is a bug?


Fury: Good God 🙄

Fury: I am doom

Wanda: *doomed

Fury: Yes

Wanda: 😊



Fury: I’M OUT 😵😩😵


And a shot of a sim in a dinosaur suit. In honor of Steve’s Santa suit. 🤪😝😜

Should I post a picture of that on TS3 with the next chat? We’ll see…

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Ayy I am here with a request!! One of my favorites of your fics is the one where Tony, Clint, and Bruce are all in a safe house and can't leave and Tony has a stomach bug. I LOVE that setting. Would you be interested in writing another fic that takes place there? Maybe someone is on a mission with Tony and he starts to not feel well so they try to find a place to rest and by the time they get there, he's barely conscious? :O

Thank you for the prompt, dear! I decided to simply write a second chapter for that fic. I hope you feel better soon with your new meds and all <3

This is mostly whump and Avengers family fluff and banter. TW for illness and vomiting. Major thanks to @whumphoarder​ for beta reading.


Safe (Chapter 2)

Read chapter 1 here

The thing is, none of the Avengers consider themselves particularly lucky. Brilliant, strong, heroic? Yes, without question. Happy? Not nearly often enough, but it has happened occasionally. Lucky? Not a chance.

So, maybe, Bruce thinks later, maybe they should have seen it coming. 

He’s jerked awake by Clint’s command of “Move! Let’s go, get up, come on, we need to go, now!” and for a moment he’s gripped by an overwhelming sense of déjà vu. But Clint isn’t delirious; he is as serious as Bruce has ever seen him, so Bruce complies with the orders before his brain is even fully awake. 

The two of them drag Tony to his feet and into the bedroom, and then Clint shatters the window - a bit dramatically, but really, what else to expect from a former circus kid? They jump through, landing in varying states of (non)-elegance, and make a run for it. 

Five seconds later, the house blows up. 

“What the hell -?” Tony stops dead in his tracks to look at his friends with a baffled expression. “‘s this another fever dream or did someone actually just try to kill us?”

“Oh, it’s quite real,” Clint replies casually, picking an ember from his hair with a peace of mind Bruce can only envy. “I saw their van approaching through the window. That gave us a head start - otherwise we’d be toast. Now save your breath and move.”

Tony starts to jog again with visible effort, but of course he keeps talking. “So - just to make this clear” - he interrupts himself to drag in a breath, sweat beading on his brow despite the fact that it’s been barely a minute - “your so-called ‘safe house’ is now a heap of burning ash. Call me a stickler, but I have to say that makes it a very unsafe house.”

Clint just rolls his eyes and then grabs Tony by the elbow when he almost trips over his own feet. The archer turns his head back to Bruce, who is following them close behind. “You okay?”

Bruce is wondering what about escaping death by a five-second margin could possibly make him feel “okay”, but he knows what Clint is really asking about. Bruce is scared, which means that the Hulk is actively stirring in the back of his mind, but so far he is able to keep him under control. He makes a so-so gesture with his hand before asking, “Where are we going?”

“To take cover in the woods.” Clint points at the forest a few hundred yards away. “Under different circumstances, I would fight, but we don’t have any weapons on us and this isn’t ideal…” He nods at Tony, who is now visibly having a hard time keeping up. Bruce’s stomach clenches in worry; with a fever like that, Tony shouldn’t even be on his feet, let alone running around in the open. But it’s not like they have much of a choice.

They barely make it to the treeline when Tony suddenly stops and doubles over. He braces himself against a tree and heaves, a slim stream of vomit splattering onto the ground.

“How bad is it?” Bruce asks. His vision is shimmering green by now and he blinks nervously before massaging the pressure points on the inside of his wrists in an effort to calm himself down.

Tony coughs wetly and spits onto the ground before wiping his mouth. “I’ve been worse,” he says in a weak attempt at being reassuring. “Just, break?”

Bruce looks at Clint, who nods. They barely manage to rest for two minutes before a bullet whips past them, hitting the tree Tony was just leaning against. 

“Fuck,” Clint curses, his nonchalance replaced by alertness. “Looks like they’re coming after us -” 

The rest of his words are drowned out by a growing ringing in Bruce’s ears. There’s the familiar sensation of his limbs tingling, pulsating, swelling. He can feel his thoughts slipping away, being replaced by much simpler ones. 

“No Bruce! Not now, don’t -”

But it’s too late. Danger, friends in danger, his mind screams, and that’s all it takes. 

The Hulk emerges from the forest with a roar.

Keep reading

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