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#avengers fanfiction

Ho-Ho-Ho people! The happiest day of the year is coming so I have decided to celebrate making my first challenge here on tumblr and read all of yours works!

The rules:

  • You don’t have to be following me to participate, but hey, you are very welcome to! :)
  • It has to be related to Christmas somehow.
  • It is a Marvel challenge, so you are welcome to chose any Marvel character from MCU or the comics.
  • Send me ask with the prompt you chosen and the character. One prompt per person. If there will be a bigger interest I will add new prompts <3
  • It can be a reader insert, OC, first person narration, or any canon characters.
  • Tag me @hidden-behind-the-fourth-wall​ and use the challenge tag #4thwallschristmaschallenge
  • The due date is 2nd February (My birthday hihi). I know it’s waaay past Christmas, but hell :)
  • It can be a one-shot, a series, drabbles. Anything you want sweethearts. But if it is a series please give the link to the series masterlist because I would love to read it all <3
  • I am a sucker for longer posts so please 500 words minimum no max!
  • Please, for all of our sakes use the “Keep Reading” feature.
  • Please, please use Warnings!
  • No underage/non-con
  • You can reblog this for others to see <3
  • Quotes need to be used in the text.

Prompts below the cut!

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Pairing: Howie Stark x Reader

Warning: Lies. Betrayal. Just a lot of violence. Mentions of Domestic abuse. Parental abuse. Murder Suicide. Death. Guilt. Hate. Deception. Lots and lots of anger.

A/N: This is a bit darker theme, but Howie isn’t dark. Anger problems and bad choices but he’s not a bad person.


First love. First heart break. Life time of hate.
When the silver spoon feeding you love is taken away, you learn to lick it off the knives. Howie Stark broke you. Him and his brother ruined your life. Destroyed your dreams and crushed your soul. Your best friend is dead and your life is a mess.
When you take a bartending job, it just happens to be owned by the Bastard Son’s MC. Just your fucking luck. Jokes, you haven’t had luck since Gwen died and Howie ripped out your barely beating heart.
There is no way in hell you’re giving him a second chance. Hell will freeze over before you let him touch you again. Not a chance are you ever letting the Stark’s near you again.
Hell might have just frozen over.

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Originally posted by evansensations

I ain’t afraid of no skeleton:

It’s a Halloween party at the Tower and Steve dresses up as the only one things that doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you.


After the fight with Tony, Steve Rogers needs a place to stay and hide. This is when you bring him to your secret house in the mountains. One on one with Cap is fine, right? 

Home - Chapter 2:

A month. It has been a month since Steve left leaving you nothing but a short letter. You are more than excited to see him.

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The Prisoner:


HYDRA is not the only organisation in the world that experimented on people. Steve Rogers finds out about that when the Avengers stumble upon an enhanced, young woman in Tokyo, Japan. They bring her back to the compound only to find out that she was more broken than they all would only assume.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

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Reader is a mutant that has been kidnapped by HYDRA. After years of working for the organisation, she decides to change her life just a bit, and get a grasp of control. With her powers, she decides to help The Winter Soldier.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

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Author’s Note: Hey all! So I’m posting a little earlier in the day so I can get a head start for studying for my last final. Remember, updates come every Thursday! Let me know if you want to get tagged in this series! Enjoy! :)

Summary: After agreeing to create rules for your new agreement, Loki meets you in your office to go over anything and everything. Everything goes well until there’s a knock on your door and you have to act as if nothing is going on and everything is fine.

A couple of days after the incident with Loki, your presentation gets interrupted. Knowing exactly who was behind it leads to a confrontation and a deal of sorts.

Warnings: ~Smut~, discussion of sex/sexual fantasies/BDSM/threesomes/ etc.), light fluff  

Other Characters: Tony Stark

Word Count: 1,480

Read Part 2 here


Originally posted by 0goddammitloki

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Summary: Bucky comes to you with pleas and puppy eyes. There is not much you can do to fight his cuteness.

Warnings: swearing, major fluff

Word Count: 4258

A/N: Mobster  Bucky is giving me os much life, he even brought my imagination from its leave. This one has quite a lot of conversation, but you should be used to that by now. It is also the longest thing I’ve ever written, over 4K words. Crazy! 

Hope you guys will enjoy it and let me know what you want/think will happen in the future chapters. Love y’all.


Originally posted by elaacreditava

Series Masterlist __ Masterlist

It was 8 in the morning, and you were comfortably sleeping in your bed when you heard the buzzer ringing through the apartment. You groaned loudly and threw a pillow over your head, deciding that whoever is ringing at you so early in the morning is an idiot and doesn’t deserve to have the door opened for them. You knew Nat was already in her job, so you had no idea who could it be.

You mind momentarily drifted towards Bucky, but after ignoring all of your calls and the text messages you sent him yesterday, you were pretty sure it couldn’t be him. It was not like you were upset, or anything, because Bucky didn’t pick up. You knew that you didn’t want to be with him, and you just called to tell him that you were much better. He had to obligation whatsoever to pick up your calls or reply to your texts.

You let yourself relax again, feeling your mind drifting away once again, this time to a beautiful slumber when the buzzer sounded again. Your groans turned into swearing really quickly. You were muttering under your breath, as you got up from the warmth your bed was providing, tears almost slipping from your eyes at how much you hated to get up. Your sleeping attire was simple: a big old t-shirt and some cotton panties. You quickly put on some fuzzy socks so that your feet wouldn’t freeze and went to the door.

“Who dares to wake me up?” You grumbled and waited for the reply coming from outside. You hoped the person had a really good excuse to come to you and wake you up.

“If I said Prince Charming, would you let me up?”

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 Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel Movies)

Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Sam Wilson, James “Rhodey” Rhodes, Shuri, Doctor Strange, Original Female Character/OC

Relationship: James “Bucky” Barnes/Reader,

Rating: Mature

Word Count: 1144

Warnings: Language

Author’s Notes: I apologize a million times over how long it has taken to get this chapter out. With everything going on lately, I have been fighting with having no energy and very little motivation. I promise that I am absolutely continuing this series to completion. Thank you @panicfob​ for being amazing and understanding

Chapter 3: Hot Chocolate

The cup of liquid warmth helped to fight the chill of your hands. Each sip a small taste of home and happiness. Something you had become infinitely fond of during your time in the world before the war had come to your home in Scotland. 

Your gaze dancing over the group as they talked. Though perhaps quietly argued was a better way of putting it. It reminded you so much of what had once been. Sighing softly at what had been lost to you before clearing your throat. “If you have questions, I will answer what I can. Otherwise, I might just retire to my chambers.” 

“You’re not going anywhere until I finish patching up this wound.” Shuri said from behind you, reminding you once more of the tickling sensation at your back. “You look like you took a rocket through your kidney.”

“It was a machine gun, actually. Several rounds hit me at once.” You hum thoughtfully at the memory. 

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The sequel to Inhibited Lodgings (aka the next chapter in the villain!Stephen, aka Earth-197320 series) is sloowwllyyy coming out. It’ll just be a one-shot to bridge the longer 2nd and 4th stories (4th is outlined at 5 chapters currently with plenty of room to grow). Currently this one-shot is at 4k but it’s coming out kicking and screaming. With luck, I’ll have it published by Christmas. Fingers crossed.

In the meantime, here’s a snippet just to prove that I’ve actually been writing things for it :P

“Unlike the typical written contract, sigils such as these are very much in the spirit of what is being spoken,” Stephen said. “The intention behind the words and what each party believes they mean are a part of the oath. When Wong releases it, everyone will clearly understand the expectations of the other party.”

Tony stilled. “Like what, like altering my mind?”

Stephen seemed to immediately catch his change of mood. “No, nothing of the like. If anything, you are able to read my intention behind my words, and I, yours. It can perhaps be described as a magical lie detector in some ways. I assure you that the sanctity of your mind remains untouched.”

Dammit, he could feel Vision’s eyes on him. Tony had been very good at never mentioning anything about mind reading… well, ever. Time to brush him off. “If that’s the case, then yeah, sure,” he said, even as the pit of his stomach rumbled with anxiety. Stephen hadn’t lied before; surely he wasn’t lying about this. He’d be fine. All was fine. Before he could lose his nerve, he repeated the words Vision had just spoken.

Again the sigil pulsed and… he didn’t feel different. Well, other than anxious, but that was par for the course. Tony glanced elsewhere even as Stephen repeated Wong’s words and Rhodey said Vision’s.

Then Wong released the sigil, and Tony involuntarily tensed.

Nothing happened.

“That’s it?” he heard Rhodey ask after a moment.

“That’s it,” Stephen said, and slowly, slowly, he began to relax.

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New Story!

title: 14,000,605

pairing: Steve x Reader ft. Avengers and Agents of Shield

teaser:  Just because Thanos doesn’t get all the infinity stones, doesn’t mean he loses. A story about one of the many alternate endings Dr. Strange saw.

note: At this time, Homecoming is going on a hiatus of sorts while I begin to work on this story. I know I only have one chapter up, but I’ve lost inspiration and motivation and I think it’s partially because I don’t have a backlog of chapters written. I am making more work for myself this way, but I just watched Infinity War again and this idea popped into my head. I’m going to try to write both fics at the same time and hopefully not go insane lol. Hope yall are okay with this and excited for this new fic i want to write!!

i’m also going to be moving Homecoming, this fic and all future ones to my writing blog @blackwidowballet

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2 for penny and bucky 🥺

2. “We made too many cookies.”

I threw Sam in there too :)

Penny wrapped the box in a ribbon, tying a neat bow on top.  Inside the box were almost two dozen cookies, all decorated to look like reindeer and Santa and little presents like the one she was tying a bow around.  She wasn’t sure where she’d gotten the idea.  She would be going to Mr. Stark’s lakehouse in a few days, and she’d need to make more cookies for him and Pepper and Morgan, along with the other gifts she’d gotten them…but she’d seen the news.  Bucky and Sam had just gotten back from their first international mission as a team…and it hadn’t gone all that well.  Since Mr. Stark had retired Iron Man and Steve had made the puzzling decision to live his life in the past, the Avengers had been kind of…fractured.  Not quite a team.  And Penny felt bad, although she didn’t know what she could do about it.  Bucky and Sam were working as a team, taking some of their orders from the new Shield or working with the UN, while Penny continued to patrol Queens.  But Iron Man was retired, Clint spent most of his time with his own family, and Dr. Banner spent most of his time doing research.  Thor was with Valkyrie in their new Asgard, and Wanda was traveling the world.

Penny couldn’t blame the ones who’d been left behind who wanted to retire.  She couldn’t imagine what it had been like…living on minus half of the population.  But still…it was strange.  She’d come back to a world that had moved on…that didn’t seem to need her.  And she knew that wasn’t true.  Not really.  May and Happy were apparently very much in love, but they also needed her around.  She kept crime down in New York, and helped May with her charity.  Mr. Stark had turned into someone softer…and he loved her.  It wasn’t like before when she’d kind of suspected that he cared about her but they never really talked about it.  He told her now.  Texted her.  Gave her hugs every time he saw her and every time she left his house.  It was…different.  But nice.

It seemed like, of the Avengers, only Sam and Bucky were actively going out and fighting crime.  And in a way, that made her sad.  She’d looked up to the Avengers for her whole life, it seemed.  Had watched them on TV and rooted for them and then…then Mr. Stark had made her an Avenger, only for her to disappear and then for the whole team to seemingly fall apart.  So…despite the fact that she didn’t really know Sam and Bucky very well, she wanted to be there for them.  She was on their team, even if the team was fractured and different now.  

They would have their own team.

She caught the train to their neighborhood, sitting in the corner of the car by herself, earbuds pressed firmly into her ears as she listened to a podcast, the box in her lap.  She had made the cookies the night before, painstakingly decorating them that morning.  All around her, other commuters sat and stared into space, and she did the same until they came to her stop.  Jumping to her feet, she bounded out of the train, hurrying up the stairs and jogging across the street, looking for their apartment.  

Karen had been the one to tell her where they lived.  She hadn’t wanted to ask Mr. Stark…sure, they seemed to have made up, but some part of her felt uncomfortable talking to him about the other Avengers.  She didn’t know if he missed it…didn’t know if he regretted retiring.  And she didn’t know how to ask.  So she didn’t.

Since the Compound was still being rebuilt, she had asked Karen where they lived and had received an address in a fairly nice apartment complex in Brooklyn.  Apparently, they both had apartments in the same building, which would make this delivery a little easier.  She bounded up the stairs, getting Karen to unlock the front door for her so she wouldn’t have to hit the buzzer and explain what she was doing over the intercom, and found herself in front of Bucky Barnes’ apartment, hand lifted to knock.  She wasn’t nervous…there was no reason to be nervous.  No reason at all.  That would be silly…they’d met before.  Briefly.  After the big battle with Thanos in the hospital room where they’d all waited for Mr. Stark to wake up.  She’d introduced herself as Spidergirl and they had all introduced themselves too and said it was nice to meet her and…and they all kind of knew one another now.  

Taking a steadying breath, Penny rapped her knuckles against the door, stepping back and waiting for only a few seconds before the door opened and Bucky Barnes stood in front of her, looking confused as he eyed the box in her hands.  He looked tired, his recently cut hair flopping in his face before he impatiently brushed it back.  

“Hey…uh…I don’t want any Girlscout cookies.  Thanks though.”  He told her, giving her a quick, friendly smile, but she hurried to put a hand up.

“No…I’m not…I’m not a…I mean…I’m Penny.”  She cried, feeling her face flush.  “I mean…we’ve met.  I’m…um…Penny.”  She said again, and he blinked at her, looking more confused by the second.  She was sure her face was bright red…she could feel her cheeks heat up, but still, her mouth kept going.  “I’m sorry…I mean…it wasn’t for very long but it was at the hospital and I saw that you guys just got back and it’s almost Christmas and I didn’t know if you were doing anything and…”

“You’re Stark’s kid!”  He cried, cutting her off and pointing his finger, smiling just a little.

“I…I mean….I’m Spidergirl.”  She murmured, clutching the box.

“Sorry, kid.  I didn’t recognize you.  You want to come in?”  He asked, taking a step back, and she nodded, dropping her eyes and willing her face to cool off.  


He shut the door behind her and she stepped inside, looking around before dropping her eyes, not wanting to intrude.  “Everything alright?”  He asked,  arms crossed.  “Need help finding a lost dog in Queens?” 

Penny flushed again, but he wasn’t being mean.  She could tell from his smile…he looked at her like Steve had before when she’d met him.  Maybe it was an old guy thing…they were both so sincere.  “No…I mean…heh…”  She gave a quick, embarrassed laugh then thrust the box at him.  “I just…here.  We made too many cookies.”  She blurted, then cursed herself for giving away what the gift was.

“You made me cookies?”  He asked, smiling as he pulled the ribbon off, then lifted his eyebrows when he peered inside.

“I mean…they were for you and Sam…we were making them and then there were too many and I thought you guys might…but I only brought one box…it was dumb…I’m sorry…”

“It’s not dumb.”  He cut her off with a grin, pulling a present cookie out of the box and taking a bite, then holding out the box to her.  “Here.”

“Oh…no those…those are for you and Sam…” 

“Right.  Sam.  I guess I should call him.”  He muttered, gesturing again for her to take a cookie.  She did, and then he pulled his phone out, placing the box on the counter.  He held it to his ear, grinning when someone grumbled an answer.  “Hey, come to my apartment.  The kid brought us cookies for Christmas!”  There was another grumbled answer and Penny took a bite of the cookie as he snorted.  “No, not the little one.  The spider one.”

“The one that webbed us to the ground of an airport?”

“The very one.  But she brought us cookies.”  

It wasn’t a few seconds later that Sam pushed the front door open, waltzing in and nodding at Penny.  “Hey, kid.”

“Hi…”  She murmured, watching as he grabbed a Santa cookie and took a bite.  

“Shit that’s good…”  He muttered, closing his eyes, then grabbing another one.  “Did you make these?”

“Yeah…yeah, I…I mean…we made too many and…I figured…you would maybe…want…some…”  She trailed off, flushing again.  “Um…I should…you know…”  She pointed at the door.  “Sorry to…”

Bucky shook his head, reaching out and gripping her shoulder with a grin.  “Stay for a bit, kid.”

“Yeah.  Sit down.  I’ll grab some sodas.”  Sam put in, taking another cookie.  She did take a seat on the sofa, hands clasped in her lap, and Bucky sat in the recliner.  Sam returned after a minute with three cans of coke, tossing one to Penny that she caught in mid-air.  “How have things been in Queens?”

“Oh…they’re…fine,”  Penny assured him, wide-eyed.  

“How’s school?”  Bucky asked, opening his soda and downing at least half of it.  She felt herself relax a little, taking a deep breath to calm her heart.  She didn’t know why she would be nervous…then again, it wasn’t like the three of them had ever really spoken.  

“Oh…um…fine.  We’re, um…we’re going to Europe next semester.”

“Yeah?  Sounds fun.  We never took cool trips when I was in high school.”

“That’s because they didn’t have airplanes yet when you were in high school?”  Penny put a hand over her mouth when she snorted and Sam laughed out loud, dodging a punch thrown his way by Bucky’s metal arm.  

“I ought to take a page out of the kid’s book and work alone.”  He grumbled, rolling his eyes.  “You ever been to Europe before?”  He wondered, turning away from Sam.

“Just, uh…just the once.  When we went to Germany.”

“You mean when you webbed us to the ground?”

“You threw me through a window.”  Penny reminded Sam, feeling suddenly brave as she lifted an eyebrow.  “I was fourteen.”

His eyes widened and he went a little pale while Bucky laughed, taking another cookie.  

She left not too much later, waving away their thanks and assuring them that she didn’t need a ride home.  “Call us if you need any backup in Europe, kid.”  Sam offered, leaning against the doorway as she headed for the stairs.

“It’s a school trip.”  She reminded him with a laugh.  “It’s not like I’ll be getting into any trouble.”

“You’re Tony Stark’s kid.  You could get in trouble anywhere.”  

His offer was something she remembered the moment Nick Fury introduced himself, and one phone call had the two of them hurrying to the rescue.  

People who wanted to be on my Taglist:  @sexysamsungl @lerums @bla-369 @softiea  @percyjacksonconfessional​​ @noot-scamoonder @tinyfries@marvel-us-world@anyonewantathroatsweet@movieobsessed0914@dreamthroughthemonotony​ @skyelight13 @jessjesstotherescue​ @scaredhuman88 @tikamoinzeb @catsandcoffee-x @i-n-s-p-e-r-a-t-i-o-n @wicked-starlight-collector @my-babies-are-ash @doodlerooniee@roswin @ourjourneysideways​ @ronicspider @peuty @peter-parkerstark @just-the-daydreamer @dreamrelationships123 @marcy-3247 @sketchydragonscales@aihoshiduo​​ @tulipsnbigcats  @turnmetodustandcallmespiderman  @getmespidey  @fangirl31415  @fueled-by-stress @drewthetimelord​ @smitemewiththyfootwear  @stranded-in-orbit @faylor @kazjaurelia  @the-sparrow-flies-south @elizabeth-234 @mybirdsareadorable  @omghufflepunk @dragonfire8910​ @sarai-de-los-santos @theparkerindustries @godzgirlforever @loki-helmet @autisticbabynurse @just-the-daydreamer @mala-sadas @books-and-existential-fear  @a-grl-with-luv @aesonsgirl@toogoodtobgood @verdonafrost @enchanting-patrol-stuff @spideynamu @broken–melody @night0seven @endless-whump @keep-a-bucket-full-of-stars @agnrystev @toledoendo @ihatebagels @they-were-cloudsinmycoffee @seaweedbrain3000 @ghostinthebau @nqypeacemaker @alyssinmymind @stuck-in-a-fictional-universe @mjc-dream @spider-beep​ @callie-caje @floofyyt @anywaythewindblows19 @there-is-no-right-way @misskirkstark @spideygirl2003 @jaelyn-karrett @meddlesomedragon @starkravinghazelnuts19 @theambracer88 @zissa93 @blondsak @dragonbano @innitmarvelous2  @hannah-emily-zhang @nataliesadflower @swagfictonreadingnerd @classycap7ain  @a-gir1-has-n0-name @broadwaylark @hannakristinanilsson-blog @theaimeejane1 @m0ther-of-dragons 

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Would you do 12 with Sam and penny please?

12. “Who walks on an ice covered pond anymore? Don’t you know how stupid that is? You should’ve died in that pond. Natural selection.”

Penny glided forward, one leg extended behind her as she spun, changing directions, her scarf wrapped around her neck and covering part of her face.  She was starting to get cold, and she shivered a little, figuring she might want to get off the ice soon.  Her old skates were falling apart, and she wondered if she would get enough for Christmas to buy herself some new ones…or if she could even justify it.  It wasn’t like she could afford to go to a real indoor skating rink all that often, and it was rarely cold enough in the winter anymore to freeze a pond all the way through. 

She spun on the ice, feet together, arms crossed over her chest, eyes closed.  She’d always loved ice skating…had always loved feeling graceful and…beautiful.  It made her blush a little to admit it, but still, she could think it, even if she could never say it out loud.  She loved feeling beautiful.  Arms outstretched, she stood back up to her full height, gliding around the pond, doing her best to stay away from the edge…and that’s when the ground dropped out from under her.  

 The water was a shock, and Penny barely managed a gasp of air before she was sinking, feet kicking, the cold practically paralyzing her as she tried to reach for the surface to no avail…no matter how hard she kicked, she was still sinking.  Eyes huge, she kicked harder, clawing at the water as she sank.  She was sinking…she was drowning…she was almost out of air, and the world was getting darker…Penny felt her jaw relax, her mouth opening and filling with icy water.  But she was already so cold…or maybe she wasn’t.  Maybe she was getting warmer. 

And then a hand was gripping hers, yanking hard until she was being pulled out of the water and dragged across the ice.  Another hand grabbed her other arm, pulling until she was laying on the snow, and a mouth was pressed over hers.  Was she…kissing someone?  Was she even awake?  Penny couldn’t tell…and then someone was pressing hard on her chest and rolling her over.

“Who walks on an ice-covered pond anymore? Don’t you know how stupid that is?”  Someone snapped, patting her back as she was suddenly coughing up water.  It hurt…everything hurt!  The water burned her throat as it came back up, along with the cereal she’d had for breakfast.  Despite their tone, the hands that held her up and hit her on the back were gentle.  “Okay…keep coughing kid.  Come on…breathe…you’ve got to breathe.”  

Penny tried, but every time she managed to inhale, she seemed to choke, and her whole body spasmed as she coughed up more water.  She was so cold…but the hand on her back kept rubbing circles and patting her between her shoulder blades and finally she was done throwing up water.  She gasped for air and opened her eyes, realizing it was Sam Wilson who was kneeling beside her in the snow.  

“Sam…”  She tried to ask, but choked on the word.

“Shut up, kid.  Just breathe.”  He snapped, moving down to her feet where he began unlacing her skates, then tugging them off of her feet.  “Kid?”  Penny blinked at the bright blue sky, shivering so hard her teeth chattered.  She couldn’t quite figure out what he was saying…or why Sam was there.  “Kid!  Hey!”  He was suddenly kneeling over her, shaking her shoulders and patting her a little less gently on her cheek.  “Penny!  Shit!”  

Arms slipped under her, pulling her up…and then she was resting against his chest.  “Sam?”  She asked again, her icy cheek pressed to his warm shoulder.  

“Yeah, I’ve got you, kid.  I’m getting you back to my apartment, okay?”

“Why…why did you…”

“Stark’s got a tracker in your watch…it sends out a distress signal to the closest one of us when you’re in trouble…which you almost always are.”  He told her, voice soft.  “You’re alright.  My apartment is close, okay?”  

 Penny must have fallen asleep because the next thing she knew, someone was pulling her shirt over her head and she gasped, trying to pull away, tears filling her eyes.  “No …don't….”  She tried to beg, but the hands didn’t stop.

“Easy, kiddo…it’s just me.  I have to get you warmed up.  Stark is on his way.  You’re okay.”  He muttered, and then there was a blanket wrapped around her.  “You’re alright…”  Sam sounded…worried.  She opened her eyes, surprised to find that she’d closed them, and blinked tiredly at him.  

 “Sam?”  She asked, shivering in the blankets as he pulled her upright, his arms wrapped around her as he rubbed her back.  

 “That’s me, kid.  Stark’s on his way.  We’re going to get you warmed up.  You’re fine.”   

“It’s cold…” 

“Yeah, I know, because you fell in a frozen lake!”

“Pond.”  She corrected, coughing and wincing at the pain in her chest.

 He rolled his eyes.  “You should’ve died in that pond. Natural selection.”  He grumbled.  Despite his words, he wrapped her in his arms a little more tightly, and she rested her head on his shoulder.  “We’re going to get you to the medbay, kiddo.”  He told her softly, a hand resting on the back of her wet hair.  “Keep breathing, okay?”  

 Penny nodded, closing her eyes and focusing on the sound of his heartbeat as she tried to keep breathing.  He hugged her close, rocking her a little, and wrapped another blanket around her.  

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13 for Sam and pen!!!


13. “Did you really take the time to knit me an ugly Christmas sweater that you know I’ll never wear?” 

Penny hurried through the front door of the tower, arms laden with bags as she raced through the lobby, doing her best to throw a wave over her shoulder to the receptionist.  “Hey, Macy!  Merry Christmas!”

“Merry Christmas, Penny!”  The woman called with a laugh, and Penny skidded to a stop outside of the elevator, stabbing the ‘up’ button over and over until the elevator beeped.  

 “Hello, Penny.”  Friday greeted when the doors opened, letting her into the elevator.

 “Hi, Friday!  Merry Christmas!”

 “Merry Christmas, Penny.”  The AI told her, shutting the doors behind her.  “The Avengers are all waiting for you upstairs.”

 “Take me to ‘em!”  

 The doors opened and Penny burst out, skidding to a stop once more when she found the Avengers sitting around the living room, most of them watching her with bemusement.  “Took your sweet time, huh, kid?”  Sam asked, and she stuck her tongue out at him, dropping onto the sofa beside Mr. Stark who wrapped an arm around her and kissed her hair.  

 “Hey, kiddo.  You’re late.”

 “Merry Christmas, Mr. Stark!”  She cried, not wanting to explain that she was only late because she’d run the whole way from her apartment since she hadn’t wanted to take the subway with so many bags.  She could afford to buy all of them presents, so she’d spent the last two months knitting almost nonstop, and she was hoping they liked their presents. 

 “It’s December 22nd but sure.”  He teased, and she pulled one of the bags off of her arm, peeking inside before pushing the red and gold bag into his arms.  He chuckled, ruffling her hair.  “Thanks, kiddo.”  

 Penny passed out her bags then…it helped that they were color-coded based on their superhero suits.  Mr. Stark grinned when he pulled out his Iron Man sweater, immediately pulling it on over his Metallica t-shirt.  Natasha wrapped her black and red scarf around her neck, pulling on the matching gloves that had her signature black widow red hourglass on the backs.  Steve thanked her with a hand on her shoulder when he pulled out a pair of thick knitted socks with Captain America shields on them.  

 She was trying to find Clint’s bag when Sam pulled out his own sweater…it was blue with a grey pigeon on the front.  “Did you really take the time to knit me an ugly Christmas sweater that you know I’ll never wear?”  He asked, incredulous, holding it up with one hand and an unimpressed glare.

 She spun around, lifting an eyebrow, then reached out and snatched it from his hands.  “You know what, just for that, no sweater for you.  Bucky now gets two presents.”  She told him, tossing Bucky the sweater.  

 “Score!”  He cried, pulling it on over his head, and Penny sidestepped Sam as he lunged for Bucky. 

 “Hey!  Give that back!”

 “You said it was ugly!”  Bucky laughed, jumping out of the way as Penny handed Clint his bag, then gave Bruce his.  Wanda was next, and pretty soon, Sam and Bucky were wrestling on the floor as Sam tried to pull the sweater over Bucky’s head.

 “So?  I still want it!”  

 “It does have his mascot on it.”  Mr. Stark put in as Penny handed out the last of the bags to Thor who gave her a huge smile, pulling out a pair of gloves and a scarf with hammers on them.  

 “Thank you so much, Penny.”  He murmured, a huge hand patting her on her back so hard that she almost had to take a step forward.  Dropping back onto the sofa beside Mr. Stark and resting her head on his shoulder, the two watched as Sam got himself shoved against the sofa.  Penny still had one bag left, and as Sam pulled himself to his feet, glaring at Bucky, she held it out to him.  

 “Here.  Try this.”  She offered.  Had it taken her a long time to knit Sam an extra joke sweater?  Yes.  Had it been worth it?  Also yes.”

 Sam gave her a suspicious look, then pulled out a black sweater with the curved red wings on the front.  Slowly, his glare softened, and he reached out, tugging Penny back to her feet and wrapping his arms around her.  “Merry Christmas, kid.”  He murmured, squeezing her in a tight hug.

 “Merry Christmas, Sam.” 

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This is a one shot nonsense song-fic/ drabble to be read alongside my Stark Spangled Banner Series  and is inspired by a little drabble from @valkyriesryde​ which she posted Saturday Night.

Timeline wise this takes place the Christmas after Katie Stark and Steve’s wedding…but it can also be standalone

Song is Chris Rea- Driving Home For Christmas

Stark Spangled Banner Masterlist

Warnings: Bad language, Hanger, and SMUT towards the end (NSFW) NO UNDER 18s.


Originally posted by fearless-man

Driving home for Christmas
Oh, I can’t wait to see those faces
I’m driving home for Christmas, yea
Well I’m moving down that line
And it’s been so long
But I will be there
I sing this song
To pass the time away
Driving in my car
Driving home for Christmas

“This is your fault” Katie sighed, looking out of the window with a frown.

“What?” Steve’s head snapped to the side to look at his wife, who was lounging in the passenger seat with her feet on the dash “this is Tony’s car so how on Earth am I responsible for it breaking down?”

“I wanted to fly but oh no the Star Spangled Man with a Plan had a better idea…” she said sarcastically “let’s drive and on the way home I’m gonna detour off the damned Parkway into the middle of butt- fuck nowhere so pray, do tell what is your plan to get us out of this?”

Steve snorted a laugh, he could help it. For a split second he was sent right back to the 40s and a conversation he had with Colonel Philips before he headed off to bust Buck and the men who would become the Howlies from a Hydra Camp.

“Oh if it isn’t the Star Spangled Man with a Plan, what is your plan today…”

“Oh I’m sorry, am I amusing you?” Katie looked at him, the smile on his face evident.

“In a word, yes.” he looked at her.

“Jerk” she glowered “FRIDAY, update please?!”

“Mr Stark is still running a diagnostic…” The AI replied and Katie groaned.

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Pairing: Thor x Reader

Summary: Thor is your Secret Santa. He is new to the game and it doesn’t go quite as expected. Why would it? [Submission for @holy-captain Liv’s 1.2K Challenge]

Prompt: Secret Santa

Warnings: Implied Sexual Content, otherwise it’s Fluff

Word Count: 2,080


Immediately after Thanksgiving was over, Tony Stark was ready to get into the Christmas spirit. The following Monday, he devoted a team meeting to discuss holiday arrangements. The previous year, he had involved you in the preparations, but this particular year you were invited to also take part in the celebrations.  

“For one thing,” he’d explained, “we all feel you’re an important part of the team.” As the compound’s Facility Manager, you saw that all their basic needs were met. “For another, Clint and Rhodey have already left and I need an even number. I had to invite Barnes who, as you know, isn’t even an Avenger and doesn’t live here, although he may as well for as much time as he spends hanging around, but the last thing I need is for Rogers to throw another one of his hissy fits and ruin everyone’s fun.”

Sitting in the conference room, doing your ever-loving best to concentrate, you struggled not to gawk at Thor. It was hard, though. Like trying to ignore a beautifully crafted marble statue, or an adorable puppy. He seemed to be both, quite honestly, making discretion that much harder.

In your brief tenure, he had been in and out of the Facility only a handful of times. Since his recent breakup with Jane, he decided to stay at the compound through the holidays. The god enjoyed Christmas so much, he wanted to spend one more season on Earth before departing.

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Warnings: Language,Smut-ish

Words: 500

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader

Summary: A little Sinday Drabble. Post IW Snap, all you feel is angry all the time, except around him. Basic PWP (plot what plot). 

Late night devil, put your hands on me.



Pure unadulterated rage.

There’s so much anger pulsating through you all the time, there’s hardly room for you to feel anything else. You don’t know why you chose him to go to, maybe it is his newfound persona. In a different world, you might feel guilty for using him like you do, but this is your world now.

You don’t remember what you said when you stormed into bathroom at the compound. He had been standing at one of the sinks along the wall, the movement of his toothbrush stopping suddenly at your appearance. You were still adjusting to his Nomad appearance. It was so unlike Steve and it unsettled you – in a good way – but whatever he said pissed you off.

It doesn’t take much these days.

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