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#avengers imagine

part summary: You come to terms with the execution looming above your head, pray in gratitude for your safe return, and spend one last night with your love.

pairing: steve rogers x reader

genre: angst, fluff, a bit of smut

word count: 8.8k

warnings: lots of crying. having to face traitors without punching them in the face. soft first-and-last smut, mentions of injury and death, anxiety/panic attacks

note: hey there!! this is technically the second last part of this series; the last part will come in two choices – bad or good! i don’t know when the last part will be posted but i’ve already started working on it so don’t worry 😌😌

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Natasha Romanoff Dating Someone Nerdy and Reserved:


Originally posted by mackievanstan

  • Natasha finds you so adorable
  • that’s one reason she fell for you
  • thinks you’re so pure
  • loves you passion for nerdy things 
  • takes care of you
  • always has your back
  • there for you no matter what
  • many sweet kisses
  • all the avengers really like you too
  • she’s so devoted to you
  • Nat is not super into nerdy stuff
  • but she’s willing to try for you 
  • thinks you’re so sweet
  • so caring
  • she’s whipped
  • you two work together so well
  • such heart eyes for you
  • she knows you’re shy
  • so she never pushes you too much
  • does encourage you to be more outgoing sometimes
  • Nat is so understanding 
  • so cute together
  • the avengers think you’re good for her
  • you give her something to fight for 
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Originally posted by stars-bean

Word Count: 660

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader;

Warnings: Sexual Innuendos;

Request: “Could you do “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it” with Tony Stark? Thank you 😊” requested by anon.

A/N: FINALLY. I’m back at writing requests! Hope you like it, feedback is always appreciated! xoxo

The silky sheets followed your movement as you slowly turned in your sleep. Tony was right next to you, his bare chest partially hidden by the sheets. What you didn’t know was that he was already awake, his eyes open looking directly at the ceiling and his right arm curled so that his hand rested behind his neck. He sighed for the bazillionth time when he felt you moving as he thought he accidentally woke you up, already feeling guilty for moving too quickly or being too loud. But when you unintentionally pressed yourself onto him he couldn’t hold back a smile as he relaxed into your touch.

With the smile still drawn on his face he turned his head to the side, watching as you slept peacefully. Almost instantly, his finger went to caress your cheek softly, tracing little circles and lines.

Months passed since you two started meeting each other, in his room, at night. During the day it was all about glares and small gestures. A hand brushing against his, a little wink when one of you made a joke and obviously all those “innocent” excuses both of you made up to spend time together.

Being Tony’s assistant made things easier, even all the late nights in the lab or in his room. So far, no one in the compound had notice your chemistry or all the muffled pleasure noises that came through Tony’s room. You didn’t quite know why you decided to keep it secret between you two, there was nothing to hide after all, but the idea of doing something that no one knows, added some spice.

Tony’s finger kept running down your cheek but when your mouth curled in a small smile and his finger instantly froze in its place.

“I didn’t know Tony Stark could be so sweet” you said with a sleepy voice but keeping your eyes closed. You heard him scoff a little and only then you decided to open your eyes. His arm was behind his back again.

“I can be many things, sweet is one of those” he responded smiling.

“You weren’t much sweet last night” memories of your moments together flashed through your mind. Tony couldn’t hold back a smirk.

“You seemed to not be bothered about it”

“Indeed” you winked at him.

You tried to move away to adjust your position but Tony’s arm was quicker a he encircled your shoulders closer to him. Instantly you melted in his warmth, enjoying that moment with him in pure silence.

“Tony” at the sound of his voice he opened his eyes again “what do you think about this”

“About what?”

“Us” you stated calmly but in a serious way.

He turned his head to look at you “Really good friends”

You straighten yourself in the bed, your back touching the headboard. Almost instantly you felt irritation. How could he possibly say that you were just friends. You looked at him in indignation, when he suddenly couldn’t hold back the smile as he laughed a little. He was joking.

Your irritation quickly turned into laughter “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it” you said nudging him lightly on his side.

“Come here” he said pulling you down to his chest again, his strong arms tightened around you.

“I know that we have a bond, a deep bond, beyond physical” his voice was serious now
His eyes went down to look at your lips “You’re mine”
You felt butterflies in your stomach as your heartbeat quickened. Your lips connected in a deep, passionate kiss. When you finally parted, you bit your bottom lips.

“Let’s go eat something, Iron Man”

After putting some clothes on, you opened the door.

“Stark next time make those walls thicker” Sam said, passing in front of your two surprised glares, while heading to the kitchen.

Clint was right behind him “Paper work last night? Again?” he winked while following Sam.

You and Tony looked at each other in both embarrassment and amusement.


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Natasha x Daughter!Reader

Word Count: 606

Requested by: anonymous 

a/n: as requested I turned the blurb about food poisoning into a bit longer of a story. I hope you all enjoy!

You and your friends decided to grab dinner at a taco truck on the way home. You were running late and it was the easiest thing to grab so you didn’t break curfew.  You had promised your mom you’d eat dinner with your friends so you shoved the food down in the car. They drop you off and by the time you get upstairs your stomach is already rumbling.

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taylor swift's lover + wanda ♡

This song makes me so soft. Very soft. The softest.


Lover - Taylor Swift

Translation: любовник/lyubovnik - Lover

“We should take the Christmas lights down,” you smile against Wanda’s hair.

“We should leave them up all year round,” Wanda twirls in your arms, and you catch a glimpse of her grin.

“And why should we do that?” You sway lightly to the music, your eyes traveling to the Christmas tree that also has yet to be taken down too.

Slow dancing with Wanda has become your favorite pastime.

“This is our place, we make the rules,
любовник,” Wanda’s fingers trace the back of your neck as she nudges you closer for a kiss.

5 sentence song stories

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Originally posted by captainsamerica

I’m sorry I’m not so active lately. I got the requests about Tony (I think there are four of them? two from accounts and two from anon)

-          Peter Parker is a dork.

-          Let’s start saying that.

-          He had always had a crush on you. The beautiful girl in his class, with who he had talked with a few times because a project. Besides, you lived close to him, in the apartment block on the other side of the street. So you sometimes saw each other on the street, and made small conversation.

-          The thing is, he didn’t ask you out. He hadn’t thought he had any chances with you, so he just dropped it and cried to Ned and May about it.

-          But then, a highschool dance for valentine’s day came around.

-          He wasn’t going to go, let’s be real; he didn’t have a date, Ned was going with Betty and Flash had been mocking him for the entire week.

-          Sad boy was sitting at the end of the class, doodling on his notebook, when you approached him.

-          It made his day that you talked to him; so when you asked if he wanted to go with you to the dance, he just broke.

-          You took that as a bad sign, so you retracted and told him it was okay if he had someone.

-          Peter didn’t get to say yes because he just froze and nodded to everything you said, so you left.

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Originally posted by danks-gif

Me waiting for the day I can find a un-smut Steve Rogers fanfic, and I’m not talking about one where he’s suddenly a king or a fucking mod boss for some unknown reason, like when would that happen? or where he’s just like dark or something. I just want a normal Steve Rogers fanfic, is that to much to ask for?

Comment if you know any good ones

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Survival Pt. 3 (Loki x Reader)

So far, a few things have been discovered through your Asgardian-Jötun defense training: for one, Loki is literally a soldier. Well actually, a warrior. He’s a goddamn fighting machine. For some odd reason that has never crossed your mind. With the privilege of guns and bows and knives, exactly how skilled he is in hand-to-hand combat has never really come into play.

The second thing you’ve learned is just how unskilled you are in hand-to-hand combat.

It’s embarrassing when you think about it. Of course, thinking about it is what got you knocked down with a blade to your throat probably eight out of ten times. Oh yeah, Loki wasn’t fucking around. He showed you a few things. Without any weapons, you’re shit.

You shudder to think what you’d be without him. Dead? No, probably worse. In a lot of ways.

He lay, after finally giving in to slumber a few hours ago, under a pink mildewy comforter on the mattress. He’d trained you all night and well into the morning. Gone was the bright springy sun from yesterday, and in its place was a grayish blue sky covered in fish-scale clouds. That’s always a sign of a cold front, but damn, how could it get any colder? Surely some sort of solar collapse would take place if it did. Regardless, that meant problems.

The physical training had not been the best thing for Loki to do. He won’t admit it because he’s as stubborn as a jackass. But he’s hungry.

Despite feeling the effects of not sleeping much after taking the Advil, you got up at daybreak when the light came in the kitchen window and reviewed your stocks. You already know it’s bad but that doesn’t matter; Loki’s gonna eat today even if you have to force feed him.

Not that you could possibly restrain him long enough to do so. Not that you could restrain him at all … God, you’re sore from training with a famished person. It was nice, though.

Loki had already replaced the food into your backpacks, but he left the notepad open on the counter with them. At first you struggle to read his ridiculously pretty, loopy cursive handwriting. It’s prettier than your grandma’s.


x1 tinned pineapple

x2 tinned tuna fish (cat food)

x1 handisnacks cheese and crackers (what?)

x1 smashed cereal bar

a bit of peanut butter.

We MUST find more.


“Well no shit, Sherlock,” you mumble.

The logical option is obvious. You dig into your backpack and find the cans of tuna, as Loki begins to stir in his sleep. Green eyes shine from across the room and long arms emerge from the blanket like butterfly wings. You can’t help but grin a little.

He groans upon seeing you. “Good morning.”

“Morning. Nice hair.”

“Mm, yes. The morning after look suits you nicely as well,” he murmurs. Damn your burning face.

“You wish.”

Loki sits upright and slowly stands up, looking around the heart of this small house. As if it didn’t look bad enough, it became sparring grounds last night. Everything was fine - until he decided to reverse the roles and let you practice a bit. Scattered glass from broken artwork, a dented kitchen cabinet, and now one of the floor boards is bowing up. Loki smiles, remembering that last take-down of yours and feeling something come loose beneath him.

You’d thought you broke one of his bones, and he let you think it. His muscles cramping from laughter and nearly getting punched in the face established the end of your first training session.

The floors creak even louder now as he approaches you by the kitchen sink. He places a hand on your shoulder with pride. “You did well last night.”

You scoff, “Tell that to my ass that got kicked.”

“Don’t be too hard on yourself,” he encouraged, his voice not fully awake. “I’m no easy teacher. But you learn quickly. You just need a bit of patience, grasshopper.” He booped your nose.

“Yeah, whatever,” you try not to smile. “Oh, by the way, this is not cat food. It’s real tuna and you’re gonna eat it.”

Loki visibly gets on the defense. “Are you ordering me?”

You notice the jab but remain composed. “Yeah, Mr. Prince of Asgard, I am.”

“And if I refuse?”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan.”

He shrugs. “I’m not hungry.”

“Yes, you are! Would you stop lying?!” the slam of the can rings through the walls and makes Loki jump.

“I don’t need - ”

What did we agree on?” you demand.

He purses his lips solemnly. “No lies. No lies between us.”

“And you’ve been lying about this for a minute.”

“I haven’t!” he hisses. “I don’t know what you’re so worried about but it’s senseless! I can take care of myself, my body is not the same as yours - I’m not human!” The harshness of his eyes, so literally and figuratively transparent, along with the gauntness of his cheeks unnerved a distant part of your mind.

“I think you’re the one that’s worried.”

His slightly agape mouth sighs and his eyes blink in disbelief. The harshness melts away. He looks anywhere but in your face. You’re so bloody perceptive. Normally it’s quite helpful, and it’s one of the things he likes about you. But not when you read him like a cheap, paperback novel.

“Loki, I don’t wanna be mad. I don’t want us to yell and scream at each other. Just … be a good cat and eat the fucking tuna.” You slide the can over to him, “For me.”

He picks up the can with pale, deft fingers, looking it over deep in his thoughts. The only other person who knew him so well was Frigga. His hidden feelings. The right things to say. The code to crack his walls. How, especially in such a tumultuous world, does someone else know the same things? A human nonetheless. Of course, he knows if he thought about it too much he’d eventually figure out the answer.

He’s not sure he wants to know the answer. At least for now. Maybe even for eternity.

Having gathered the will to look you in the eye, he notices your face painted with dirt. Your hair, growing over your eyes and nearing your shoulders. The rip at your jacket collar. The healing cut on your lip.

“It seems you possess patience already. What you lack is the ability to harness it.”

Your eyes nearly pop out of your head. “Was this a test?!”

“It was,” Loki chirps while opening the tuna can, “and you passed with excellence.”


More training filled the rest of the morning easily. Amidst the physicality of sparring in life-and-death scenarios, Loki assessed your mentality as well. He sharpened your strengths, which grew the fastest in your fighting, and honed in on your weaknesses. Most, if not all, stemming from your emotions.

He went so far as to create illusions to test you. Only, you didn’t realize they were illusions.

Whilst showing you one of the many ways to escape someone’s grip without the help of a weapon, he had you mounted with his knees pinning your shoulders. Your arms useless, your neck exposed to his silver dagger. The coldness of the blade was paralyzing.

“This feeling means you’re not dead and you have time to act.”

“Fuck, your breath reeks.”

Loki nearly loses it all. “Focus, you sausage! You have to act fast!”

You try to move what little you can when suddenly the weight holding you down is thrown to the floor. A man has Loki down and connects with a few punches before you can launch to your feet. The dagger was dropped in the struggle so you grab it and drive it through the stranger’s neck, only to lose balance and nearly fall. Your hand went through air.

The man was air?!

Someone seizes your mishap from behind and wraps their arms around your throat. You distantly hear Loki scream your name before the feeling of cold, hard metal presses against your skull.

“Whatever you’ve got, give it!”

Once your vision focuses you see Loki, his hands above his head, begging. “Let her go. Please.”


“We don’t have anything!”

“The backpacks! Get ‘em! Empty everything out!”

Loki keeps looking at you, as if he’s begging you to do something. Then you remember the dagger you’re clutching in your hand.

You swing toward the stranger’s head. Again, your arm goes through air, but at last you’re free. Frantically you look around to find where the air people are coming in. Before you pass Loki, he haults you.

“Come on! We gotta stop them - ”

“Easy, darling, easy,” he coos, “it’s alright. There’s no one here.”

“But they, they are! They were here … ”

“Shhh,” he grips your shoulders down to your triceps, looking deeply into your eyes. Instantly calming you down. “It’s alright, darling. It was all an illusion. We’re safe.”

“Wh… Illusion..?” you ask breathlessly. The house is quiet. The wind howls outside. Everything begins to play out in your head again; how your hand kept going through the robbers. They weren’t real. In one hand, you want to melt into Loki’s embrace due to the draining withdrawal from raw fear.

But in the other hand is the dagger.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?!” you swing wildly, not aiming at anything but definitely aiming for something. Loki disarms you before you poke an eye out.

Many, many obscenities later and you’re sitting on the mattress together discussing your strengths and weaknesses while cleaning your weapons.

“Your reflexes are a bit slow, but they’re improving. Just when the fear is about to consume you beyond return, you recover, and you recover well. Your strikes are deadly. But that bit of time when your emotions dare to take over … it could be enough time for anything to happen.”

“Yeah, yeah. What’s my grade?” you wipe the barrel of your rifle.

Loki laughs. “You’ve graduated from grasshopper to novice. Well done.”

You smile at him.

Then, you hear it.

Far off, but approaching.

Your eyes dart toward the sound, then drift back to Loki staring back at you.

A herd.

Loki frowns, his brows furrowing above sorrowful green eyes.

“We have to move.”


i aint fuckin around no more y'all. this is a motherfuckin Last of Us AU

tag list: @sydneyss-worlddd @afinedilemma @fire-in-her-veinz @belladonnabarnes @drakesfiance @internetgremlin @dragon-chica @triggeredpossum @tarynkauai

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Requested: @the-radio-star

Tony had his secret weapon, but so did Steve. Little did they know, their secret weapons were in the same math class, shared English notes, ran the mile next to one another in gym at the back of the class. They had no idea you and Peter were best friends, had been for years now, practically growing up with another. Now, though, you stood on opposing sides. You didn’t want to believe it, nor did you want to fight with him. You didn’t want any of this to be happening. Peter merely stared at you, as shocked as you were, neither of you sharing your plans to join the Avengers within their fight. You’d even fought petty crimes together, walking old ladies across the streets, saving kittens from trees. Now you were up against one another, instructed to defeat your best friend … .

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Natasha Romanoff x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 781

Requested by: anonymous

Warning: Brief descriptions of injuries

You had always been a little…distracted. You would think being raised in a family full of superheroes would make you hyper aware of your surroundings, but it seemed to have the opposite effect on you. You had so much confidence in their ability to keep you safe that you didn’t worry about the world around you and this caused some accidents. It wasn’t a rare occurrence for you to have bruises from bumping into random objects or people. You were in high school but your mom was still tempted to hold your hand while you walked down the street.

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Celebrating Wanda Maximoff’s Birthday:


Originally posted by stayblondebaby

  • she’s into anything big
  • wants something sweet and special with you
  • she’s honestly not super into her birthday
  • it reminds her of Pietro 
  • so sometimes throughout the day you’ll need to distract her 
  • Wanda might tear up a little
  • but she’ll be okay 
  • she’s super strong after all
  • you two spend the day together
  • just doing fun activities 
  • that night you two go out for dinner ad dancing 
  • she appreciates what you’re doing for her so much
  • you do you best to make her feel special
  • she’s into having a cake 
  • her favorite is chocolate 
  • so that night you two have cake and ice cream for dessert
  • she loves baking
  • so you two make her bday cake together
  • that night you also have spectacular sex 
  • ending the day with soft cuddles
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Natasha Romanoff x Daughter!Reader

Word count: 631

Requested by: anonymous

You have been doing gymnastics for most of your life. When you were a little kid your mom signed you up for a tumbling class and you were hooked. You’re good at it too. You’re on the road to college scholarships and your mom often talks about the olympics, but she had to say you were that good. About a year ago your momentum slowed quite a bit. Your family assumed it was because you were simply getting bored. You’re a teenager, and it happens to most kids your age. You didn’t train every day anymore, and they thought it was about a lack of interest, because that’s what you wanted them to think. It all started after your injury and your mom thought maybe you were scared of getting hurt again.

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CEO!Steve x Reader

Requested: No

Photos not mine: owner unknown 💗

Posted on:18/2/20

Send requests! 💕

Hope you enjoy lovely’s!❤️

Masterlist (to be added, link in bio!)

A/N: Hi my loves! I’m finally back with the social media edits! I’m so much happier now that I’ve taken some time off and I cannot thank you enough for being patient with me! I hope you enjoy💗

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He couldn’t help but look inside the file. Hed seen it on a mission, caught a glimpse of the profile inside. Your bruised face looked back at him, wide eyed, your cheekbones poking out from your face. He’d never seen you so tired. No one knew he’d taken it, or that it had even existed. They knew you’d been made by Hydra, but not even you knew your past, how you got there, who you were before, even how old you were. You’d been adjusting well with the team with real support, but those pieces you were missing about yourself and the past, you wanted it back. You wanted to know, no matter how bad. Tony took the file and hid it. It was full of papers, pictures, signatures saying yes to human torture. It was a violation of privacy, he knew that, but he also knew you were fragile, you wouldn’t be able to handle it. He couldn’t let you destroy yourself with this information. He’d do more research, find out more, share the good, if there was any. You didn’t have to know about everything, not if it would kill you.

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Natasha Romanoff x Kid!Reader

Word count: 573

Requested by: anonymous

You’ve gotten headaches for as long as you can remember, but the last few weeks it’s been worse than ever before. Your migraines have been showing up everyday and nothing you do helps. You chalk it up to the stress of school and push it aside. You’re in the middle of finals and all you’ve been doing is studying. Soon enough you’ll be on winter break, it’ll all be better then. For now you just have to push through these last few days.

“Hey, y/n! Wanna come to my place? We’re gonna play some video games as a study break,” Peter offers and you smile.

“Thanks, but I’m not feeling very well. I’m just gonna go home and rest,” you say and he smiles sympathetically.

“Okay, I hope you feel better.”

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