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What’s coming?

Here are fics that will be posted till the end of the week, if anyone’s interested 😅🤔🧡 they are listed in no particular order:

Thor oneshot (special surprise for one of my followers)

After All Chapter 14

Only Mine Chapter 5

Bucky oneshot

Negan oneshot (last of my follower celebration, song prompt)


Originally posted by melissas173

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Summary:  Thor struggles with his failure after losing The Infinity War to Thanos.  He spirals into depression, leaving both The Avengers and his Asgardian kin behind.  He is unable to cope with the scale of his loss so he seeks solitude in a small seaside town in Connecticut, where no one recognised him.  There he meets a woman (Jess) who has also lost everything.  Their connection leads to happiness but something looms on the horizon and threatens everything Thor holds dear.  Just as night is to day, light follows darkness, but as the couple learns in an all-too-bitter twist of fate, darkness comes right back around again to finish the job.

Famdom:  MCU, Thor, Avengers

Words:  30k WIP

Warnings:  Survivor’s guilt, depression, self-loathing, angst, sexual content (explicit and fluffy), mild/hinted homophobia directed to secondary character, violence of the canon-typical variety, bit of stalking, and probably some bad language (as standard).

A/N:  This is the first MCU fic I ever started writing, and I hope to do the characters justice.  It’s an angsty tale with feels but it’s likely to have an unhappy ending, so you have been warned.  There are spoilers for Endgame in here for those who still haven’t seen it, and eventually the story will come to be an alternate plot for Endgame.
Once again, it’s going to be dark at the end, but there are other universes than these and this is but one of the fourteen million possible endings spoken of by Dr Strange in Infinity War ;)


The Life of Jessica Walker

It had been ten months to the day when a once happy-go-lucky girl lost her whole world.  Jess Walker remembered that day as if it were only yesterday. Each day since had felt the same; hollow, broken, desperate.  The emptiness was ravenous.  It engulfed and ravaged, sapping all but the bleakest of emotion from her.  Ten months without him.

Will Tanner had been the love of her life.  He’d been with her through the loss of her father and then, soon after, the loss of her mother.  They’d made a life together.  Had a nice house in New London.  Good jobs. Pet iguana.  Holidays around the world.  And an engagement ring with an open-ended shelf-life; they’d been married in every way other than the piece of paper that confirmed their status.  Eight years of love and commitment lost in a finger snap.

She’d awoken that morning to the blaring ringer of the bedside telephone.  Groggily she’d answered to a hysterical David, Will’s younger brother.

“Jess.  It’s David.  I need Will.  Mom’s gone.”

Confused and still shrouded in the slovenliness of sleep, it took her a while to realise that David was saying that their mother had passed away.

“Oh my god!”  She gasped, tears instantly springing to her eyes. Turning quickly on the bed to rouse Will she saw he was not there.  “Hold on, he must be in the bathroom.”  She said to David before calling for Will to come to the phone.

There was no response.

She shuffled out of bed quickly, taking the cordless phone with her out into the hall.  The bathroom door was open and the light was off. None of the lights were on.  Had Will stepped out for a walk or to get some breakfast takeaway.  The clock said 9.15am.  Shit!  They were late for work.

“David, I’m so sorry, I don’t know what to say.”  Jess returned to their bedroom.  Will’s suit hung on the wardrobe door where he’d put it the night before, ready for work. “He’s not here.  Let me try his cell and call you back.”

David sobbed as she hung up without waiting on a reply.

Jess had been frantic after ringing Will’s personal and work phones to find them both in his briefcase. She’d scoured the counters and bedside units for a note he may have left.  It was then that she noticed the dust.  It was all over their bed, under the covers, swirling in the air as she moved the blankets.

What in God’s name was going on?  Maybe Will had somehow heard the news of his mother and left in a hurry, but both sets of car keys were still on their hooks.  Her panic increased.

It wasn’t until later, after an hour of stressing and crying, consoling David, speaking to friends and co-workers that she finally understood what had happened.  There’d been some kind of alien attack and half of the population had been disintegrated.  She didn’t know the ins and outs, she never kept up with the news because it was depressing but she turned the TV on now to see all channels reporting the horrors that had happened in the night.

Numb, and with the heavy lump of despair sitting in her chest, she stared but didn’t really see the TV as the news caster described the events.

They were saying the effect was world-wide, fifty percent of all life on earth, at random, all gone, turned to dust.  And her William had been one, his mother too.  Her friends and co-workers also, she’d not gotten responses from some, had they been vanished as well?  And Iggy? She looked over to the large vivarium but that too was empty.

She sobbed again, even their pet was gone, she truly had nothing left of their life save material possessions and memories.  She was alone.

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Thor: So, hey. I wanna set you up with my friend, Valkyrie.
Carol: I'm married. To Maria, we literally have a child.
thor, panicking: I thought you were straight.
carol: Then why would you wanna set me up with Val?
thor: I don’t know.
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ficmas day 4: Tree


word count: 436

summary: Natasha spends her first Christmas with the Avengers, Steve decides that the team should do Secret Santa and Natasha wonders what to get the man that could buy everything for himself.


timeline: after Avengers


Christmas tree hunting could be counted as one of the things Natasha Romanoff wasn’t good at. Sure she could kill a human with a single bobby pin but putting up a Christmas tree wasn’t something that they taught in the red room, surprisingly. There was never stories of a big fat man in a red suit who gave presents to those who were good, no the Red Room was never good.

After many missions of killing other people giving a present to someone sounded like a good compromise. 

Though secret Santa wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. 

The bag Steve had presented was red, frilly and had tiny little Santas as confetti. It wasn’t what Natasha thought it would be. A smile on her face she placed her hand in the bag and picked a white sheet of paper that had the name ‘Stark’ on it. If secret Santa wasn’t bad already she had to buy a present for the guy who could buy anything for himself.

This is where the Christmas tree came in. She didn’t exactly have any idea what to get someone for Christmas and so she did some research. Natasha went to Steve… Not the greatest idea.

She asked what people did for Christmas and Steve told her that when he was young they would decorate a Christmas tree and drink hot chocolate while they listened to Christmas songs and that sprouted an idea in Black Widows head. 

Hence the Christmas tree hunting.

Natasha browsed through the tree yard wanting to pick the perfect tree. It couldn’t be too tall and it couldn’t be too wide. It had to be perfect.

It just had to be.

Even though it took 2 hours Natasha had found the perfect tree.

The gift exchange wasn’t what Natasha expected or planned for, everyone was giving mugs and chocolate and then there was her with a tree. She smiled as she was gifted a blood-red mug and a Black Widow necklace from Bruce.  

As she passed the wrapped box to Tony she tried to smile though she ended up with a straight face. “It’s a Christmas tree,” Tony says astonished as he looks at the box it was placed in and all Natasha can do is stare at anything else in the room. “I love it we can decorate it as a group and it can be a mini project.”

Natasha smiles and now kind Tony is being “thanks, Tony, that means a lot.”

And that is how Natasha spent her first Christmas with the Avengers decorating a Christmas tree and being welcomed into a family.


authors note (a/n): I don’t know why I did this to myself maybe because I’m in such a hype from the Black Widow trailer but honestly I don’t really understand this.

Love Cait

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Unpopular(?) opinion: I honestly think Hailee Steinfeld is a bad choice for Kate Bishop. I don’t know why, but the idea just makes me… *stares at wall furiously.* I really want Liana Ramirez, or if Marvel would be willing to look past the brief Morgan Stark thing, Katherine Langford, or maybe even *takes deep breath* Lana Condor.

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Tony Stark

Why is Tony Stark my favorite character from ANY type of media? Let me tell you - his originality.

When Stan Lee created Tony Stark, he said “We wanted to make a character that no one SHOULD like and force everyone TO like him.” When you first see Tony (in the MCU), you see an arrogant jerk who skips out on an awards show to gamble and arrives two hours late to fly out to a work meeting. A playboy, a billionaire, everyone loves to hate him. And his personna makes it so easy.

But as you delve into the character, you see he is deeply affected by every mistake he makes. He sees his weapons aren’t being used for the right reasons - he shuts weapons manufacturing down. He sees that shipments are STILL going under the table despite his best efforts, he burns down the weapons himself.

Tony Stark, a man who never has to work a day in his life:

1.) Works tirelessly for his company, building and updating his merchandise.

2.) Builds HIMSELF a suit to fight crime because he feels the need to personally make up for his mistakes.

3.) Later works with and funds the Avengers, even after they accuse him falsely

There are so many different characters that, even though they are original in their own ways, still follow some sort of cliché.

You have Captain America/Superman - the righteous leader who can do no wrong. You have your Thor/Wonder Woman - the powerful god. Spiderman/Robin - the young sidekick of an older superhero. Batman/Iron Fist - the young heirs who spend their life in training to fight evil. Black Widow/Emma Frost/Mistique - the woman who takes advantage of a man’s stupidity when a beautiful woman is present…. the list goes on and on.

Never once have I read a comic or seen a movie where the character, fully human and breakable - with no prior training- is at the best place he could be in terms of wealth and security and they sacrifice some of that, due to guilt and self-responsibility, to make the world a better place.

Tony constantly blames himself, sometimes grounded sometimes not, for mistakes and does his best to be better. He is not afriad to admit he’s wrong and EVOLVES from it. He’s so relatable because he’s so HUMAN. And I love that.

*** DISCLAIMER - I am NOT hating on the other characters. I love them all (Steve not as much, but no hate). I was simply just making a point.

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As a girl who grew up watching the avengers and always loved badass female heroes, I don’t think I can possibly express how excited and happy I am to see natasha romanoff, the first female superhero and my favorite hero, get her own movie. It’s what she deserves.

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