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Vegetarian or not, you’ll want to try these delicious high-protein sandwich recipes for lunch. These easy sandwich recipes are packed with hearty vegetarian proteins—beans, lentils, nuts, seeds, and soy. Try the hummus grilled cheese, meatless sloppy joes, or BBQ tofu sandwich from our list of creative meatless sandwiches that make awesome packed lunches.
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when the weather is fine/if the weather is good i’ll find you/i’ll find you when the weather is nice, but it’s freezing cold winter and it’s always raining, and hye won says she’ll go back to seoul when it’s spring

reminds a little of flower boy next door, with the “spring is coming” theme, and things thawing and warmth slowly creeping in alongside warming relationships between friends, neighbors, lovers.

and of course in fbnd dokmi had a high school friend who hurt her and betrayed her, and here hye won has it, too. 

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Good to hear. Remember there’s people around you who love and will help you when you need it. You’ve probably heard that before but it doesn’t hurt to hear it again. Just take care of yourself and get better. You mentioned Adora having a stalker and legal troubles, any chance we can hear a bit more. And Maras dad needs to suffer horribly for hurting Adora and abandoning that little Angel. Though that was probably a very good thing. He sounds like utter scum, makes all men look bad the prick.

Yeah, I know. Unfortunately most of the things I have to do I have to do myself ick. But like I said, I’m starting to get back in the rhythm (with a few setbacks here and there).

Right! Once again, both of those spoilers are set a little further in the story. However, I will say that the legal troubles happen during present time (a little further into the timeline), while the stalker thing was something that happened in the past (and will be revealed during a flashback).

Also when I say stalker I use the term…kind of loosely. I certainly classify it as stalking, but Adora - at the time - isn’t going to be thinking along those lines (and that’ll become more clear when the time for that comes).

As for the legal trouble, I guess I wanna add a disclaimer that Adora DOESN’T do anything illegal. But I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination until we reach that point in the story.

And I can see you trying to get more information out of me about Mara’s father lol. But my lips are sealed tight~ You’ll get the information when I want you to have it. Patience, my friend. The wait will be worth it.


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very disappointed it took me this long to realize that this

“kaz and…” he turned back to kaz. “I can make you rich, brekker.” 

“I can make myself rich.” 

“I can give you the barrel, influence you’ve never dreamed of. whatever you want.” 

“bring my brother back from the dead.”

is the same as THIS

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Why I’m still alive?

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Idk if it’s the same in western countries but in my country, asian women want to date and marry white men so much cause it’s believed that white men don’t do domestic violence lmao like if someone in the family manages to marry a white man, she’d be considered the luckiest woman alive. Like even tho white men are obsessed w asian women bc of our “submissive nature”, which btw, was conditioned to us thru violence. Like everyone thinks domestic violence is bad but they don’t even put two n two together somehow they also think spouses abuse =/= domestic violence. Like that’s why things are fucked up.

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