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Part 44 or ? in my ‘Turning Tables’ series.

Summary: Peter visits Wong.


Peter was born in the city and has had many years to walk its streets and learn its personality. He knows he’s walked down Bleeker Street in the past, but somehow he never noticed the outlandishly posh building sitting between two normal houses. Telling himself it’s probably magic doesn’t excite him as it would have a few years ago. If Ned were here, they’d be sharing all sorts of theories about the Sanctum and magic and wizards.

Ned died not knowing real life wizards were real and that’s a shame.

He stops in front of the building. He walks onto the first step to be out of the way of pedestrian traffic and stares up to take in the full view. It’s tall and fancy and looks like it could be a museum. He tucks his hands into his sleeves, the weather cool nearing the end of October. A long pause later, he finally makes his way to the door and knocks.

It opens almost immediately. He goes through and there’s no one there.

The front hall is wide and furnished with things like vases and large portraits and a long staircase that divides into two parts halfway up. There’s a red carpet from the door to the bottom step, and to his right there’s a brass coat stand. He keeps his sweater on, but carefully takes off his shoes and places them next to the doorway. It all looks too nice for him to be walking around in sneakers.

He walks to the staircase and leans against it, leaning forward to get a view of second story, spread out around the room and barricaded by a wooden banister.

“Hello? Mr. Wong? Are you here?”

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Originally posted by dailystevenatasha


Summary: Y/N has lost all her family and most friends in The Decimation (I refuse to call it The Blip). Refusing to believe their deaths are permanent, she dedicate years to find a way to reverse it. When she finally finds something that might help, she searches for the Avengers. It’s Steve Rogers x Reader, but there is also a lot of Badass!Reader. Also, Non-American!Reader. If you are American, think of a country you’d have loved to be born into :D

Warnings: none!

Note: Y/Co = your country. Y/Ci = your city; Y/N/L = your native language.

It’s training month! Enjoy!

Previously:  “You heard her”, Rogers said at your side as you got in the building. “Training time. But first, let’s get you in shape. You do look a little sick.”

Part Five

You barely did any exercise on the first week, except for morning runs with Steve - now you felt more comfortable in calling by his first name, especially after he switched from ‘Y/L/N’ to ‘Y/N’. You didn’t really know how you got into first-name basis with someone in this country, so you just followed his switch.

Anyway, Steve took you to eat in many different places, though most of them were of the ‘healthy food’ type. More than once they’d be called a couple; at first you tried to deny it, but eventually you both gave up. “It does look like a date”, Steve said nonchalantly, but you got flustered just the same.

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Nebula by Jackson Sze:

“In Avengers: Endgame, we needed a way for the audience to tell the 2 Nebulas from different timelines apart.

My solution was to change some of Nebula’s cyborg paneling. A bright orange will be a fast read for the audience. Made sense story wise too since she would continue to upgrade herself post Infinity War.

Nebula was originally designed for the MCU by @andyparkart Glad to see the orange panel used as a narrative device in the movie.”

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Part 41 of ? in my ‘Turning Tables’ series.

Summary: It’s the third anniversary of the Snap. Pepper finally activates Operation: Spider-Boss.


June 2020

Peter decides it’s finally time for him to make his way to the memorial site in Washington D.C. He goes with Pepper and Morgan, using them as emotional support.

They walk the rows upon rows of tall structures etched with thousands of names. Pepper knows where she’s going and he follows with Morgan in her stroller. He’s uncertain of the exact number, but there are definitely hundreds of people walking around in search of lost loved ones. She stops and he halts behind her.

“There he is,” she points somewhere in the center.

He unclips Morgan, takes her into his arms, and steps in beside her. He follows her finger and finds the first of two names they’re here for.

Anthony Stark

“Look, Morgan. There’s dad.” He traces the name gently, reading it out for his sister.

“Daddy!” She reaches out and he holds her up to the structure for her to touch the name.

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