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Avocado & Peach Salad with Balsamic Vinegar Dressing, Two Kinds of Spaghetti(Tomato & Basil Sauce) & Bottled Beer - August 2019

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Last weekend’s adventure. Where will I end up today? Mom’s home and ready to roll through the terrain with me. No OFF ROADING with her on board. I’ve got some smooth roads for us to check out. Fingers crossed my search is over!!! #MzLimitless #realestate #land #california #socal #myvapeandfoodielife #keepingthegreenrushgreen #back #road #views #building #new #home #farm #life #avocado #herbs #tea #greens (at Temecula, California)

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I’m sure no one missed my Keto posts but here we are.

2 Bacon pieces
2 Scrambled eggs
1/3 of avocado (it’s fine, just exposed to air)
2 oz. of mushrooms
1/3 Leftover Roma tomato

Cooked bacon in cast iron skillet. Cooked mushrooms and eggs separately in bacon grease.
Seasoned eggs and mushrooms with salt and pepper. Added garlic powder to mushrooms.
Seasoned tomato with salt and pepper.
Drizzled olive oil on avocado and seasoned with salt and pepper.

I do not normally season food with salt if I have bacon, but I needed it today.

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