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Erik masturbating while t’challa watches from below

T'Challa simply can’t say anything. All he can do is lay on the bed and watch Erik jerk himself off above him, his dick right over his face. There are light groans coming out of Erik’s mouth that T'Challa loves to hear. This is the second time they have done this, but before with Erik watching from below.

Like last time, T'Challa wants to touch Erik, but Erik specifically told him not too unless he tells him too. T'Challa didn’t mind at all. All he can do is lay back and be excited about what’s taking place.

Erik is getting close as pre-cum starts falling onto T'Challa. They both have that same kink, even though Erik will swallow too. T'Challa moans as he feels the substance falling on him, no longer able to keep quiet and soon Erik let'sgo, more cum landing on T'Challa’s face and some on chest.

When Erik is done cumming, he leans down to kiss T'Challa before getting ready for round two.

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How long has it been since I’ve been on here?

Just a question for myself. I’m on spring break at the moment so I’m back again.

I do apologize for not being on here much lately. I’ve been dealing with stuff personally and still am, but I’m working through it. Also, school has been a lot and I’ve been trying to do the best I can.

Overall, by the grace of God I am okay and I’m ready to ship my couples once again! Not that I haven’t been, but you know what I mean 😉.

P.S. has anything drastic been happening on here lately?

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I agree with you about T'Challa's personality. I'm just very, very uncomfortable with assuming that T'Challa as a person and Wakanda as a nation subscribe to the deeply fucked up, misogynistic idea that being penetrated is somehow weak/submissive. I hate the idea that T'Challa would actually believe that being penetrated = being weak, or giving something up. He's so much smarter and more enlightened than that.

I do agree T'Challa is much better than that, especially knowing that he finds ways to improve the way things in Wakanda work after looking back on past kings and queens’ mistakes. I believe we can assume that if there’s a problsm or idea he thinks is wrong he’s going to take it into consideration and talk to his people about it before flying off the handle.

However, I will say I don’t mean that because T'Challa doesn’t like anyone getting over on him it means that he thinks being penetrated is a sign of weakness. All I meant by that was T'Challa is not dumb and he’s not going to let just anyone kill him off the throne so they can take over and change Wakanda to the way want that can result in world destruction.

Trust me, I wouldn’t like the idea of that either that that’s how Wakanda and T'Challa think. But again, that’s not what I meant and I didn’t mean to make my previous idea uncomfortable for you.

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lmfao did u seriuosly ask ur friend kida114 to reblog a post from literally last january so u could bring back the ""discourse"" about top or bottom erik, as if the entire bp fandom didn't move the fuck on after realizing the argument about sexual roles based on personality is some fucked up homophobic 90s fujoshi bullshit

What the- no I did not. I didn’t even know that thread existed or the date of it until they tagged me in it. And being that they did I still do have the right to express my opinion in a respectful manner and still reblog whatever I please.

Plus homophobic 90s fujoshi BS? What the heck is that?

I get that you asked what made me think T'Challa is a top and I answered. You were confused and I answered. I still haven’t answered your other ask and I was gonna get to it to explain some more. I still am by the way to be nice. But right now you sound rude and I don’t take that kindly. You have your opinion and I have mine. I respect yours and please respect mine. I don’t mind if you do ask me questions or express your opinion, but if you’re going to be rude about them then please don’t ask me anymore questions otherwise I may stop answering them for you.

P.S. If you saw I didn’t link the ask you sent me, I linked a previous one that actually talks about Erik.

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My Dream Though?

I had a dream two nights ago that was very strange yet interesting to me. So if you do not mind taking at least five minutes out of your day to read what happened then welcome aboard.

It started off with me getting captured by Thanos for some reason I don’t know. (And why out of all people that big grape? Why not my husband😜😜) Anyway Thanos was making me go around my hometown robbing people, including my own dad. I went to my dad’s house to take some things and Thanos was standing right behind me watching him, who was at home in the bed wide awake. My dad was wondering what was going on until he figured it and was about to get up and fight him, but he’s old so I held him back. I hugged him and told him don’t do it because hopefully this was only temporary.

Leaving my dad’s house while Thanos wasn’t looking, I ran all the way back to my mom’s house to tell her everything that was happened. Next, we’re leaving the house and suddenly Thanos is right outside our gate waiting for me. Right then and there he says he’ll take my mom too. He told us to get in our car, drive to a certain location and that he’ll be right behind us. We do so and my mom asked me how did I get caught up with him. I told her “I don’t know, it just happened.” I look in the rear view mirror and there he was right behind us.

We pull up to the location he told us to go. We all get out and go inside. I’m guessing we were at a school or a community center maybe because I saw kids’ drawings on the walls and some classrooms. My mom and I were walking and she asks me why Thanos is always behind us. I must’ve been so angry with the situation at this point because I said to her in an upset tone loud enough so he could hear “because like he said no matter where you are he’s always right behind you.” That ticked him off because he grabs me by my face and slams me up against the wall. My eyes close for a second, but when I open them back up, I no longer saw Thanos but instead he turned into Michael B. Jordan. He still has a hold on my face and he was getting ready to swing at me with his left fist. And I’ll tell y’all his hands and arms were big and buff in this dream and definitely not like they are in real life. 😂😂 But Michael wasn’t Michael. Instead he was Erik, but looked way more like Adonis. 


Originally posted by wifin-niggaz

In the end, he decides not to punch me. Instead he walks away and my mom points out that he has anger issues. He tells her calmly “I know I do.” I don’t know what made me do this, but I grab his fists and yell at him “Then fix this shit, Erik!” With those last words that’s when I woke up. By the way I don’t usually cuss in my dreams and don’t like cussing in real life so I can’t believe I actually said that. 

I promise you all in my Biggie Smalls voice it was all a dream and that I’m not making this up. 

I think the reason I did have this dream is because I’m doing a psychology paper over Killmonger and have to prove the reasons on why I diagnosed him with PTSD. Now that I think about it it’s a canon paper, but I won’t tell my teacher that. And I was planning for educational purposes to watch BP on Friday since that’s when I’ll have time. And it’s also another excuse to watch Black Panther. But I think Marvel, Black Panther, and this paper are officially getting into my head and I haven’t even been in the Marvel fandom that long. 

And my dream may have been telling me that Michael was going to post the second Creed 2 trailer soon.😂😂

This is nothing serious though. I just wanted to share this strange yet interesting dream I had, especially since Michael/Erik was in it. And maybe my husband will come to me in next few dreams. 😝

That is all, but if you want to discuss this more with me I am open.

And if you read through all of this, you are the flipping BEST and I thank you for taking the time to read this! 💕💕


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Originally posted by uww

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