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Do you think it’s really your place to determine whether or not a cop show is propaganda when you’re not part of the demographic that cops terrorize the most/who tend to be at the butt end of the propaganda? Also, I feel like any cop show that’s existing in this current climate is automatically propaganda if the show isn’t about how police should be abolished.

Do you really think it’s your place to dictate who can or cannot have an opinion about this topic?

I guess disabled people and mentally ill people shouldn’t talk about the portrayal of police in media because they’re not really affected by it. Even though a lot of the people that get murdered by police officers in the US are disabled or mentally ill. Oh, and don’t forget about the autistic people that cops harm too, you’ve got to silence their voice while you’re at it as well.

What about all of the poor people that police steal from constantly? Did you know that police are the most successful thieves in the US? They actually steal more property than criminals do now, thanks the the widespread adoption of civil asset forfeiture laws, which allow police to target innocent people and steal from them simply for being under suspicion of a crime. Let’s make sure that we ignore them too.

And finally, this is probably most important for your position, let’s make sure we dismiss the opinions of anyone who doesn’t already agree with you and validate your position. Like any black people who talk about how good it is to see real representation of the issues affecting them on a series like B99. You do realize the post that started off this argument had a post by a black person talking about how important it was to see an episode that had such a powerful message about the necessity of police to fight racism in the police force, presented in a way that had exactly nothing to do with any white feelings on the matter, right?

I suppose I should validate you and erase that person’s opinion too.

You see, when you write something like this you betray your actual agenda, which is just to silence anyone that doesn’t support your view. You don’t want anyone to be able to talk if they aren’t going to agree with you.

And that, frankly, isn’t just childish, it’s offensive. You’re being kinda gross. Do better, stop being an asshole to people and maybe stop and realize you need to learn something about what words like propaganda mean. Don’t jump on every internet bandwagon you think will give you a sense of belonging and validation if you parrot everything they say. It’s better to think for yourself and compose your own arguments and work to not erase the voices of the people around you, instead of acting like a petty child who needs to win an argument.

Plus, if you can do that and actually construct a real argument, one that’s respectful of other people, as to why B99 is problematic? I will be the first person to listen to you and validate your argument. If it holds up. But you need to build it well and you need to build it ethically. Otherwise it’s just more divisive immature trash and deserves to be thrown out as such.

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Y’all, I am not here for those will they/won’t they plot lines. They HURT ME. I FEEL ACTUAL pain in my heart. And when there is no FANFICTION, HOW am I supposed to COPE? This is terrible. Please. Someone. Write some Queens of Mystery fanfiction. I need it.

On a related note, hands down one of my favorite things about Brooklyn Nine-Nine (of which there are MANY) is that they don’t spend too much time on the will they/will they with Jake and Amy, and once they’re together, they are 110% together forever. It’s wonderful, and it makes my heart happy.

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Ha, I just read through all your Casselsa Son AU posts and I love this AU! I mean, I love B99, I love Casselsa as a ship, I love all the princesses, so of course I ended up loving it! I'm a bit curious though, seems like Cass is Holt, Elsa is Kevin, and Anna is Jake, but who do Rapunzel, Aurora, Jasmine, and Eugene (and others if I'm missing anyone?) correspond to?

Aww thank you so much! 😊 This AU started as just silliness because I enjoyed B99 so much and felt like some of the moments would apply to Casselsa so well. And it means a lot to know that you love the ship too, anon!

To answer your question: I didn’t really plan out how the various Disney characters match up with their counterparts of the Nine Nine. I always knew Cassandra was like Rosa Diaz so I have to get some of her quotes in. Once I factored in Casselsa, Cass being Holt just made sense. Anna as Jake also felt obvious; they have a lot in common and are supportive of their friends and family. Aurora is basically Gina; this is largely based on interpretations I’ve seen of Aurora that give her this IDGAF attitude. As for the other characters, they just appear when I see fit. I haven’t fully fleshed out the AU, so if they appear it’s because I think their personalities would fit in the given scene.

What I will say is that I see Cass leading a mostly if not entirely female detective squad just because. Not to say no men are present in their precinct, but I just think the idea of a police/detective unit comprised of women is cool.

Feel free to ask me more about this AU; I have so much fun with it!

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Does it pass the Bechdel Test?


How many female characters (with names and lines) are there?

Four (26.66% of cast).

How many male characters (with names and lines) are there?


Positive Content Rating:

Three, but not a happy one.

General Episode Quality:

Better than the previous ones, but still somewhat low-energy.

MORE INFO (and potential spoilers) UNDER THE CUT:

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