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listen, bagginshield au idea that’s been in my head and i dont think im gonna actually write it

set sometime after erebor has been reclaimed, this is obviously an everyone lives au, thorin has been sick for a while, but no one can figure out what’s causing it. so they call for gandalf. who decides to bring bilbo along with him, and bilbo is basically like “im not a healer” but gandalf just waves it off, besides, he has friends he hasn’t seen in a while, isnt that right?

and its just…. just bilbo taking care of a sick thorin. unfortunately he isnt getting better just from bilbos presence (as cute as that is), and there’s more to this idea but ugh i just want bilbo taking care of a sick thorin ok

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The New World

The rest of the group was converging on the walkers, knives drawn and ready as the dead began to spread out.

A gunshot cracked across the street, and one of the walkers fell as a bullet tore through its head. Thorin spun towards the source of the noise, eyes widening. He hadn’t heard a gunshot like that in years.

“Sniper! Get down!”

The group scrambled for cover—around the corners of the buildings, behind cars—even as the walkers trailed after them. Thorin ducked behind the barrier of vehicles and shot another walker before it could fall onto Nori. There was no point in bothering with stealth, not with a sniper on the other end of the street.

Read Chapter 34 here!

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Note: Boom! Look who’s back! :D I’m sorry for taking so long to update, but I’m back now and we’re back on track! Also, a huge thank you to BeaverHatsAreTheCoolest who was kind enough to make some epic fanart for the story! You can check it out here:

Bilba sat sandwiched between Cerys and Ori and tried to focus on the movie. She was idly chewing on her thumb nail, a bad habit she’d mostly broken and only reverted to in moments of high anxiety.

Like now.

Her eyes flickered to the door, but it remained shut.

What in the world was keeping him?

It wasn’t so much that she wanted Thorin to come back, as much as she wanted to stop stressing about him coming back.

“Popcorn?” A giant bowl full of fluffy kernels appeared under her nose, culled from the small kitchen area behind them. Bilba hadn’t realized they even had popcorn back there, but Ori had sniffed it out with laser focused efficiency.

“I’m not really hungry.” Bilba pulled her legs up and wrapped her arms around her knees. At Cerys and Ori’s urging she’d gone and changed back into her nightclothes and pulled a robe on before returning to sit on the couch.

“We should totally have a spa day,” Ori said, eyes going to Bilba’s bare toes where they were braced on the edge of the couch. She toed off her slippers and held out her hands to reveal her fingernails and toenails were painted with a very pretty pink and gold floral pattern.

“Maybe,” Bilba said non-committedly. She rested her head on her knees. On the television, the main heroine had just met her love interest in classic romantic comedy fashion, by spilling a full cup of coffee on him. “You ever notice they only react to getting a giant coffee stain?” she asked absently. “Isn’t the coffee fresh?”

Ori’s eyes narrowed. “That is so true. He should be screaming in pain from the burns.”

“Less romantic,” Cerys said. “How did you two meet? Oh, I spilled coffee on him, versus I gave him second degree burns and permanent scarring.”

“True,” Bilba conceded. Inwardly she cringed at the thought of someone one day asking Thorin how they’d met, officially, and him responding with the story of her almost getting him killed and leaving him with bruised ribs.

Not that she was suggesting their story was anything close to a romantic comedy, or that she had any intention of falling in love with him. Just that…if someone asked…and… there were parallels…and…and she was just going to stop thinking about it now.

The door opened and Bilba jumped. Her arms tightened around her legs and her toes curled into the cushion of the couch.

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Hey I’m looking for people to rp with. I usually do ship stuff and I’m open to (but not limited to)

00q (I prefer Q)

Geralt x Jaskier (I prefer Jaskier)

Reddie (I’m open to either role)

Bagginshield (I prefer Bilbo)

Merthur (I prefer Merlin)

That’s what I’m comfortable with rn but this list might be updated later.

If any of these strike your fancy message me!

Thank you! ♥️

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Chapter 198: Sweets for the Sweet    

Welcome back, friends, to a new episode here at Dwarf Telenovela Central.   After getting yanked through a tankard of ale, Ori is hoping for some peace and quiet.  Hope springs eternal…  Please join us again next Friday for more excitement!  Same dwarrow time, same dwarrow tunnel!  Keep those cards and letters coming, friends!

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♥️♥️I absolutely love your Thilbo fanfic Consequences of Courage it's Soo good! What do you think your upload schedule is going to look like in the future. Should we expect more chapters to come? ♥️♥️

Hello! This is the absolute sweetest - you should definitely expect more to come, as it is my New Years resolution to finish that bad boy once and for all (and I have a dormant 4K chapter waiting for editing right now). I’m currently smashing through the next chapter of a Reylo fic that I’m currently writing but expect to see more of Consequences soon! ❤️

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'so which scene in the hobbit trilogy should have smash cut to thorin and bilbo lying naked in bed together' - you should never underestimate dwarves

ok this is SUCH a good answer

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Bilbo Baggins loves Thorin Oakenshield

Throrin Oakenshield fell for Bilbo Baggins (like really hard)


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